Get ready to taste the juiciest Tartare flavours as Railway Restaurant at Centara Grand Hua Hininvites you to try their latest “Tempting Tartares” promotion. The newdinner menuoffers the perfect mix for you to choose from the best and most fresh meats, whether you prefer them from the land or you rather go for the exquisite sea selection.


Throughout August and September, Centara Grand Hua Hininvites you to set sail into a French Voyage and taste fantastic flavours from the latest promotion “Tempting Tartares” atRailway Restaurant. The new promotion combines a selection of exquisite seafood and beef tartares with unique seasonings to tickle everyone’s palate.

Enjoy dishes with a touch of inimitable refreshing flavours such as Refreshing Salmon Tartare layered with juicy avocado and mango that adds a refreshing sweet-and-sour hint or for those going for something more zesty, try the Exotic Akami Tuna Tartare infused with a Japanese touch from white sesame, roasted pineapple, and sweet chili capsicum sauce. For meat-lovers,the selection also includes the Classic Beef Steak Tartar,accompanied with all its traditional condiments, guaranteed to please you in a very classic style.

Whatever your taste buds desire, be sure to visit Railway Restaurant at Centara Grand Hua Hinthis season where you will be delighted with the “Tempting Tartares” featuring thefinest French recipes ready to delight everyone.

“TEMPTING TARTARES”atRailway Restaurant

Available every Tuesday to Sunday from 1 August to 31 August 2018, with prices starting from Baht 370++.

Find us on Ground floor, Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Hua Hin

For more information or reservations, please call +66 (0) 3251 2021

Summer’s Finest Ingredients at PAPI

Fashion Walk’s PAPI launches a new selection ingredients-driven dishes inspired by summer. Available now, the new plates range from casual cicchetti to their signature Roman pizzas, pastas and, of course, desserts.

Beginning with cicchetti, small plates designed for sharing, PAPI introduces a Homemade Beef Meatball (HK$88) with Italian pine nuts and raisins. Also making an appearance is a hearty traditional Italian Tomato and Bread Soup (HK$68). Rarely seen on menus in Hong Kong, the classic Tuscan dish is the perfect dish with which to celebrate Pomodoro season as it makes the most of Italy’s finest vine-ripened tomatoes. The refreshing Fresh Beetroot, Apple, Ricotta and Italian Walnut Salad (HK$108) is also a must-try.

Two new pizzas, cooked in PAPI’s signature Roman style, arrive on the menu this summer: a creative Sicilian White Shrimp with Green Pea & Garlic Chips (HK$168) and a simple yet delicious Pizza Margherita (HK$138) made with tomato, mozzarella cheese, and basil leaves. The classic combination of flavours is perhaps the most famous to come out of Italy, and is testament to the old saying that Italian cooking is ‘all about the ingredients’. Featuring an ultra-thin crust that allows premium toppings to shine, these delicious pies are sure to impress.

Celebrating the best of the ocean is a brand new Linguine with Sea Urchin, Garlic & Fresh Italian Parsley (HK$178), an umami-rich creation with oceanic mineral notes and an impossibly smooth texture that guarantees plates are scraped clean.

PAPI’s tantalising Dolci section is not overlooked with two fruity desserts, Green Apple Ice Panna Cotta and velvety Homemade Banana Mousse Cake with Mango Purée (both HK$58) presenting customers with an impossible choice that is best settled by ordering both.

“Our new summer dishes are some of our most innovative,” says Benjamin Lung, Founder of PAPI. “We’ve nodded to our home here in Hong Kong through the use of some unexpected ingredients like banana and mango, yet each new plate is firmly rooted in traditional Italian cooking. We look forward to sharing our new recipes with guests.”

PAPI’s new two-storey restaurant in Fashion Walk features wall-to-wall windows which lend themselves to a bright and airy interior while a rare private terrace nods to the Italians’ love of al-fresco piazza dining. Seating up to 110 guests, it is an ideal spot to share some Truffles & Bubbles with friends.

