belif FIRST Anti-aging Soft Bomb & Moisturizing Eye Bomb

~ Explosive Moisturizing and Firming Power
Strikingly Lightweighted while Moisturizing

FIRST belif Anti-aging Soft Bomb Launched

belif bomb cream collection receives mass support with its excellent moisturizing performance, which always occupies top three positions in the sales ranking. Our new products, The true cream –anti aging soft bomb and Moisturizing eye bomb, first-of-its-kind include anti-aging function above its inherited moisturizing power. These new items will be available from September 28 at all belif counters, let’s come and experience!

The true cream –anti aging soft bomb 75ml HK$455

Have you got some pillow pressure marks on your face in morning? This is a reminder for you to start a new skin-care routine against aging issue! As inherited the deep moisturizing but light weighted characteristics of bomb cream, The true cream –anti aging soft bomb additionally equips strong anti-aging function. Its light, fast absorbing texture is definitely ideal to use in your busy morning.

Also, this is the first belif bomb cream with anti-aging function. It contains Napier’s herbal moisturizing formula and Xeric Herb Complex ™, formulated with fresh xeric herbs that feature powerful survival strength under a severely dry environment, with outstanding hydration, firming and antioxidant effects. The elasticity of your skin may even be recovered by 6.8%*.

As different from the thick and heavy prejudice of anti-aging cream, 96%**of the participants agree that The true cream –anti aging soft bomb can soften the rough and inelastic skin after testing.

Direction: After using essence or moisturizer, spread an appropriate amount of the product on skin softly.

Explosive Moisturizing and Firming Power

NEW belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb Launched


Moisturizing eye bomb 25ml HK$365

Because of the less distributed sebaceous and sweat glands around the eyes, the skin there are relatively thin and fragile, with only 1/3 of the normal skin thickness. It is easy to leak your secret of age!

As a continuation of belif The true cream –moisturizing bomb, Moisturizing eye bomb contains ingredient of Pennywort, which provides 26 hours^ hydration and firming 5

function to the skin around your eyes. This light and refreshing eye cream can also provide triple firming effect^, restoring the elasticity of both interior and surface skin. It reduces the fine lines around the eyes, and further increases the elasticity of the skin.

Direction: After using essence or moisturizer, spread an appropriate amount of the product on skin around eyes softly with your ring finger, and pat lightly for absorption.




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