Indulge Your Senses with a Brand New French-Japanese Dining Experience in Cross Lane, Wan Chai

The beloved 13-seater hideaway in Cross Lane, Wan Chai, 1 Michelin-starred, Wagyu Takumi has undergone a resplendent makeover under the collaborative direction of Executive Chef Daisuke Mori and Lai Sun Dining. Presenting a fresh name, a sophisticated new interior, and a polished identity, Takumi by Daisuke Mori is the new and improved French x Japanese private dining experience that Hong Kong gourmands have been waiting for – and all will be unveiled at the end of March.

With Chef Mori’s French-dominated culinary background in world-renowned establishments such as 1* Restaurant Taillevant in Paris and 3* Chateau Restaurant Joel Robuchon Tokyo, Japanese- born Chef Mori is ready to take Takumi by Daisuke Mori on an entirely different route from its former identity with a new menu and focus, all while retaining the refined French x Japanese foundation of his cuisine.

In addition to the above, Lai Sun’s impressive collection of restaurants on Cross Lane will see a further series of exciting new changes in the coming months, to be announced very soon.

Tel: 852-2574 1299 (one day advance booking recommended)
Address: Shop 1, The Oakhill, 16 Wood Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: Lunch – 12pm-2:30pm (Tuesday-Saturday) | Dinner – 6:30pm-10:30pm (Monday-Saturday, Sunday closed) Website:


Mandarin Oriental, Macau welcomes Michelin starred chef, Ngan Ping Chow, to Vida Rica Restaurant from 3 to 5 March 2017. Chef Ping will offer an inspiring interactive dining experience, showcasing his celebrated molecular cooking techniques, during a three-day residency. As head of Tapas Molecular Bar at Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo, his artfully created and theatrically presented cuisine is much admired.


At Vida Rica Restaurant, Chef Ping will prepare his bite-sized delicacies in front of diners while explaining the story behind each dish and the secrets of adding the perfect finishing touch. Combining Japanese and Western cooking styles, he will create new texture and flavour combinations that stimulate both the imagination and palate. There will be two sittings limited to 12 diners each per night, priced at MOP 1,880 per person including wine pairing.

Originally from Hong Kong, Chef Ping has overseen the reinvention of Tapas Molecular Bar at Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo, where he won his first Michelin star in December 2014. The former head chef of Hong Kong’s highly praised one-thirtyone restaurant, he moved to Japan in 2013, where he learned about the country’s rich, diverse produce before taking the helm at Tapas Molecular Bar.

Molecular cuisine is a modern style of cooking where chefs take a scientific approach to transforming the taste and texture of food by experimenting with different physical and chemical processes, such as altering temperature and pressure.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group has 12 Michelin-starred hotel restaurants, more than any other hotel group.

About Vida Rica Restaurant

Awarded a Five-Star rating by Forbes Travel Guide, Vida Rica Restaurant is an all-day dining destination featuring expansive views of the South China Sea through a spectacular glass wall. With tasteful East-meets-West interiors, Vida Rica Restaurant offers intimate

seating arrangements, luxurious private dining rooms and a grand Chef’s Table, making it ideal for special occasions and exclusive parties. Using only the finest, freshest ingredients, the talented culinary team at Vida Rica Restaurant applies delicate touches to traditional recipes, infusing them with originality and character. Also, dim sum dishes, other Chinese specialities and Portuguese delicacies are served to provide a rich and varied dining experience.

Exclusive ‘GourMay’ Champagne Supper at Amber

Looking for a post-theatre dinner or a late night bite – but where only Michelin-starred fine dining will do? This May, Amber presents an inventive and stylish Champagne-inspired GourMay supper menu celebrating France’s favourite gastronomic seasonal treats including oysters, foie gras, morel mushroom and white asparagus, available every evening in May from 9 to 10pm.

