The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong’s Tosca Launches New “La Dolce Vita” Lunch Menu

The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong’s Michelin-starred restaurant Tosca is launching a new “La Dolce Vita” lunch menu available every Saturday….

Tosca’s new “La Dolce Vita” lunch takes culinary aficionados on a sumptuous journey to explore the rich and diverse cuisines in Italy’s Tuscany region. Tosca’s Chef de Cuisine Nicola Russo shines the spotlight on traditional Tuscan delicacies including Panzanella- a refreshing bread salad served with yellowfin tuna tartare; Cacciucco Alla Livornese – a traditional seafood soup originating in the port of Livorno and Tagliata di Manzo – a decadent charcoal grilled Florentine-style steak. Putting a perfect ending to the gourmet journey is the Toscana “picnic basket” – a photogenic sweet surprise that delights your palate.

“I learned the recipes from my grandmother when I played in her kitchen as a child,” says Chef Nicola, a Tuscan-native. “My new menu adds a fine-dining touch to the classic Tuscan dishes.”

La Dolce Vita Lunch

Venue: Tosca, Level 102, The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong
Time: 12nn to 2:30pm
Date: Every Saturday
Price: HK$578+10% per adult for five courses

HK$828+10% per adult for five courses with wine pairing

All prices are subject to 10% service charge. For reservations, please contact Restaurant Reservations at (852) 2263 2270 or via email at

“God of Cookery” Chef Dai Lung Joins Launch of Modern Siu Mei Restaurant Brand CHOP CHOP

CHOP CHOP, a traditional Cantonese ‘siu mei’ restaurant with a fun and modern setting, officially launches the first outlet in Fortress Hill, in consultation with “Hong Kong God of Cookery” Chef Dai Lung.

The master chef portrayed in the movie ‘God of Cookery’, is widely regarded as one of Hong Kong’s top four Cantonese chefs. The refreshed new image of classic barbecue meat is headlined by his famous signature dish, ‘Roasted Pork Belly Char Siew Rice’.

At CHOP CHOP, the combination of ‘char siew’, fried egg and fragrant rice is a simple recipe distinguished by top quality ingredients.  Fresh pork belly is used for its delicate texture.  Marinated with high-proofed Chinese rose wine and Chef Dai’s unique recipe, the succulent meat colors naturally from caramelization through prolonged roasting in lower temperatures.  The resultant meat is lightly charred on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside, offering a natural pork ‘sweetness’.  No artificial coloring is added.

The rice is of premium quality, a variety farmed in Wuchang City, Heilongjiang Province where long winters allow just one harvest a year, making it famously precious with clear grains with a delicate fragrance. Chef Dai finally selects locally-produced ‘firstborn eggs’, or ‘smart eggs’, which are laid by young hens and smaller than ordinary eggs, correspondingly higher protein and nutritional value, richer yolks, and transparently clear egg white. Finally, the sauce is made from only natural soy sauce, with no MSG or artificial additives, fermented for two years for a rich, aromatic soybean flavor.

In spite of his jovial and comical nature, Chef Dai is meticulous with quality, he adds,” Even the best Char Siew has to be consumed within two hours after roasting”. He insists to roast the meats in five separate batches every day to ensure freshness and succulence.  CHOP CHOP’s ‘char siew’ is out to overwhelm diners with its distinctive flavor and freshness, just like in the movie!

The fun and modern restaurant at 18 Wang On Road, Fortress Hill – across King’s Road from the MTR near the tramline – is styled as nostalgic yet contemporary, where “modern chic meets traditional nostalgia”, according to acclaimed interior designer Enrique Moya.

Overall tone is ‘Mahjong Green’, typical of old buildings in Hong Kong, with conventional ornamental iron gates and terrazzo floor tiles alike traditional ‘siu mei’ shops. The restaurant’s “rooster bowl”, widely used in households during the 1960s, introduce a hint of nostalgia, paying homage to Cantonese cuisine’s humble beginnings.

