Inspired by the worlds precious blooms, Bulgari launches Magnolia Sensuel, a new floral addition to the magnificent Splendida Bulgari collection. Celebrating the most iconic flowers in the history of perfumery the iris, the rose and the jasmine the Splendida Bulgari collection is now enriched with a new star of the floral firmament, the sensual magnolia.

Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier captures one of the shortest yet most intense blooms in nature into a fragrance to last forever: this new olfactory jewel exquisitely immortalizes instants of ephemeral yet eternal beauty. With the rich essence of its flower, Magnolia Sensuel reveals how many intricate shades can be treasured in a single blooming.

Just as Bulgari releases with its scalpel the natural beauty and the one-of-a-kind magnificence of its gemstones, Jacques Cavallier dives into the rich spirit of magnolia, to trace a path of discovery of the intrinsic qualities of the flower, or of a woman.

The fragrances of the scented Splendida Bulgari collection, define the Bulgari woman itself, in all her shades of femininity: she is sophisticated yet with an innate elegance, she might be enwrapped in mysterious allure or revealed in her natural appearance, but she always shimmers with her personal diva attitude.

Intertwined with the glitzy world of divas since ages, Bulgari has been inseparable from the worlds most glamorous celebrities from the Dolce Vita era of the 50es to nowadays, capturing their charismatic charm and marvelous radiance in the most stunning creations.

The Roman Jeweler honors the great loves of its lifetime with the Splendida Bulgari fragrances, offering them an ideal garden that blossoms with the most precious gems of nature. Just like a Bulgari jewel exalts the individual style and one-of-a-kind charm of every single diva or woman, with each of these stars of the blooming world, a different feminine facet is revealed. Feminine and tempting, each Splendida Bulgari fragrance exudes a flower aroma that retraces in its magic a particular womans shade. To crown this exciting and emotional journey into the female universe, Bulgari tells a scented story of delicacy and seduction, the story of Magnolia Sensuel.

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