The special promotion to mark Le French May Arts festival celebrations includes a choice of either 3-courses paired with 4 Champagne wines (HKD 1,988) or 4-courses paired with 5 Champagne wines (HKD 2,388). Each menu comes with a perfect pairing of wines from the Champagne region including elegant blanc de blancs, blanc de noirs and rosé; and an ultra exclusive limited production of still red wines.

“Champagne holds a special meaning for celebrations,” says Amber’s Culinary Director, chef Richard Ekkebus. “Our special GourMay menu is designed to pay homage to the region’s distinctive wines with a menu that is a testament to contemporary French cuisine.”

Please reserve ahead for this special promotional menu; all prices are subject to 10% service charge.
Time: 9-10pm throughout the month of May
Phone: +852 2132 0066



A Foxy Evening of Fine Drinks and Fun Interactions

Mr & Mrs Fox is excited to announce that they are hosting their very first “Beer vs Wine Dinner” on 30 March 2017, where guests are invited to join Swire Hotels & Restaurants’ Director of Wine, Yvonne Cheung and her sommeliers alongside a team of passionate brewers to find out which refined beverage, wine or beer, best compliments the signature dishes at Mr & Mrs Fox.

Swire Restaurants has always been dedicated to providing exceptional dining experiences, and known as the playful neighbourhood hangout, Mr & Mrs Fox is taking the lead in hosting fun and engaging events one after another. In this special evening, a competition will run for five rounds as wine and beer go head-to-head on each of the dishes from the signature tasting menu while experts introduce the different pairings of both wine and beer. The five-course dinner starts with Hokkaido Scallop-Oyster Ceviche and Gemelli Pasta Puttanesca, followed by Grilled Balinese Snapper and 10 oz Rib Eye as main, and the notorious Banana Baked Alaska for a flaming finale. The gourmet meal paired with five glasses of wine and five beer samplers is priced at HK$650+10% per person.

“We love our beers as much as we love our wines here at Mr & Mrs Fox,” says Peter Murray, Restaurant Manager of Mr & Mrs Fox. “Through the years, we’ve witnessed the craft beer market picking up its pace and giving room to a huge advancement in beer pairing. It would be great to introduce to our guests the unique abilities of each beverage and give them a taste first-hand.”

The notion that wine is the perfect pairing for a fine meal will be challenged by a group of beer connoisseurs who are keen on proving that beer goes with food just as well. Joining hands with Mr & Mrs Fox on this event is Hong Kong’s very own Moonzen Brewery and German beer supplier, Wieninger Breweries, with a goal to offer a fun and interactive dining experience while educating guests on the art of food pairing.

“Many people don’t realize that beer can be a great pairing to a variety of foods, aside from chicken wings and burgers. There are certain types of food that beer can pair better with than wine due to the different flavour occurrences in the beer,” explains Ladislao Raphael, Founder and Head Brewer of Moonzen Brewery, “for example, deep fried foods, spicy dishes, and even very stinky cheeses.”

Derek Li, Sommelier of Mr & Mrs Fox, on the other hand, seems confident in winning the competition with his wine pairings. “The most special thing about the wines featured in this dinner is the exclusivity of our selection. Guests will be able to have a taste of wines that are out of the ordinary, including those produced in unexpected countries, such as Turkey and Syria” he explains.

This is the perfect event for wine and beer lovers to engage in a challenge of their taste buds while also learning a bit more about food pairing. It promises to be an enjoyable meal and a fun exploration.

Presenting Oasis Giant Grouper at Man Ho Chinese Restaurant


Man Ho’s Executive Chinese Chef, Jayson Tang, is excited to delight sustainable seafood lovers with oasis giant grouper from 1 March to 30 April 2017 during lunch and dinner. With increasing awareness on environmental friendliness, Man Ho is also dedicated to providing guests with premium sustainable seafood and encouraging the gourmands to protect the planet while enjoying delectable food.