“CHOP CHOP is a Char Siew specialist.  We hope every guest of ours come in to try our signature pork belly Char Siew. We aspire to serve high quality Cantonese roasts in an affordable and clean setting along with a nice glass of Burgundy red!” said Randy See, Brand Founder and Director of the PICCOLO Group.

CHOP CHOP features options of dine in, take-away, or, as traditional Siu Mei shops do, chopped meats-to-order.


Address: Shop 3, G/F, 18 Wang On Road, Fortress Hill, Hong Kong
Takeaway hotline: (852) 3618 7718
Opening Hours: 11a.m. – 9p.m
Credit Cards: Octopus, Visa, Master and
Union Pay credit cards accepted


A New Chapter in Chinese Cuisine – John Anthony

From the award-winning Mott 32 team comes an exciting new Chinese restaurant created to push the boundaries of culinary innovation and sustainability. Opening at the brand-new Lee Garden Three on September 21st, John Anthony will showcase its new 7,000 sq. ft. space with three custom-built barbeques, a highly customized kitchen and unique interior designed and built with sustainability in mind. The goal was to incorporate as many sustainable features as possible in hopes to set a new standard of environmental consciousness in restaurant design in Hong Kong.

Mott 32’s Group Executive Chef, Lee Man-Sing and John Anthony’s Executive Chef, Saito Chau have teamed up for this menu. John Anthony’s cuisine is inspired by the journeys along the Spice Routes that brought highly coveted commodities from the Far East into the Western World. Not only did Chinese markets flourish during this time, but an unintentional blend of culinary diversity also blossomed. The food at John Anthony thus celebrates the best of this world, with Cantonese favourites such as charcoal grill-roasted meats and handmade dim sum at its core, and different regional cuisines such as Szechuan, Hunan and Shandong heavily influencing the menu.

Experience three custom-built BBQ grills drawn from researching ancient tandoor ovens in Southwest China and traditional Cantonese barbecue methods. The Flat Bed BBQ, which will cook signature Char Sui dishes such as Iberico Presa Pork Char Siu, Australian Wagyu Beef Fillet Char Sui with Shredded Scallions and Grass-Fed Black Angus Beef Short Rib Char Siu, Served on Bone; The Top Load BBQ, specified for northern-spiced meats such as a Slow-Cooked Lamb Shoulder with Cumin Dry Rub; and The Kettle BBQ, which will cook John Anthony’s Signature Cantonese Goose in a traditional style, served with Dark Roasted Plum Sauce & Home-Pickled Cucumber.

The restaurant’s menu will also feature an extensive range of dim sum delicacies hand made every day, including Alaskan Crab Dumpling with Egg White & Shrimp Roe, Steamed Rice Roll with Soft-Shell Crab & Squid Ink and Black Truffle Vegetarian Siu Mai, to name a few.

At the heart of the venue itself is a sustainable message, which is weaved into every aspect. From using natural pigments such as indigo dye on the back bar drapery and plant-based interior paint, to upcycling wasted plastic and paper into coasters and menus, to tiling floors with reclaimed Chinese terracotta from old village houses, every element has been seen as an opportunity to drive an eco-friendly or ethical initiative. The restaurant stays energy conscious with energy-efficient light bulbs affixed to reclaimed metal or natural bamboo fixtures, and uses patented, eco-friendly water utilities in its kitchen to reduce energy usage. Even the restaurant staff’s uniforms have been created from “deadstock” fabric, which are textiles that would have otherwise been thrown away by factories.

With this deep appreciation for materials comes a parallel in the thoughtful consideration towards ingredients and cooking methods. The culinary team has paired the freshest ingredients found along the Spice Routes with the latest in modern cooking techniques to embrace a melting pot of influences, such as in the Razor Clams with White Vinegar & Pickled Peppercorn, the Szechaun Pan-Seared Scallops with Cucumber Salad, and the Slow-Cooked Wagyu Beef Cheek with Cold Watermelon & Chili Sauce. Though the focus remains Cantonese at heart, these dishes are unafraid of utilising chilies and spices from regions along the Northern spice trail, such as Szechuan. Traditional favorites are presented in a daring, nontraditional way to offer diners an extension to his or her palate’s imagination, such as in the Stir-Fried Leopard Coral Garoupa with Salted Fish, Peppercorn Oil and Dried Fish Chili, the Smoked Duck Eggs topped with Manchurian Roe and Hwa Tiao, and the Northern Red Stained Spicy Lamb Rack rubbed in Homemade Chili Powder.

