belif BombBombBomb! Moisture Power Up NEW Bomb Masks

The summer in Hong Kong seems to be getting hotter and longer year after year. Skin will easily become fragile and lose its moisture rapidly under hot weather. Mild and non-irritating moisturizing masks are thus essential to relieve your tense skin after outdoor activities.

As inspired from the bestseller bomb creams, belif now brings you two new members, Aqua bomb sleeping mask and Moisturizing bomb sheet mask, which will be launched on 1 July at all belif counters. Facesss, Harbour City counter and tmtplaza, Tuen Mun pop-up counter will also be opened on the same day. Let’s experience the moisturizing herbal power against this hot summer.

Aqua bomb sleeping mask  HK$255 75ml

Evolve from belif bestseller The true cream – aqua bomb, Aqua bomb sleeping mask equips with three major functions: moisturizing, soothing and anti-aging.

With the use of belif Napiers Original Formula及Napiers Aqua Formula, Aqua bomb sleeping mask promotes the synthesis of hyaluronic acid with significant moisture effect. Moreover, the plant extracts formulated inside provide skin with antioxidant function, and the Scottish heather ingredients helps to calm and relieve your skin. Its cool and pudding-like texture will be your ideal item to use after outdoor activities under hot summer.

With the use of a “gel network structure”technology, the network inside holds the moisture, delivers softness and cooling sensation to skin without any stickiness.

This sleeping mask is also like your second layer of skin, which acts as a protective barrier for the skin surface and lock the essence. You will be refreshed and relaxed with its outstanding moisturizing and soothing effect.

Apart from using as a sleeping mask, it can be applied in a thick layer for 15-20 minutes as a first-aid mask, which is ideal to use before make-up or after outdoor activities.

Moisturizing bomb sheet mask HK$280 25ml x 5

By concentrating the long-lasting moisturizing power of belif bestseller, The true cream – moisturizing bomb, Moisturizing bomb sheet mask can instantly bring endless moisture and explosive hydrating effect especially to dry skin, without any sticky feeling. Under unstable weather change such as high temperature, Moisturizing bomb sheet mask can help to sooth and replenish hydration of your skin, and further enhance its absorption to skin-care products.

The mask itself is made with 100% cotton without being bleached and added fluorescent agents. The dark spots on the mask sheets are actually from the natural cotton seeds, without bringing any irritations. Also, the intensive mask weaving method helps grasping very drops of the moisturizing essence, and the tailored mask shape provides good adherence to the face for better absorption.

Moreover, the packaging design of this sheet mask is another highlighting point. It equips with Creamy cleansing foam moist 2ml (upper left), and belif bestseller, The true cream – moisturizing Bomb 2ml (upper right). All three skin-care routine are combined in one go, which will be your must-bring item for short trips.

NEW Facesss, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui (Opening on 1 July)
Tel: 2110 0758
NEW Kiosk 10, 1/F, Phase 1, tmtplaza, Tuen Mun (Open during 1 July – 31 August)
Tel: 6130 8346
Facesss, L4 Times Square, Causeway Bay                                                                       Tel: 2110 0131
BA213 L2 BEAUTY AVENUE, Langham Place                                                                Tel: 3107 9368
Kiosk 4, LCX, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui                                                                     Tel: 2110 0758