Capri Holdings Limited, a global fashion luxury group, is proud to release its first group-wide corporate social responsibility strategy on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

The report builds upon the meaningful initiatives that each of the company’s brands has already been working on, and outlines the company’s global strategy to achieve significant, measurable goals across a range of important environmental and social sustainability issues, including material sourcing, greenhouse gas emissions, water use, waste reduction, diversity and inclusion and philanthropic giving.

The company’s corporate social responsibility strategy is divided into three areas:

  1. Our World — focused on actions across the company’s operations and supply chain, meant to significantly reduce its environmental impact;
  2. Our Community — fostering a supportive, healthy, diverse and inclusive workplace for all of the company’s employees;
  3. Our Philanthropy — connecting the talents, energy and success of each of the company’s brands to those in need around the world.

All of the goals and objectives in the Capri Holdings corporate social responsibility report support the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

倫敦 — 2020422 — 全球時尚奢侈品集團Capri Holdings Limited (紐約證券交易所股票代號:CPRI) 欣然於「世界地球日」50周年隆重宣佈首項涵蓋整個集團的企業社會責任策略。



  1. 我們的世界以公司營運及供應鏈的策略為重點,致力大幅減少對環境的影響;
  2. 我們的社區為公司員工營造互相支持、多元共融和健康的工作環境;
  3. 我們的公益凝聚公司旗下品牌的人才、資源及成功經驗,援助世界各地的弱勢社群。

Capri Holdings企業社會責任報告載列的所有長遠目標及目的,均符合配合聯合國提出的17個可持續發展目標。


Capri Holdings has set targets to be 100% carbon neutral in its direct operations and to source 100% of energy for its owned and operated facilities from renewable sources by 2025. Building on its net zero carbon emissions commitment, and in an effort to deliver on the goals of the Paris Agreement, the company will also commit to set emissions reduction targets across its operations and supply chain with the Science Based Targets initiative by 2021.

The company has additionally committed to, and has already been working towards, a number of important initiatives.

  • All plastic in packaging to be recyclable, compostable, recycled or reusable by 2025
  • 100% of point-of-sale packaging materials to be recyclable or sustainably sourced by 2025
  • Partnering with key suppliers to reduce water use
  • Traceability of its supply chain
  • Sourcing at least 95% of its leather from certified tanneries by 2025
  • Furthering diversity and inclusion within the organization, including through the company’s new Global D&I Council
  • Supply chain empowerment programs focused on human rights and fair wages to be implemented in line with the UN Framework for Corporate Action on Workplace Women’s Health and Empowerment by 2025

The report also highlights the company’s long-standing commitment to philanthropy, including the milestone achievement of delivering more than 19 million meals to children in hunger-stricken areas across the globe through the Michael Kors Watch Hunger Stop program.

Capri Holdings銳意於2025年前在直接營運的業務中實踐100%碳中和,並為其擁有及經營的設施全面採用來自可再生來源的能源。公司會恪守淨零碳排放的承諾,致力實踐《巴黎協定》提出的目標,同時亦竭力於2021年前透過「科學基礎減量目標」項目制定營運及供應鏈的減排目標。


  • 於2025年前全面轉用可回收、可堆肥或回收再用的塑膠包裝物料
  • 所有銷售點於2025年前全面轉用可回收或以可持續方式採購的包裝物料
  • 與主要供應商合作減少用水
  • 加強供應鏈的可追溯性
  • 於2025年前向經認證鞣革廠採購最少95%的皮革
  • 在公司內部進一步實踐多元共融,包括通過新成立的全球多元共融委員會
  • 於2025年前落實針對人權及公平薪酬的供應鏈自強計劃,以配合聯會國針對在職婦女健康及賦權的企業行動框架

報告亦強調公司在慈善公益方面的長遠目標,包括透過Michael Kors Watch Hunger Stop計劃為全球飢荒地區的兒童提供超過1,900萬份營養餐膳的重要里程碑。


“We are proud of the actions our company is taking to drive positive environmental and social change within our organization and our world,” said John D. Idol, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Capri Holdings. “Early last year, soon after we created our global fashion luxury group, Capri Holdings, we assessed the sustainability efforts each of our brands was already undertaking, along with the core values shared by them. We also considered the responsibilities we collectively hold to the environment, to the communities in which we operate, and to the people with whom we work. We recognize that as our company grows, so do our responsibilities, and welcome the opportunity to do more. We believe that sound environmental and social policies are both ethically correct and fiscally responsible. To that end, we are committed to improving the way we work in order to better the world in which we live.”

Coinciding with the release of the company’s corporate social responsibility goals and objectives, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Capri Holdings John D. Idol signed the United Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative established to support achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. By signing the UN Global Compact, Capri Holdings confirms its commitment to align its strategies and operations with universal principles on human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption, and its commitment to advance societal goals relating to sustainability.

In addition to its commitment to the UN Global Compact, Capri Holdings has previously signed the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles, the Fashion Pact, the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion and the Open to All Pledge, signaling its partnership with industry groups, corporate social responsibility leaders and other brands to create lasting change and increase the collective impact around environmental and social sustainability.

For more information on Capri Holdings’ corporate social responsibility program, visit

Capri Holdings主席兼行政總裁John D. Idol表示:「我們現正採取的行動在公司及全世界促進正面的環境及社會改變,此舉令我們深感自豪。我們去年成立全球時尚奢侈品集團Capri Holdings後,便著手評估旗下各個品牌的可持續發展工作,以及品牌共享的核心價值。我們亦反思對環境、業務所在社區及共事的人共同承擔的責任。我們發現隨著公司不斷壯大,我們的企業責任也越大,同時很高興有機會對社會作出更多貢獻。我們深信行之有效的環境及社會政策既符合道德,亦符合財務上的責任。為此,我們會努力改善做事的方式,令世界變得更美好。」

在公司公佈企業社會責任長遠目標及目的之際,Capri Holdings主席兼行政總裁John D. Idol亦簽署《聯合國全球契約》,這項全球最大型的企業可持續發展提案旨在協助實現可持續發展目標。簽署此契約後,Capri Holdings確定公司的策略及業務運作符合有關人權、勞工、環境及反貪腐的普世原則,並竭力提倡有關可持續發展的社會目標。

除了承諾遵從《聯合國全球契約》,Capri Holdings早前亦簽署聯合國《女性賦權原則》、《時尚協議》、《CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion》及《Open to All Pledge》,透過與行業團體、企業社會責任領袖及其他品牌合作,締造長遠的改變,並加強對環境及社會可持續發展的共同影響力。

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