The clear centerpieces of the bar are its 12-litre Gin Tubes, each containing gin that has been house-infused with a different blend of botanicals found along the Spice Routes. These infusions are featured in four signature Gin & Tonics on the beverage menu – one for each type of infusion. The mixology team also creatively harnesses leftover ingredients like fruit rinds and excess liquids to create cordials and edible garnishes, which are featured in signature cocktails like The Seafarer, made with Beefeater Gin, Seaweed Distillate, Cocchi Americano, Naked Campari, Beeswax, Amer Nouvelle & Aerated White Chocolate, or Broken Blossoms, a concoction of Goslings Rum, Camus VSOP, Five Flower Tea, Honeycomb, Lime, Pink Peppercorn & Grapefruit Bitters, or Mr. Wu’s Bubble Tea, made with Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Homemade Cornflakes Milk, Lady Grey Tea, Boba Pearls and Honey.

In addition to minimising waste in the bar area, the team has also implemented a composting system in its kitchen to prevent food waste. By composting recyclable food scraps, John Anthony reduces its food waste by over 80% as compared to the average non-composting restaurant. The restaurant also uses recyclable or fully biodegradable takeaway containers to provide guests a guilt-free dining experience from start to finish.

John Anthony will open its doors on September 21st, and is now taking dinner pre-bookings.

Sheraton Hong Kong & LALIQUE join hands to present 【Mon Premier Cristal Afternoon Tea】

A delectable transcription performed by crystal-maker, perfumer and culinary creator.

Sheraton Hong Kong and LALIQUE, the luxury French crystalware manufacturer, join hands to offer an elegantly themedafternoon tea experience at Sky Lounge, where guests can savour the aromatic delights as well as the city’s most spectacular views of Victoria Harbour and stunning skyline.

Every detail of the Mon Premier Cristal Afternoon Tea is inspired by LALIQUE’s Mon Premier Cristal fragrance collection, celebrating the alliance between crystal-maker, perfumer and culinary creator. Exclusive gift pack and shopping offer of the Mon Premier Cristal collection will be presented to patrons along with afternoon tea set, including sample of the three fragrances – Sensuel, Lumière and Tendre, from September 1 to October 31, 2018.

A trio of utterly feminine fragrances of Mon Premier Cristal (My First Crystal), freely composed by three women perfumers, each expressing her own distinctive style and temperament through a virtuosic interpretation of crystal in its different states. Inspired by the handcrafted bottle design and the fragrance notes of Mon Premier Cristal Collection, the culinary team at Sky Lounge has crafted an enticing range of floral and fruit-inspired afternoon tea delights in French style for tasteful ladies in town.

Highlights include adorable Pink Bar with Rhubarb and Lemon, a refined White Mont Blanc using raspberry and lychee, crumbly and nutty Peach Tart with Almond and White Chocolate, the elegant strawberry and lychee Pink Choux and charming Pink Oreo Cake filled with silky smoothed blackcurrant cream. Savoury morsels include the rich Foie Gras with Peach Gel and Coconut Snow, refreshing Lobster and Beetroot Sandwich, flavorful Crab Meat Tartlet with Curry Mayonnaise and crispy-coated Ibérico Ham Croquette.

To complete your pleasant afternoon tea, treat yourself to a glass of Rosy Garden (additional HKD30, limit to 20 glasses per day), our lovable themed mocktail made with enticing strawberry & rose sorbet and topped with dried rose petal, pineapple juice and milk.