Guests may savour a variety of exquisite dishes using oasis giant grouper that guarantees indulgence. Chef Jayson’s recommendations include braised oasis giant grouper fin with pepper in fish stock that features a hint of spiciness from pepper highlighting the freshness of giant grouper to please all discerning and delicate palates. For seafood lovers who prefer more intense flavours, choose stewed oasis giant grouper fillet with coconut and bang bang sauce from the menu. Adding a twist on the traditional dish of stewed grouper fillet, incorporat ing the oasis giant grouper with coconut and bang bang sauce enhances the flavour of the dish in South Asian style. Furthermore, be surprised with deep-fried oasis giant grouper fillet with fermented bean curd sauce, in which the unique taste of fermented bean curd sauce brings out the irresist ible delights of the giant grouper f illet.

Another not-to-be-missed item on the menu is baked oasis giant grouper’s intestine with foie gras and minced pork. Inspired by a classic Cantonese dish of baked fish’s intestine with egg, Chef Jayson uses oasis giant grouper’s intest ine instead, together with premium foie gras to add a touch of luxury to the dish and unique aroma that excites taste buds. For soup lovers, double-boiled fish soup with gastrodia, chuan xiong and angelica is a nurturing choice for the season. Each dish is priced from HK$98.

For more details or reservations, please call +852 2810 8366.


Alain Ducasse Entreprise and InterContinental Hong Kong are thrilled to debut a new restaurant identity: Rech by Alain Ducasse within the former SPOON restaurant space which is newly renovated. Rech by Alain Ducasse at InterContinental Hong Kong is the first international outpost of Paris’s most famous seafood restaurant, Rech, which was founded in 1925 by Adrien Rech and reborn by Alain Ducasse in 2007. An authentically French seafood experience, Rech by Alain Ducasse showcases the finest seasonal fish and oysters with the Chef’s personal interpretation and contemporary cuisine.

As per InterContinental Hong Kong’s General Manager Claus Pedersen, “We are delighted to continue our long-term partnership with Alain Ducasse Entreprise and to bring the first Rech restaurant outside of Paris to InterContinental Hong Kong.”

The History of Rech

In Paris, Rech is one of the city’s most famous seafood restaurants. It was created in 1925 by Adrien Rech, who arrived in Paris from Alsace. He first opened a grocery store that soon became a stylish café-restaurant where customers came to enjoy oysters from all around France, with seafood stalls, abundant with fresh shellfish just outside. Very quickly the reputation of the restaurant grew all around Paris; and an institution was born.

The restaurant was reborn, thanks to Alain Ducasse who took it over in 2007.

The Menu

As per Alain Ducasse, “To appreciate beautiful seafood is to appreciate its personality by knowing how to adapt the cooking process to reveal all the subtlety of flavours, unique to its own.”

An authentically French seafood experience, Rech showcases the best fish, shellfish and oysters from France with Chef Ducasse’s personal interpretation and contemporary cuisine. It offers an unforgettable experience to enjoy the chef’s exclusive know-how in preparing top quality fish and crustaceans.

The menu is an invitation to dive into the big blue – with inspired, passionate and creative dishes that change with the tides and the seasons, adapting to what the sea has to offer.

From the freshest oysters from France to the signature “Pan-seared line-caught sole, new potatoes”, seafood is the key attraction. The restaurant’s famous aged Camembert, followed by desserts like “XL éclair, chocolate or vanilla” and “Mr. Rech”, made with chocolate from Alain Ducasse’s manufacture in Paris, complete the experience.
Chef Stéphane Gortina, who has worked with Alain Ducasse for over 11 years at a diverse selection of his global restaurants (in Doha, St. Petersburg, Mauritius and Osaka, as well as Monte Carlo and Provence) and previously headed the SPOON kitchen, continues leading the kitchen. He has collaborated with Alain Ducasse on a menu that takes inspiration from the delectable seafood.
Both Executive Chef Stéphane Gortina and Restaurant Manager Rubi Widjija went to Paris earlier in January for an immersive experience at Rech Paris. They also visited Alain Ducasse’s fish suppliers, the Jégo Brothers. in the port town of Lorient in Brittany to source the top quality fish for Rech in Hong Kong.