PAPI Contact Details:

Address:         G/F, 8 Cleveland Street, Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay

Tel:                  (+852) 2808 0820

Website:         papi-hk.com

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/PAPIHK

Instagram:   @papi_hk

Opening hours: Sun-Thu: 1200-2200, Fri-Sat: 1200-2300

Available for parties, call to request


Two Michelin-starred kaiseki

Renowned for its quality and authentic Japanese cuisine, Shikigiku Japanese Restaurant at ifc mall has invited two Michelin-starred chef Takao Fujiyamato make a special guest appearance for one week only, July 23 to 29 2018.

Having worked at Wakuden for more than 18 years, Chef Fujiyama previously the head chef of Koudaiji Wakuden, which is awarded 2 Michelin stars for 8 consecutive years since 2011. It is also widely recognized as one of Kyoto’s best kaiseki restaurants. Later this year in 2018, he will open his own kaiseki restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo.

Chef Fujiyama has accumulated a wealth of experience and culinary techniques in preparing dishes that are pleasing to look at and a delight to eat! Known for his impeccable skills and exceptional talent, Chef Fujiyama excels at transforming the freshest ingredients into exquisite dishes in the unique, simple and elegant Kyoto style with his own touch of originality.

In this July, Chef Fujiyama first time comes to Hong Kong and brings with him to Shikigiku sumptuous lunch and dinner kaiseki set menus that feature the most beautiful marbling Kyoto Beef MIYABI dishes including Seared Kyoto “Miyabi” Wagyu Beef and Kyoto “Miyabi” Wagyu Beef Fillet. Besides, jet-fresh seasonal seafood from Japan such as Abalone simmered Dish, summer delicacy Pike Eel and Roe served in Ground Cherry, Pike Eel Hotpot, and sweet-tasting Grilled Young Ayu Fish with Cucumber and White Miso Cold Soup are not to be missed! Other highlights are Crispy Fried Botan Shimp and Wax Ground with Soft-Shelled Turtle Clear Soup, Mantis Shrimp, Kujo Scallion and Caviar dressed with Vinegar Miso are also available on the menu.

Chef Fujiyama will showcase his superb culinary talent by demonstrating in front of diners, seats are limited only. 9-course Kaiseki Lunch Menu is priced at $1,280 per person (total 10 diners to be served). 11-course Kaiseki Dinner Menuis priced at $2,280 per person (two rounds to be served, 10 diners for each round; first round from 6:15pm to 8:15pm and second round from 8:30pm to 11:00pm). Additional $600 per person, guest can enjoy 6 glasses of premium Junmai Daiginjo sake pairing with the menu.

Visit Shikigiku and embark on a gastronomic journey with master chef Fujiyama. Reservations may be made by calling on 2805 0600 (at ifc mall).

*All prices plus 10% service charge.

 Shikigiku Japanese Restaurant (ifc mall)

Address: Level 4, ifc mall, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong

Telephone: 2805 0600

Opening hours: 11:30am to 3:00pm and 6:00pm to 11:00pm daily


Founded by Celebrity Chef Judy Joo, Jinjuu’s modern Korean menu is heavily influenced by her roots as a French-trained Korean American Londoner. With a name that means “pearl,” Jinjuu is truly a gem within the bustling city of Hong Kong. This summer, Jinjuu will unveil  new Korean BBQ Weekend Brunch, served exclusively on Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm to 3pm.

Introducing the New Korean BBQ Brunch

A hallmark Korean way of eating, Jinjuu’s new Korean BBQ Brunch (HK$388 + 10% per person) is best enjoyed with a group. A social way of dining, the new all-you-can-eat brunch format means dishes are perfect for sharing. Another exciting aspect of the new brunch is Jinjuu’s modern re-interpretation of the long preserved Korean tradition of “banchan”, which translates literally to “small plates”. The colorful assortment of Korean small plates are a delicious complement to the meal, and will be served throughout the BBQ brunch feast.

The BBQ brunch begins with Korean starters such as Jack Daniels Cured Smoked Salmon, Korean Fried Chicken Pops, Steamed Mushroom Mandoo and Glazed Tempura Cauliflowers.