Sheraton Hong Kong x LALIQUE【Mon Premier Cristal】Afternoon Tea
Promotion period: September 1 to October 31, 2018
Monday to Friday: 3-6pm│Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday: 2-6pm
HKD338 per person (free upgrade to Perrier-Jouët Champagne, tea or coffee)

The Parisian Macao’s Brasserie Restaurant Presents Authentic New Regional French Menu

The Parisian Macao’s signature Brasserie restaurant has launched a regional French set menu, A Journey to the West and Loire Valley, available Sept. 1 – Oct. 31, 2018.

Bringing an authentic taste of the west of France and Loire Valley, the new four-course set menu is priced at MOP 480* per person and includes an appetiser, soup, main course and dessert. Highlights include two classic French beef dishes using superb Charolais beef, prized for its quality and flavour. French beef tartar with foie gras terrine is crafted with chilled Charolais beef artfully blended with shallots, cornichon, egg yolk and herbs, accompanied by homemade duck foie gras terrine and fig compote, while braised French beef with potato and white wine from Saumur uses Charolais beef chuck, marinated overnight with Saumur white wine, garlic, herbs and spices, then slow-baked until tender.

Other standout dishes include black mussel soup with white wine, cream, saffron and croutons, and traditional Paris-Brest with pâte à choux, hazelnut mousse, roasted hazelnuts and feuillantine.

As part of A Journey to the West and Loire Valley, guests can also pair dishes with a unique selection of wines from the Loire Valley, available both by the glass and bottle.

A gourmand’s paradise, the west of France includes Brittany, whose seafood is renowned worldwide for its quality, and Normandy, famed for its apples, cider, Calvados and cattle, which in turn produce some of the country’s best beef, cream, butter and cheese. Meanwhile, the Loire Valley is rich in cheese and seafood such as oysters, shrimp, fish and more.

In support of the first French Beef Festival, taking place in 20 Hong Kong and Macao restaurants from Sept. 6-21, Brasserie Executive French Chef Daniel Brolese has also incorporated some classic beef dishes for this menu.

Using the freshest French ingredients, Brasserie’s new regional menu offers a delicious and authentic experience that shouldn’t be missed. Reservations can be made by calling +853 8111 9200 or emailing

For more information, please visit:

Check in to M bar and Journey to the West with Its New Cocktail Menu

Situated on the 25th floor of Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong, M bar is set to shake up the city’s bar scene with a new cocktail menu where guests embark on a journey through various colonial eras.

With a theme of “Journey to the West”, Head Bartender Slamet Haryadi has curated a cocktail menu that pays homage to cities in the East with colonial influence reflected in the dining and drinking culture. Incorporating house-made infusions and local libations with a twist from the West, highlights of the menu include Las Pinas, a rum and sherry-based cocktail with mango cordial and a pinch of sea salt, inspired by the Spanish-colonial namesake city in the Philippines; By the Javanese, a concoction of Batavia-Arrack and Javanese tamarind liqueur with orange bitters and citrus, inspired by the era of the Dutch East Indies; as well as Sarawak Tea Punch, a British-inspired cocktail incorporating teh tarik, a popular pulled tea in Malaysia, mixed with Rebel Yell Small Batch Rye, arrack, Italicus Beragmot, teapot bitters, then topped up with Sarawak jackfruit tea foam.

Available from August 2018 onwards, the new menu features 15 cocktails priced between HKD 165 and HKD 1,688 per glass, and four mocktail concoctions priced from HKD 110 per glass. All prices are subject to a 10% service charge. Click here for the full menu.

Where: M bar, 25/F, Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong, 5 Connaught Road Central

Opening Hours:     Monday to Friday, 11 a.m. to 1 a.m.

Saturday, 5 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Sunday and Public Holidays, 5 p.m. to 12 a.m.

For enquiries, please call +852 2825 4002 or email


Savour an indigenous Singaporean and Malaysian dinner buffet proudly presented by Chef Glenn Saussey and Chef Chandan Singh at Café Renaissance! Indulge in exotic seafood dishes including the Singaporean Chilli Crab and Baked Tamarind Chilli Sambal Stingray, along with a selection of popular local dishes such as Hainanese Chicken and more. Don’t miss our succulent seasonal oysters, steamed live lobster and fresh sashimi including sustainable otoro and organic salmon!