The Fish and shellfish

Most of the fish and shellfish at Rech comes from Europe – sourced in France (especially Brittany) from small, independent fishermen, strongly involved in the protection of natural resources. At Rech, only the best fish and shellfish are used, including species that are lesser known. The Jégo Brothers fish trade, established over 20 years ago in Etel, the ancient tuna port in the Morbihan, Brittany, provides Rech with extra fresh produce soley using fishing techniques respectful of the environment. Highly aware of the protection of marine balance, Giles Jégo rigorously keeps track of quotas, sizes, reproductive seasons and tidal movements, He explains, “The fish selection comes primarily from what the sea bestows us day to day.” The fish he selects for the Rech restaurants in Paris and Hong Kong are line-caught in small fishing boats whose outings are limited to three hours to enable them to bring the fish back to the quays in the light of dawn, still alive.

Rech by Alain Ducasse Specialties:

Oysters: Choose from four different types of French oysters (per 6)
– Princesse de Kermancy Creuses spéciales n°2
– Princesse de Kermancy Plates de Belon n°0
– Fines de Claire de Marennes Oléron n°3
– Gillardeau N°3

– Club crab and mango
– Cookpot of tiny spelt, squid and sesame seeds

Fish & Shellfish:
– Grenobloise-style skate wing

Whole Fish:
– Pan-seared large sole with half-salted butter, tiny potatoes
The large sole comes from Brittany in France. It is cooked whole and then filleted table-side.

Camembert: From Normandy, the camembert is specially matured for 30-40 days.
This is the only cheese served at Rech Hong Kong.

– Mr. Rech: the signature dessert of Rech Hong Kong, named after Mr. Adrien Rech,
the founder of Rech Paris. It is comprised of hazelnut meringue, hazelnut ice-cream and warm chocolate sauce (from the “Alain Ducasse Chocolate Manufacture” in Paris).

– XL Éclair: Éclairs (chocolate or vanilla) are the signature dessert of Rech Paris.
They are extra-large, with a wonderful flavour – ideal for sharing as a sweet end of dinner.

“Best of Rech” Sunday Lunch

Experience the “Best of Rech” with an authentically French Sunday Lunch featuring a selection of Rech signature dishes including fresh oysters from France, a trio of starters, cookpot of tiny spelt with squid and sesame seafood, Wild Cod Aïoli, Duck with mango, our famous Camembert and “Paris Parisien” pastries.
The lunch is inclusive of pressed organic fruit and vegetable juice, free-flowing Alain Ducasse Champagne and wine selections by our Head Sommelier, plus tea and coffee. (HK$888 + 10% service per person).

Sunday Lunch: 12 noon – 2:30pm

The Wine

Romain Loriot, formerly Sommelier at Rech Paris, has relocated to Hong Kong to oversee the wine cellar at Rech by Alain Ducasse. The Rech wine list which he has curated with Gérard Margeon, Executive Wine Director for Alain Ducasse Entreprise, showcases a dynamic selection of approximately 4.850 bottles and 468 different labels imported from France. The list showcases the country’s diverse regions with the focus on freshness and white Burgundy and red Bordeaux selections.

Rech also has an extensive wine by the glass selection and the option of individual 450ml decanters, designed by Gérard Margeon, which seal in the temperature of the wine. Rech Head Sommelier Romain Loriot has imported special Jéroboams, with a rotating selection available by the glass or 450ml decanter.
The “Rech Side by Side” section of the list features wines from outside of France, made with French grapes imported to countries such as Austria, New Zealand and Australia. (This represents about 10% of the wine list.) For the opening two months, the wine list pays “Homage to Mr. Rech” with Rieslings from Alsace, the homeland of Adrien Rech, the restaurant’s founder.
The Rech list is attractively priced with wine by the glass starting from HK$150 and wine by the bottle starting from HK$550. The list also includes an extensive selection of the finest French wines and exclusive vintages.
Romain has imported a selection of boutique Champagnes which are served in special Champagne “coupes” with hollow stems. For after-dinner drinks, there is a trolley of fine liqueurs served by the Jéroboam.

