Cartier’s New Additions of Juste un Clou and Ecrou de Cartier Collection

The JUSTE UN CLOU gold torque, set close to the neck for maximum impact, flaunts its radical credentials with a powerful statement of allegiance to a bold attitude.

The first nail bracelet was created by ALDO CIPULLO for CARTIER NEW YORK in the 1970s. His radical appropriation of a utilitarian object as a jewelry echoed the anti-conformist state of mind of the era.

A humble piece of hardware! A basic nail re-purposed today by Cartier into a necklace of palpable energy and sheer, unadulterated chic.

The JUSTE UN CLOU torque brings the finishing touch to a well-rounded collection that features the necklace in a choice of 18K yellow gold, 18K pink gold, 18K white gold or paved with diamonds, as well as an oversized bracelet. The pieces magnify the precious qualities of everyday objects in a sublime take on the ordinary.