Singaporean and Malaysian cuisines are well known for their diversified dining culture and flavourful spices. Foodies are often tempted by the long list of must-tries, especially the exotic seafood dishes! Indulge in a series of indigenous seafood dishes including the Singaporean “national dish” Chilli Crab. Be surprised by the homemade chilli sauce, which blends various chillies, dried chillies, spices and tomatoes together. As the deep fried meaty crabs have absorbed all the essence of the chilli sauce, each bite offers wonderful layers of savoury, sweet and spicy sensation.

Baked Tamarind Chilli Sambal Stingray is another popular seafood delight. The unusual Stingray that is rarely seen in Hong Kong restaurants is served with Sambal sauce, an exotic sauce which can be found in most local Singaporean and Malaysian families. The sauce is chilli based and mixed with shrimp paste, garlic and red onion, presenting an authentic and exceptional flavour. Baked in banana leaf, the Stingray fillet is marinated with Sambal sauce and tamarind. Be impressed by the delicate texture of the fillet accompanied with the complex spiciness and refreshing aroma of tamarind!

Savour the unusual flavour of Rojak, a salad with vibrant local flavours! Apart from fresh vegetables and fruits, fried dough stick and peanut crumbles are added to create extra textures. The salad is further elevated with a secret sauce made with tamarind juice, shrimp paste, lime and chillies, bringing you an unexpected enjoyment on your palate. The indulgence continues with a popular Malaysian appetizer, Grilled Otak-Otak, which is a fish cake that is mixed with dried chillies, galangal, coconut milk and spices, and wrapped in banana leaf before grilling. Be amazed by the intensive flavours of the spicy fish!

A range of distinctive curries from yellow to red will surely bring your curry experience to the next level. Savour Penang Style Fish with Okra and Eggplant and enjoy the crispy fish fillets served with mild curry. Diners who like stronger flavours can opt for Beef Rendang. The beef is braised with coconut milk, lemon grass and various spices for 2.5 hours, offering an ultra-tender and rich flavour that you can’t resist!

Discover more Singaporean and Malaysian delicacies from the authentic Hainanese Chicken, Laksa noodles served with sumptuous ingredients such as fresh shrimps and scallops, tempting Cumin Spice Beef Skewer, exotic Grilled Pineapple, mouth-watering Mee Goreng and more! Don’t forget to pamper yourself with lavish lobster, fresh oysters and assorted sashimi including limited melt-in-your-mouth sustainable otoro and organic salmon sashimi. End your intriguing gastronomic journey with a sweet note by savouring indigenous desserts, from Cendol Melaka, Pandan Cake to Deep fried Banana Fritters!

The dinner buffet will be available from 30 July – 30 September 2018, from 6:00 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Café Renaissance, priced at HK$ 608 up per adult and HK$ 368 up per child with free flow of draft beer, orange juice and soft drinks. Enjoy 2-hour free parking when you spend HK$1,000 or more on dinner buffet.

For reservation and enquiries, please contact us at (852) 2802 8888 or Above price is subject to 10% service charge.

Rech by Alain Ducasse

Throughout September and October, indulge in speciality dishes at the 1-Michelin star Rech by Alain Ducasse including Mr. Ducasse’s signature Bouillabaisse –enjoyed two styles – showcasing a combination of fresh seafood from the Atlantic Ocean with local spiny lobster. Also new on the Signature Menu are Grey Mullet Carpaccio, sea urchin, a specialty dish from Rech Paris and Mr. Ducasse’s Savarin (a variation of the classic Baba), served with his recently launched private label Rhum Agricole Extra Vieux XO.

Alain Ducasse’s signature Bouillabaisse
Bouillabaisse can be enjoyed on the Rech signature menu (5-courses for HK$1,188 + 10% service) or ordered a day in advance for two persons to share in 2-courses (HK$2,188 + 10% service).

Since its original creation in the 18th Century, bouillabaisse has been considered the traditional fisherman soup in the South of France. Nowadays, the recipe has become a reference for Provençal cuisine.