The Design of Rech by Alain Ducasse

Marie Deroudilhe, who revamped the Parisian restaurant in 2012, has designed the Hong Kong outpost, which features signature elements from Rech Paris, with inspiration from the seaside.
The key design elements of Marie’s light and airy décor are reminiscent of the sea — the inside of a seashell, a piece of floating wood, drifting clouds, the shimmering sunlight on the surface of the water and waves — interpreted in a special way in Hong Kong.

The special lamps at Rech by Alain Ducasse are handcrafted in Paris by French designer Céline Wright from 3,000 delicate small pieces of rice paper. They resemble floating clouds in natural daylight and glowing Chinese lanterns at nighttime.

Rech by Alain Ducasse at InterContinental Hong Kong brings the very best elements of Rech. Paris to its spectacular new harbourview location. The two restaurants share signature fish paintings by French artist Jean-Pierre Guilleron, made from actual fish prints on natural paper (using the ancient “Gyotaku” Japanese fish printing technique).

Both Rech Paris and Rech in Hong Kong have bespoke “Branca” chairs by British designer Sam Hecht for Mattiazzi (Italy). Inspired by driftwood, polished by the sea, each “Branca” chair is made robotically from a solid piece of beech wood with no metal, glue or nails.

The custom designed tableware by Belgian designer and ceramist Pieter Stockmans reflects seaside elements with his distinctive palette of deep cobalt blues. Each piece created by the artist is a unique and original item. New plates by bespoke French porcelain manufacturer Pillivuyt showcase the fish artwork of Jean-Pierre Guilleron. One-of-a-kind over-sized natural rocks from the shore of Brittany adorn each table – serving as a decorative item and also as a natural perch for the homemade seaweed bread.

Rech by Alain Ducasse

InterContinental Hong Kong,18 Salisbury Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
E-mail: / Tel: (852) 2313 2323



Sophisticated Argentinian steakhouse Buenos Aires Polo Club debuts a decadent Sunday brunch providing a feast of generous proportions from 11am – 2pm.

Guests enter through the club’s heavy wooden doors, and are greeted by the towering selection of freshly baked pastries, breads, cakes and sweets laid out in the lounge area. Continental favourites such as croissants and bagels are presented alongside housemade creations including flaky Apple Empanadas and fragrant Cinnamon Buns. An assortment of breathtaking cakes and pies are an elegant sweet touch to the meal.

The first of The Club’s private rooms is transformed into an opulent egg station where the chefs prepare dishes to guests’ specifications. A selection of omelette fillings are available, including chorizo, provoleta cheese and fresh vegetables for customized creations.

Just beyond, the second private room showcases the striking seafood bar where seasonal seafood including fresh oysters and house-cured salmon are available for guests to savour. Alongside is an extensive assortment of charcuterie and cheeses as well as house-cured roast beef.

There is, of course, an elegantly appointed Bloody Mary station with signature Bloodys available a la carte ($148) or as part of the premium free-flow package.

The brunch is offered at HK$328 per guest, and an array of drinks packages are available for those looking to make the most of the afternoon with a selection of refreshments:
$188 inclusive of fresh juices, teas and coffee
$388 inclusive of house wines and beers
$588 inclusive of Laurent Perrier Champagne & club cocktails and Bloody Marys

A beacon of old world refinement in the midst of a modern city, Buenos Aires Polo Club provides guests with unparalleled service and uncompromising quality. The elegant afternoon is ideal for travelers, families and weekend gatherings of friends and family.

