The First Asian Haute Jeweler permanently exhibits its “CHINA RED MAGPIE BROOCH” in the State Historical Museum in Russia

The internationally renowned haute jeweler ANNA HU has set a milestone in history to become the first Contemporary Asian Jeweler to permanently exhibit its signature piece – the CHINA RED MAGPIE BROOCH at the State Historical Museum in Russia starting from 28th May 2018. The collaboration between the State Historical Museum in Russia and Anna Hu in compliance with “The Belt and Road Initiative” strategy by China and Eurasian countries. To commemorate the special occasion, the donation ceremony will be followed by “China Night – One Belt One Road Gala Dinner” on the same night.

In parallel to the donation ceremony, Anna and the museum have jointly selected another 20 magnificent masterpieces from Anna Hu’s collection, expressing a strong integration of Eastern culture meets Western craftsmanship, which will be exclusively displayed in the museum from 28th – 30th May. One of the most renowned and dazzling masterpiece to be showcased is “Monet Water Lilies Collection”, where Anna has taken 10 years of planning, designing and assembling to complete. The “Monet Water Lilies Necklace” features more than 2,000 colorful gemstones to recreate the water lily ponds in Monet’s eyes, also to pay tribute to the impressionist master. These 20 masterpieces are included in “ANNA HU Symphony of Jewels – OPUS 1”, and Anna is proud to pre-announce her upcoming launch of “ANNA HU Symphony of Jewels –  OPUS 2” this coming fall together in this exceptional moment.

Anna’s latest ultra-luxe creation and first-ever showcase masterpiece – CHINA RED MAGPIE BROOCH – calls on the Jesuit missionary and painter at National Palace Museum – Giuseppe Castiglione for inspiration. Castiglione was the most famous Western artist in China during the transformative Qing Dynasty and his piece “Immortal Blossoms in an Everlasting Spring” (currently on exhibition at the National Palace Museum) showcases the beauty of China in a  western perspective. Inspired by the concept, Anna has constructed this CHINA RED MAGPIE BROOCH on an 18K white gold frame, encrusting with over 500 gemstones ingeniously present a pair of magpies living in the colorful forest. All gemstones are meticulously placed with round brilliant cut diamonds, yellow diamonds, rubies, blue sapphires, moonstones, colored sapphires, chrome tourmaline, and to complete the design, an extraordinary south sea pearl is nestled as the featured gem of the piece .

It is pertinent that the exhibition be presented by “The Belt and Road Initiative” gala dinner, highlighting the harmonious relationship between the countries. The evening will be attended by the international guestlist including prominent celebrities, arts and fashion society figures.