Executive Chef Stéphane Gortina has reinterpreted this centuries’ old rustic stew with a refined dish – for two to share – using “noble” seafood such as John Dory, Monkfish and spiny lobster.

First, savour the saffron broth made with fresh fish jus and a tasting of monkfish, spiny lobster, mussels and red mullet, garnished with potatoes and fennel. Next is the main course to share, served on a silver tray, with fish and vegetables and bread crackers and the famous ‘rouille’ sauce, a mix between aioli and saffron, served on the side.

For the Bouillabaisse on the Rech signature menu, Executive Chef Stéphane Gortina simmers fresh John Dory, spiny lobster, monkfish, mussels, red mullet, potatoes and fennel in a saffron rock fish soup, with bread croutons and rouille (aioli, saffron and espelette chili) served on the side.

Grey Mullet Carpaccio, sea urchin
New on the Rech Signature Menu, this specialty dish from Rech Paris was created by Chefs Alain Ducasse and Jacques Maximin when Alain Ducasse took over this landmark restaurant in Paris in 2005. (Rech Paris originally opened in 1925.)

It has a vivid taste – with the marine essence exalted, thanks to thinly sliced raw grey mullet combined with the powerful sea urchin and samphire. A classic of Rech Paris, this dish is sure to become a classic also at Rech by Alain Ducasse in Hong Kong.

Savarin with Alain Ducasse Rhum, lightly whipped cream
On the new Signature Menu, Rech by Alain Ducasse presents a variation of Alain Ducasse’s famous Rhum Baba, one of the specialty desserts at Alain Ducasse’ Louis XV in Monte Carlo.
The Savarin (ring-shaped cake) is soaked à la minute’ with rhum from Mr. Ducasse’s new private label, Rhum Agricole Extra Vieux, then sliced in front of you and served with lightly whipped cream.

OPEN DAILY FOR DINNER: 6:00pm – 11:00pm

: Saturday & Sunday12:00 noon – 2:30pm
(5-course menu @ HK$588 + 10% service per person)

InterContinental Hong Kong, 18 Salisbury Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
T: (852) 2313 2323 E:

Enjoy the two Michelin-starred kaiseki experience by Guest chef Takao Fujiyama at Shikigiku at ifc mall

Renowned for its quality and authentic Japanese cuisine, Shikigiku Japanese Restaurant at ifc mall has invited two Michelin-starred chef Takao Fujiyamato make a special guest appearance for one week only, July 23 to 29 2018.

Having worked at Wakuden for more than 18 years, Chef Fujiyama previously the head chef of Koudaiji Wakuden, which is awarded 2 Michelin stars for 8 consecutive years since 2011. It is also widely recognized as one of Kyoto’s best kaiseki restaurants. Later this year in 2018, he will open his own kaiseki restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo.

Chef Fujiyama has accumulated a wealth of experience and culinary techniques in preparing dishes that are pleasing to look at and a delight to eat! Known for his impeccable skills and exceptional talent, Chef Fujiyama excels at transforming the freshest ingredients into exquisite dishes in the unique, simple and elegant Kyoto style with his own touch of originality.

Chef Fujiyama first time comes to Hong Kong and brings with him to Shikigiku sumptuous lunch and dinner kaiseki set menus that feature the most beautiful marbling Kyoto Beef MIYABI dishes including Seared Kyoto “Miyabi” Wagyu Beef and Kyoto “Miyabi” Wagyu Beef Fillet. Besides, jet-fresh seasonal seafood from Japan such as Abalone simmered Dish, summer delicacy Pike Eel and Roe served in Ground Cherry, Pike Eel Hotpot, and sweet-tasting Grilled Young Ayu Fish with Cucumber and White Miso Cold Soup are not to be missed! Other highlights are Crispy Fried Botan Shimp and Wax Ground with Soft-Shelled Turtle Clear Soup, Mantis Shrimp, Kujo Scallion and Caviar dressed with Vinegar Miso are also available on the menu.