As the highlight of brunch, guests will be treated to BBQ mains of Bulgolgi-marinated beef, free-range chicken thigh, Thai gulf prawns and vegetable skewers specially grilled by the restaurant’s chef. Served on a sizzling hot stone plate, the BBQ delights will be accompanied by multi-grain rice and fresh lettuce. To make a “Ssam-Bomb,” simply wrap BBQ bites, banchan and ssamjang sauce in the fresh lettuce.

Conclude your meal at Jinjuu with a refreshing “Bingsu” that will beat the intense summer heat. A traditional Korean dessert made of shaved ice and homemade toppings, Jinjuu will offer the refreshing dessert with choices of green tea, mango & passion fruit and coconut.

FreeFlow Drinks Package for All

Everyone who has had Korean BBQ will know that the ultimate pairing is with some thirst-quenching booze. Upgrade your BBQ brunch at Jinjuu with 2 hours of unlimited drinks for HK$188 per person. Guests will have the option of ordering beer (HITE, Korean Lager), wines (Prosecco, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon), cocktails (Spiced Kimchi Mary, Pink Coconut Belini) and Korean teas (plum, aloe vera and yuja). Free-flowing Moet & Chandon champagne is also available at HK$238 per person.



An authentic range of American deli gourmet featuring Garrett Popcorn and a fun-filled popcorn challenge to jazz up this summer

Main St. Deli is teaming up with Garrett Popcorn to elevate the ultimate American hedonism this summer. Available from 1 July to 31 August 2018, an array of Main St. Deli’s signature treats highlighting the freshly handcrafted Garrett Popcorn will delight all palates, while a Garrett Popcorn Challenge “Where are the CheeseCorns?” will be an exciting spin of the dining experience.

Incorporating some of the much-loved Garrett Popcorn’s flavours to the famed larger than life desserts, chocoholics are prepared to be spoiled withMacadamia Caramel Brownie (HK$98), a macadamia nuts and cranberry brownie coated with milk chocolate and crushed Macadamia nuts, garnished with milk chocolate whipped ganache, dark chocolate and topped with Macadamia CaramelCrisp Garrett Popcorn. The Chicago Cheesecake (HK$138) is a genuinely baked cheesecake with shortbread crust on the bottom, and topped with toffee sauce and The Chicago Mix Garrett Popcorn of cheddar and caramel flavours, adding a crunchy touch to the rich and smooth cheesecake. Stay energised in the summer heat with the classic Banana Split (HK$138)with Mövenpick vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream, fresh cream, chocolate sauce and the tempting Macadamia CaramelCrisp Garrett Popcorn.

While reminiscing over Main St. Deli’s signature emoji burgers and deli sandwiches, epicureans can opt for an upgrade from the classic side selections (homemade fries or salad) to The Chicago Mix Garrett Popcorn at a supplement of HK$20. The Garrett Caramel Milkshake (HK$88) is tickling diners’ fancy, the drink features Mövenpick vanilla ice cream, caramel syrup and crowned with CaramelCrisp Garrett Popcorn is simply the irresistible comfort food under the hot weather.

Guests who order any items from the Garrett Popcorn special menu during weekends are invited to join the “Where are the CheeseCorns?” challenge. With the use of a Garrett popcorn scoop, contestants have to pick as many CheeseCorns as they can from a Classic Tin of Chicago Mix that comprises a mix of cheddar and caramel flavours within fifteen seconds. Participants who complete the challenge will receive a complimentary mini treat pack of Garrett Popcorn whereas the sharp-eyed and nimble top 5 contestants who get the most CheeseCorns will be ranked on the “Garrett Popcorn Challenge Hall of Fame”. By the end of the two-month promotion, the record champion will receive a grand prize including a HK$800 Main St. Deli dining voucher and a Garrett Popcorn Celebration Tin Chicago Mix (valued at HK$1,088).

The exclusive menu is available throughout the day daily at Main St. Deli, while The Garrett Popcorn Challenge will be on during weekends only. All prices are subject to a 10% service charge.

