BLUE Amps Up Daily Dinners with New Butcher’s Cuts and Bottomless Fries

Get your steak knives sharpened and ready: there’s something new landing at Blue – Butcher and Meat Specialist that takes the old adage of “treat yourself” to a whole new level. From today onwards, Blue is offering free-flow fries with any order of our bespoke steaks ranging from Australian Black Angus Grass Fed Sirloin to Irish ‘John Stone’ Grass Fed T-Bone, priced from HK$280. This is officially the best deal around the neighbourhood for satisfying every indulgent need, together with five new butcher’s cuts on the dinner menu.

These new developments come courtesy of Blue’s esteemed culinary team, led by Culinary Director Malcolm Wood and Group Executive Chef Russell Doctrove, with the goal of delivering to Blue patrons a wider variety of high quality yet affordable treats for any day of the week.

At Blue, every piece of meat is treated with the utmost love and care – a process that begins long before they even hit the kitchen. These five new cuts are no exception: sourced in cooperation with family-owned and operated businesses that specialize in the supply of high-quality beef, these cuts come from farms all around the world that utilize sustainable and ethical farming practices. All meats are aged in Blue’s signature ageing room with pink Himalayan salt bricks for maximum flavor results.

Each new butcher’s cut has been specially chosen for its unique flavour profile and characteristics, which ensure to please a diverse range of palettes and budgets. For example, the Australian Tara Valley Grain Fed Rib Eye has a full and robust flavour due to its impressive fat marbling, while the Australian Tara Valley Grass Fed Sirloin is sourced from the same region, but gives a slightly leaner texture that best served in medium rare to medium.

Also of note is the Irish John Stone Grass Fed T-Bone, a favorite cut amongst many cooks as it is carved from the saddle in such a way that it contains both of the most prized cuts on a cow. With the sirloin on one side and the tenderloin on the other, meat-lovers are able to enjoy the best of both worlds with this cut, which also boasts a more natural, grassy flavour profile.

For a taste of something even more luxurious, the exclusive Spanish Rubia Gallega Tomahawk cut offers diners a truly unparalleled eating experience. Dry-aged for 45 days at our in-house, custom-designed fridge, this Galician breed from northwestern Spain is left to graze for up to 15 years longer than your average cattle. During this time the marbling matures, giving the beef a distinctly deep and rich flavour. Additionally, the Australian Full Blood Wagyu Tomahawk is a similarly distinguished cut, with a well-balanced and refined flavour owing to its high levels of smooth marbling.

As if these mouthwatering new options weren’t tempting enough, Blue now also offers bottomless fries with every steak on the menu. For an additional HK$20, diners even have the option of upgrading to Truffle Parmesan Fries.