Chef Fujiyama will showcase his superb culinary talent by demonstrating in front of diners, seats are limited only. 9-course Kaiseki Lunch Menu is priced at $1,280 per person (total 10 diners to be served). 11-course Kaiseki Dinner Menuis priced at $2,280 per person (two rounds to be served, 10 diners for each round; first round from 6:15pm to 8:15pm and second round from 8:30pm to 11:00pm). Additional $600 per person, guest can enjoy 6 glasses of premium Junmai Daiginjo sake pairing with the menu.

Visit Shikigiku and embark on a gastronomic journey with master chef Fujiyama. Reservations may be made by calling on 2805 0600 (at ifc mall).

*All prices plus 10% service charge.

Shikigiku Japanese Restaurant (ifc mall)

Address: Level 4, ifc mall, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong

Telephone: 2805 0600

Opening hours: 11:30am to 3:00pm and 6:00pm to 11:00pm daily

Molten Chocolate “Xiao Long Bao” Now Trending at Cuisine Cuisine at The Mira

Molten Chocolate “Xiao Long Bao”
Now Trending at Cuisine Cuisine at The Mira
Contemporary Twist on Revered Chinese Dumpling Brings Together
French Pastry Techniques and Time-honored Dim Sum Skills

A creative culinary collaboration of 4 skillful hands, Executive Pastry Chef of The Mira Hong Kong, Jean-Marc Gaucher, and Dim Sum Sous Chef, Ringo Wong of Cuisine Cuisine at The Mira, is the recently launched take on revered Xiao Long Bao. Aptly named for its inimitable shape, the “little basket bun” dumpling traditionally filled with piping hot savory broth and minced pork often served with julienne ginger, soy sauce and vinegar, has been filled with three elegantly sweet chocolate combinations as the perfect end to a meal so much-loved by Hong Kong foodies and travelling gourmands.

The innovative Molten Chocolate “Xiao Long Bao” Dumpling Trio (HK$88 per 3 pcs) is a seductive combination of triple indulgence. The dark chocolate variety has a decadent tang with balanced acidity from the 72% high grade couverture chocolate from France selected by Chef Jean-Marc after a number of trials with different types of chocolates from equatorial Africa and Latin America. “Contained in a double wrapper and warmed up in a bamboo basket steamer, at just 55°C the dumpling bursts with dense lava of intense cacao flavors and yellow fruit back notes with subtle bitterness and a touch of spicy and woody tones”, says Executive Pastry Chef.

Lusciously rich hazelnut chocolate and banana is hardly an unexpected marriage of flavors in the pastry world, and it performs perfectly well in a hot Chinese tidbit handcrafted by Chef Ringo, a passionate dim sum master with over two decades of experience under his belt who consistently amazes diners with his original dim sum propositions at Michelin-recommended modern Cantonese restaurant of the swanky hotel, a dining destination in its own right.

The matcha and white chocolate “XLB” is a nod towards Kyoto for which Chef Jean-Marc holds a special place in his heart as a constant source of zen-ful inspirations and benchmark of pursuit of perfection. Vibrant green, smooth lava oozing out of the paper-thin wrapper is the ultimate filling with intense green tea flavor that pairs wonderfully with your choice of “cha”, especially the prominently floral Chinese white teas available on the restaurant’s impressive tea menu featuring aged pu-erh from Yunnan and high-mountain oolong tea from Fujian.

For those who favor Chinese style of desserts, the Molten Chocolate “Xiao Long Bao” & Sweet Soup Set (HK$78) is a comforting bowl with a creamy sweet potato and ginger sweetened soup with Chinese red dates served along with a choice of one steamed chocolate Xiao Long Bao dumpling. Chef Ringo recommends the matcha chocolate type for its harmonized sweetness that doesn’t overpower the taste of the soup.

Featured among new desserts on the restaurant’s recently revamped a la carte menu, the Molten Chocolate “Xiao Long Bao” and sweet soup set are available daily at lunch and dinner exclusively at Tsim Sha Tsui branch of Cuisine Cuisine at The Mira.

Cuisine Cuisine, 3/F, The Mira Hong Kong, Mira Place, 118 – 130 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Booking Enquiries: +852 2315 5222 or
Online bookings: