Sweet Fond Memory The Spring Blossom Collection

The Spring Blossom Earrings

White diamonds, total of 0.68 carats. Colored diamonds, total of 4.70 carats. Spinel, total of 0.21 carats. Colored corundum, total of 1.11 carats. Metal parts: 18K white gold, gold and rose gold.


Spring, the season of love, often reminds Anna Hu of her date back when she was 24. She vaguely remembers her visit to a fully-bloomed cherry blossom garden at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden in New York, where she appreciated cherry blossoms for the first time. And up until today, the visit remains a favorable memory of hers.

Amongst the fully-bloomed cherry blossom, the sunlight is glinting through the sprouting buds. The soft and flourishing cherry blossoms symbolize life, happiness and eternity. In remembrance of this memory and cherry blossom, Anna Hu enraptures and encapsulate this meaningful scene in her latest collection the Spring Blossom Collection.

The ring is inspired by the glistening sun, the flourishing cherry blossoms, and the lively butterflies, Anna Hu interweaves the matured cherry blossom with the bedazzling sunshine similar to the bubbling champagne sparkling in the flute. Waltzing to the finish are bustling and cheerful butterflies, together to set the scene of this spring.

The Spring Blossom Ring

White diamonds, total of 1.79 carats. Colored diamonds, total of 2.4 carats, pink corundum, total of 0.79 carats. Metal parts: 18K gold and rose gold.


The Spring Blossom Collection is an artistic jewelry collection designed especially for Asian women. It Utilize white diamonds, pink diamonds, yellow diamonds, rubies and emeralds. Anna Hu took the challenge of creating through “exquisite and light” in-lay technique. Moreover, the Spring Blossom Collection pairs the metal materials to the color of the gemstones, with the extensive use of 18K white gold, gold and rose gold, and through interspersion to create a sense of layering. Unique gemstones paired to show gradient colors are used to create vivid cherry blossom and butterfly, bringing Spring alive to wearer.