For reservation and enquiries, please call (852) 2132 7898 or email tlhkg.msd@langhamhotels.com.




Top Blade Steak Lab

Local Steak Expert Top Blade Serves Up Affordable Flat Iron Steaks in Up-and-Coming Ho Man Tin

Located in Hong Kong’s under-explored Ho Man Tin, Top Blade Steak Lab opened its doors late last year,  the original creation of best friends Edgar Chan and Oscar Chan, who shared a vision of opening a steakhouse.  Specialising in flat iron steaks, a cut from the primal section called the ‘chuck’, specifically the shoulder’s ‘top blade’, the pair wanted to deliver a unique steak experience to locals and visitors alike. Although a lean muscle, the lack of connective tissue results in a surprisingly rich and tender steak which is already the talk of the town amongst Ho Man Tin residents.

Top Blade also offers bottomless matchstick fries alongside any steak order, which adds to the excellent-value dining experience at the trendy steak joint. For an unbeatable HK$150, diners can indulge in the generous 8oz signature Herbed Flat Iron Steak, served with roasted whole garlic and fresh rosemary, cooked to a perfect medium, as per the chef’s recommendation.

Staying on top of Hong Kong’s competitive steak industry, Top Blade invites a guest chef to create new versions of the underrated flat iron steak every six months, giving full autonomy for the chef to develop a recipe that he or she believes is best suited for the flat iron. At just HK$188, the Guest Chef’s Flat Iron Steak is an adventurous way for diners to get to know the cut commonly known as ‘Butler’s Steak’.

Top Blade’s trendy décor reflects the style and personality of its owners. Neon details punctuate the concrete walls, while slot boards display current specials, as well as the ‘Chefs on Duty’ – a friendly shout out to the experts who work hard behind the scenes to deliver perfectly cooked steaks. Its quaint yet retro space provides a comfortable atmosphere for both big and small groups to enjoy lunch or dinner.

“Delivering a unique steak experience to both locals and expats is our priority at Top Blade. We’re pleased to deliver something new to the city’s steak scene and champion such a flavourful yet underappreciated cut,” says Founder, Edgar Chan. “We hope to inspire Hong Kong’s steak lovers and let them know that the tender and succulent flat iron should be equally cherished.”

Top Blade
4A Soares Avenue, Ho Man Tin

Lunch: 12:00pm – 4:00pm
Dinner: 4:30pm – 10:00pm

A Look inside Japan’s “Best Onsen Ryokan”

Exquisite onsens, the best of Japanese haute cuisine, historical artefacts and authentic luxury all around –  Nishimuraya Honkan ryokan in Kinosaki Onsen, Japan’s Best Hot Spring Resort Town, takes indulgence to a whole new level.

Dubbed “Best Onsen Ryokan” by Lonely Planet, the luxury ryokan, now in its seventh generation, is not only the ultimate hot spring inn experience to be had when visiting Kinosaki Onsen but also offers travellers the unique opportunity to experience the most traditional type of Japanese accommodation, the ryokan, in its most luxurious form.

Nishimuraya Honkan is designed in a unique maze-like layout lending a generous sense of privacy. From its authentic Japanese rooms with tatami mat floors, wooden terraces with spectacular garden views, to being home to two superb onsen baths and an extraordinary private gallery of art and historical artefacts, authentic finesse and sophistication can be felt throughout the whole ryokan.

Culinary indulgence is offered by the ryokan serving seasonal kaiseki (Japanese haute cuisine), with signature specialties including Matsuba crab (winter only) and Tajima Beef, using nothing but the freshest of produce.

Many of the guest rooms of Nishimuraya Honkan look out onto a peaceful and lush Japanese garden, where Japanese pines and other ornate greenery shadows the moss-covered statues and koi fish pond.

The ryokan appeal in Kinosaki Onsen is a special one with the entire town built to replicate one big ryokan: the station being the entrance, the streets the hallways, the ryokans the guest rooms, and the hot springs the bath.

Visit Kinosaki Ryokan Listing offers a wide range of ryokans to choose from with options for every budget all the way up to the ultimate luxury experience.

Carousel Presents Oishii So Japan!

 Immerse yourself in the world of Japanese cuisine at award-winning buffet restaurant, Carousel, Royal Plaza on Scotts, from 10 to 19 August 2018, with the Oishii So Japan! dinner promotion. Japanese guest chefs, Tomoki Kogure and Kenko Kimura of Royal Park Hotels Japan will be in Singapore to dish out their signature creations. On the opening night, guests can also expect a cutting ceremony of an 80kg blue-fin tuna, Taiko Drum performance and eye-catching cosplayers.

Kick off the evening with a high energy Japanese Taiko Drum performance by the renowned MINDS Taiko Drum Troupe, followed by a Japanese tuna cutting ceremony. Tuna cutting is an art itself and requires techniques which are mastered with years of practice. Guests are in for a treat as they get to witness the chefs work their magic on the 80kg blue-fin tuna with meticulous care and skill.

Watch popular anime characters come to life with cosplayers making an appearance at the restaurant on the first two days of the dinner promotion. It is the perfect opportunity to test one’s anime knowledge and to snap a photo to commemorate the moment with the well-known characters.

Courtesy of the guest chefs, delight in the authentic Japanese flavours with dishes such as Ika Meshi (Boiled Squid stuffed with Rice), Umaki (Roasted Eel wrapped in Omelette) and Tai no Marine (Marinated Sea Bream).

At Carousel’s premium homemade ice-cream counter, there are thirteen flavours to select from, with three special Japan-inspired flavours – Mint Yuzu, Matcha Adzuki with Raisin, and Wasabi Cheese. Have the ice-cream by itself to get a taste of the full flavour or top it off with the variety of condiments comprising the likes of meringues, fruits coulis and a variety of sauces.

The Oishii So Japan! dinner promotion is available from 6.30pm to 9.30pm at $83++ for adults and $49++ for children. For online reservations, visit www.carouselbuffet.com.sg. For enquiries, contact Carousel at 6589 7799 or email carousel@royalplaza.com.sg. All prices are subject to 10% service charge and prevailing government taxes.

Renowned Macanese Chef Florita Alves Celebrates Her Culinary Fame at La Famiglia in Taipa Village Macau

Celebrated Macanese restaurant offers convivial, family-friendly atmosphere and home-style dishes

Renowned Macanese chef Florita Alves takes great pleasure in introducing her handpicked Macanese menu at La Famiglia restaurant in Taipa Village Macau, with the aim of promoting Macanese culinary and dining culture locally and internationally.

Located in a bustling alley near Cunha Street in Taipa Village, La Famiglia offers a convivial, family-style atmosphere and signature Macanese dishes created by Chef Florita who, since the restaurant’s opening in 2017, has taken the helm of the kitchen.

Adding to her widespread acclaim, Florita has travelled to many countries to promote the art of Macanese gastronomy and rich culinary traditions.

The restaurant’s ground and first floor dining levels display a wide selection of Portuguese wines that perfectly complement La Famiglia’s home-style Macanese dishes. Traditional furnishing in warm tones offers a comfortable and leisurely environment for diners.  For special occasions and events, private areas on the second and third floors provide a perfect setting for small gatherings, while the rooftop is ideal for chilling out and enjoying a bird’s-eye view of the neighbourhood.

La Famiglia’s menu boasts a wide selection of Macanese dishes to suit all tastes, including “minchi” (sautéed minced pork), capela, African chicken, sapateira recheada (stuffed crab on the shell), fried shrimp with garlic butter sauce, sautéed clams in white wine sauce, fried bacalhau (cod) “a brás”, grilled Angus T-bone, Portuguese suckling pig and seafood casserole.  A generous selection of wines and cocktails are also on offer to complement the array of Macanese flavours.

“Florita is a prominent culinary ambassador in the Macanese community and we are excited to have her at La Famiglia, showcasing her culinary excellence,” says José Reis, Head of F&B Operations at Taipa Village Destination Limited. “In her capable hands, La Famiglia is a great addition to the restaurant scene in Taipa Village, contributing greatly to Macau’s designation as a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy.

With the establishment of La Famiglia, Taipa Village will continue its revitalisation as Macau’s leading gastronomic destination. The excellence of the restaurant’s Macanese cuisine further demonstrates Taipa Village’s dedication to promoting gastronomy in Macau, and makes a significant contribution to the sustainable development of the territory’s non-gaming tourism.

La Famiglia

Address: Rua dos Clérigos No. 76, Taipa Village, Macau

Operating hours: Monday to Sunday: 12:00pm – 2:30pm and 6.00pm – 10.30pm

Reservations: + 853 6320 2320


New Summer Dishes at Michelin-starred Takumi by Daisuke Mori

When the mercury rises, our palates crave cuisine that’s refreshing and invigorating. Celebrate the summer months at one Michelin-starred Takumi by Daisuke Mori, where seasonality always drives the menu. Acclaimed Executive Chef Daisuke Mori welcomes summer with a tantalizing menu that marries timeless French techniques with the finest Japanese ingredients which will cool the soul and inspire the taste buds. Whether you’re looking for an elegant lunch option or to book out the entire intimate 12-seat restaurant for a special occasion, Takumi by Daisuke Mori is the culinary destination of the season.

New additions to the summer menu include a selection of amuse bouche. Balancing the fundamental components of sweetness and earthiness, silkiness and crunch, the three bite-size servings include taro topped with rich black truffle; an innovative layered shot of Oscietra caviar and airy fennel cream touched with hints of curry oil; and a fried wonton of Japanese scallop and green olive, with a silky tomato condiment.

Summer is also the season of one of Japan’s most coveted delicacies, Aori Ika or Bigfin reef squid. The inherent sweetness of the squid lends itself to Japanese sugar tomatoes, and Chef Mori prepares the seafood mi-cuit, a traditional French cooking process in which heat and salt work in concert to create an unforgettable texture, matching the Aori Ika with homemade pasta and a lingering sugar tomato puree.

In a symphony of flavours and textures, the summer menu also includes Hairtail fish, which Chef Mori lightly breads with ground sourdough before slowly pan-frying it and served with Japanese baby bamboo shoots, French green peas, and a delicate basil oil. The result is a beautifully-balanced yet satisfying dish with a clean, earthiness offset by the fragrant vegetables.

Another new addition to the menu at Takumi by Daisuke Mori is premium milk-fed lamb from the heart of the Pyrenees, which is slow cooked to gently reveal its tenderness and rich flavour. Chef Mori accentuates with silky caviar d’aubergine and contrasts with crispy, deep-fried razor clam ravioli made from beetroot juice to give it a bold burgundy hue that adds a dramatic flair to the dish.

Finally, indulge in Hokkaido summer melon, which has been marinated in Sauternes, a revered French wine known for its lingering notes of apricot, peaches and honey. The delectable fruit is served with a melon soup and contrasted with a homemade basil ice cream, offering a refreshing yet luxurious finish to a summer menu that captures the essence of the season.

Behind a sober limestone façade that belies the restaurant’s luxurious interiors, the venue, hidden away on Wan Chai’s Wood Road, caters to just 12 guests at a time, offering a degustation experience that has its grounding in the intimacy of traditional Omakase.  Here, the focus is on Executive Chef Daisuke Mori and the action of the restaurant’s show kitchen, where the culinary team adds a theatrical touch to the elegant setting.

The sumptuous nine-course tasting menu is priced at HK$2,080 per person while the six-course option is priced at HK$1,680. Top-notch hospitality and world-class wine pairing option complete the degustation and make the dining experience one to remember.

Executive Chef Daisuke Mori’s homemade pasta is served with mi-cuit Aori Ika and Japanese sugar tomato puree.

Pyrenees premium milk-fed lamb with caviar d’aubergine contrasted with crispy, deep-fried razor clam ravioli made from beetroot juice.