Authentic Taste at Tsui Hang Village Causeway Bay

Shunde was previously known as “Fengcheng”. Being famous for its seafood, steamed and stir-fried cuisine, it has also built up its reputations as “The Origin of cooking” and “The Origin of Guangdong Cuisine”. Recommended dishes include Braised Shunde Specialty Fish Head Thick Soup, Stewed Chicken in Four Seasonings, Steamed Mud Carp Belly and Fish Ball in Shunde Style, Roasted Chicken in Copper Tray, Shunde Specialty Baked Fish Intestine with Egg, Braised Fish Maw, Sautéed Fresh Milk and more.

Start the unforgettable culinary journey by trying the authentic “Shunde Delicacies” at Tsui Hang Village (Causeway Bay Branch) in Spring.

Delight your taste buds with different kinds of Shunde Delicacies in two phases of “Shunde Delicacies” promotions, available from 8 March – end of April 2017.

Tsui Hang Village (Causeway Bay)

22/F, Lee Theatre, 99 Percival Street, Causeway Bay
Tel: +852 2409 4822


Braised Shunde Specialty Fish Head Thick Soup $268* (For 4 pax)

Fish head is being cooked gently with chicken to bring up the essence of fish head and complex level of textures. The professional techniques of chefs bring the taste of ordinary ingredients to next level.

Braised Shunde Specialty Fish Head Thick Soup $268* (For 4 pax)

Fish head is being cooked gently with chicken to bring up the essence of fish head and complex level of textures. The professional techniques of chefs bring the taste of ordinary ingredients to next level.

Roasted Chicken in Copper Tray $220* half / $440* each

Sliced Wenchang chicken is steamed with red dates and preserved vegetables in a copper tray to bring up the temperature as well as the tastes of ingredients. Copper tray also performs well to retain the tenderness of chicken.

Steamed Mud Carp Belly and Fish Ball in Shunde Style $228*
This dish is concocted from two different kinds of flavors, the tender Mud Carp belly and Fish balls made of minced mud carp. Steamed with Chinese sausages and preserved black olives, this dish definitely brings a complex sensation to your taste buds.

Pan-fried Lunjiao Rice Cakes with Egg $42*
Try this traditional snack originated from Lunjiao, Shunde. Egg yolk is added and pan-fried with white sugar cake to make it a scrumptious dessert with extraordinary taste.


Aman has announced the launch of Nama, a new culinary concept celebrating the tradition of Japanese cuisine, known as washoku, which translates to harmony in food. Twelve months in the making, Nama represents the beginning of a new culinary chapter for Aman as it advances further into the world of gastronomy. Over the coming year, Nama will launch at selected Aman destinations, and though the culinary approach remains consistent, the menus at each resort will be shaped according to the produce and fare of each locale.

Nama, the Japanese word for ‘raw’ and reverse spelling of Aman, remains true to the Japanese influences of the brand’s DNA and imbues its values, making it a natural progression for the brand. These values, centred on peace, discretion, authenticity, and intuitive service, place emphasis on the guest experience and naturally translate into the restaurant environment.

Nama is guided by the vision of master chef Keiji Matoba, who with his 21 year career as a professional chef, brings a global perspective, with experience not only in his native Japan, but also in renowned contemporary restaurants around the world. Roland Fasel, Chief Operating Officer of Aman said “Nama is a natural progression for Aman and strengthens the very heart of what we stand for, which is to curate environments and experiences based on family values that are conducive to human exchange and social conviviality.” He adds, “Nama represents the coming together of our talented Aman team to further enhance our guest experience. I very much look forward to setting the framework as we introduce Nama across our collection.”

Oscietra Soy Milk Dressing

In a nod to Aman’s two properties in Japan, Aman Tokyo and Amanemu, Nama celebrates washoku with authentic, uncomplicated and elegant dishes that champion locally-sourced produce, allowing the intricate flavours of each ingredient to take centre stage.

The minimalistic and elegant Japanese aesthetic which inspires many aspects of Aman from the design to the architecture and service, is translated to the tables at Nama, influencing not only the menu itself but the presentation of its dishes, bespoke earthenware and staff uniforms, which are structured with simple lines in calming neutral earth tones and natural linens.

Sea bream “carpaccio” with Ponzu Sauce

Paying homage to one of the oldest ceramic traditions in the world and to showcase the cuisine, bespoke earthenware has been commissioned for Nama including bizen ware known for its raw and unglazed aesthetic, shigaraki ware, which uses 17th century glazing and colouring techniques to produce a distinctive red colour, and oribe ware, invented in Japan in the 16th century, with its vivid patterns and green glazes. These hand-crafted pieces not only embody the Japanese principle of wabi-sabi, which centres on the acceptance and beauty found in imperfection, but also complement Nama’s fresh and flavoursome dishes.

It seemed befitting to inaugurate Nama at Amanpuri, Aman’s first resort, at a time when both the resort and the brand approach their 30th anniversary. Nestled directly on Amanpuri’s scallop-shaped beach, fragranced with the aroma of jasmine blossoms, Nama’s relaxed and informal beach setting inspires its menu of exquisitely crafted sushi and sashimi, appealing to guests and non-residents. The finest quality fish is carefully transported to Phuket from the Japan’s finest markets including Tsukiji in Tokyo, and combined with the daily catches from local waters to create fresh, raw dishes, sharing space on the menu with classic Japanese delicacies. A comprehensive menu of sushi, nigiri sushi and sashimi is available alongside signature dishes such as Kobe Gyu, a Japanese Kobe Wagyu steak grilled directly on the table over charcoal and served with Moshio mineral salt, a seaweed infused salt and the earliest known sea salt – produced by the ancient Japanese nearly 2,500 years ago.

Future Nama destinations will initially include Amanpulo in the Philippines, where produce is sourced from the markets of Japan, thereby allowing fresh sashimi, sushi and chargrilled Wagyu beef to star as Nama highlights. At Amanjena in Morocco, where Nama will launch later this year, the restaurant’s signature dishes will include wild salmon and chicken, prepared on an authentic robata grill which is heated using bincho-tan, a traditional charcoal of Japan dating back to the Edo period

This new culinary chapter follows on from the recent launch of Aman Wellness, which saw the dual introduction of Group Wellness Retreats and Individual Immersions across the collection in 2016. Together, these concepts further enhance the guest experience at Aman’s collection of intimate hideaways which offer a peaceful gateway to a holistic lifestyle transforming the mind, body and spirit.


Regarded as a preferred haunt for lovers of Cantonese food, Xin Tian Di at Crowne Plaza Bangkok Lumpini Park invites you to indulge your taste buds with the restaurant’s special à la carte menu featuring a sumptuous collection of classic lamb dishes.

Throughout March, this award-winning Cantonese restaurant highlights the rich and distinctive earthy flavor of lamb in many delicious dishes – all perfectly complemented with flavorful ingredients and prepared by Xin Tian Di’s Master Chinese Chef, Lam Kok Weng. Served every day for lunch and dinner, menu highlights include Grilled shoulder of lamb with Hong Kong-style BBQ sauce, Wok-fried Osmanthus-infused lamb with wild mushroom, classic Slow braised Cantonese-style lamb stew as well as many other delectable lamb dishes all cooked to perfection for you to try.

Xin Tian Di’s Lamb Specialties are available during lunch and dinner every day throughout March 2017. Prices start from Baht 380++ per dish.

Sophisticated yet contemporary, Xin Tian Di is located on the hotel’s 22nd floor, offering a refreshing retreat from the frantic pace of the city, with services that are as much appreciated as the fine, authentic food.

Gourmet lamb isolated on white background