This February, FRED unveils its own offerings for a special season of love, celebrating the close bonds of affection and adoration that bring joy and happiness to each. For Valentine’s Day, FRED presents select pieces from its Force 10 and 8°0 collections, each symbolizing the ties that bind hearts and minds together – giving real form to the unseen links and relationships with we cherish and hold so dear.

Light and sophisticated, the Force 10 Collection is perfect for those who wish to convey the sincerity of their affections through its relaxed elegance and freedom, serving as a unique medium for self-expression and giving form to the bonds of love. Using the signature wire of FRED, Force 10 blends precious metals and vibrant colours together – vibrant gold line cable set with natural unheated Pigeon Blood rubies shine on the wrist, the lustrous splendour of the piece representing the eternity of fiercely romantic love.

Equally, the FRED 8°0 Collection represents the happiness of love fulfilled, its signature inverted figure of 8 design harking to the symbol of eternity, underscoring its timeless charm and the permanence of true love. With elegant double curves in varying shades of gold and shaped into a figure-eight, the pieces of the 8°0 Collection add a uniquely stylish touch of beauty to the everyday – a reminder for lovers that their love will endure into tomorrow and beyond.

In this celebration of adoration, FRED’s craftsmanship and signature style are the perfect way to show just how much one’s significant other truly means. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, FRED’s exquisite gifts serve to commemorate the joy and fulfilment of love, the beautifully intertwined jewellery pieces giving tangible expression to true love.