Historic archives to be shown in Vanderbilt Hall

August 6 – September 5, 2018

Brooks Brothers, America’s oldest retailer, continues to celebrate its milestone 200-year anniversary with a special retrospective exhibition in New York City’s Grand Central Terminal. Presented in partnership with Citi, the exhibition, Brooks Brothers: 200 Years of American Style, will feature a selection from the brand’s historic archives spanning the past two centuries.

Situated in Vanderbilt Hall within Grand Central Terminal, just a block away from Brooks Brothers’ iconic Madison Avenue Flagship store, 200 Years of American Style includes a sampling of men’s and women’s fashion, artifacts and imagery that trace Brooks Brothers’ inventions and innovations, such as the ready-made suit and other ready-to-wear tailored clothing in the 19th century, the Original Polo® Button-Down Oxford, the reverse-stripe rep tie, the polo coat, and sporting apparel later adapted for daily life. It also explores themes and era-defining moments such as the roaring twenties, mid-century Madison Avenue, the brand’s lasting effect on college campuses and its unique distinction of having outfitted 40 out of 45 U.S. presidents.

American fashion today is a result of years of groundbreaking introductions and revolutionary disruptions by Brooks Brothers. While perhaps best-known today as a “classic” brand, it was the brand’s founder, Henry Sands Brooks, a style influencer and fashion disrupter, who embarked on a passion—later instilled in his sons—to seek out the new and novel. On display at the exhibit will be some of Henry’s possessions: a silhouette and glasses that were framed together for the brand’s 100th Anniversary and his daybook containing a record of the earliest Brooks Brothers transaction, on April 7, 1818—a loan of £10 to Daniel Merritt, a family friend.

In the center of the space stands an 18-foot-high video sculpture in the form of the brand’s logo, the Golden Fleece. The dynamic sculpture contains 100 LED screens and will take visitors through a visual journey of the brand as well as highlight some its notable clientele including Hollywood legends, writers, politicians and artists.

Admission is free and will be open to the public from August 6 through September 5, 8a.m. – 8p.m. daily.