New Seasonal Tasting Menu is a Poetic Tribute to Personal Memories

With its recent move to a new address on Hollywood Road, Tate Dining Room & Bar continues to evolve with the launch of the restaurant’s fall tasting menu. The seasonal eight-course menu features chef and owner Vicky Lau’s signature artistry and attention to detail. Presented as individual odes, each dish honours an ingredient, memory or concept.

Vicky has crafted a thoughtful menu that reveals her classical approach to cooking as well as her shift in priorities as a new mother. A master of plating, diners are taken on a visual journey with each course revealing subtle stories of beauty and serenity. Each dish highlights Vicky’s technical skills, comprises multiple components and maintains the integrity and flavour of key ingredients.

The ‘Ode’ menu begins with timeless Tate classics adapted for the season. The first dish, Ode to Balance, explores subtle similarities between the tomato and hiramasa kingfish and presents five garnishes that represent the five basic tastes: sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami.  Ode to Vegetables introduces a crispy horsehead fish fillet on fermented aubergine served with a 10-vegetable broth. With Vicky’s exacting perfection, the broth presents the cohesive flavour of vegetables, perfectly complementing a deceptively simple dish.

The menu then explores Vicky’s interpretation of Chiu Chow flavours. Consisting of diced foie gras and Chinese dried mushrooms wrapped under a glazed lettuce-like dumpling, Ode to Chiu Chow is a minimalist version of the Chinese cuisine’s complex lo-shui flavour. Reduced to a concentrate that binds the sweet lettuce and earthy mushroom and foie gras filling, the dish honours traditions while playfully tweaking conventions.

Ode to Nostalgia is fuelled by memories of childhood and comfort food. For this dish, classic Chinese drunken chicken is prepared as a roulade and served on a bed of rich chicken broth risotto. Ode to Warmth unites two diners over Kagoshima beef, served on one large sharing platter. Intimate and collaborative, as diners share the plate utensils maneuver between each other in a delicate dance. Dotted with Shichuan pepper purée, this element adds a vibrant kick to the rich striploin slices.

Dessert is presented in two forms starting with Ode to Bliss Point.  Honouring the classic Chiu Chow dessert of mashed taro paste as the epitome of bliss point (optimised ratio of sweet, salt and fat), the tuber is whipped into a light espuma and topped on caramelized taro with savoury ginger and scallion crisps. Echoing the fall theme, Ode to Preservation showcases the many facets of the humble apple and its nostalgic qualities. The final course comprises a deconstructed apple pie featuring fermented apple, apple espuma, rum jelly and apple pie ice cream.

The eight-course tasting menu is priced at $1,580 and available with a wine pairing prepared by renowned Master of Wine, Jeannie Cho Lee.

Grassroots Pantry Launches New Fall Menu

Innovative Dishes Inspired by Seasonal Ingredients and Hearty Flavours

This October, Grassroots Pantry will refresh their menu with new fall dishes and revised classics. Inspired by her travels abroad this year, chef and founder Peggy Chan approaches her new menu with a variety of additions utilizing seasonal ingredients and warming flavours. Reflective of regional Asian cuisines and her recent The Collective’s Table pop-ups with Filipino ingredients, the new dishes adhere to plant-based requirements while advancing the potential for nutritiously dense meals.

At the forefront of plant-based cooking in Asia, Peggy’s dishes represent technical culinary sophistication with depth of flavour and texture, while ensuring a nutritiously balanced meal.  An often misunderstood aspect of plant-based dining, Peggy seeks to ensure even the most discerning meat-eaters leave feeling sated and more importantly with a new perspective into the diverse and complex possibilities of plant-based cooking.

Grassroots Pantry’s ‘Conscious Cinema’ screening of PLANEAT

Regularly showing films relating to food and the environment, Grassroots Pantry will be collaborating with ‘Conscious Cinema’ as an ongoing initiative in encouraging discourse concerning wellness and environmental sustainability.  The restaurant will be screening the documentary PLANEAT, directed by Shelley Lee Davies, on 8thOctober (Sunday) from 4-7pm.

A Taste of Artistry

 A Gastronomic Lifestyle Collaboration Between Lung King Heen at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong and Jin Sha of Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou

Nine Four Seasons hotels in Mainland China, Macau and Hong Kong have come together to curate a six week kaleidoscope of exclusive lifestyle and dining experiences, taking turns to impact the culinary landscape in each respective city.  The three day promotion at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong will happen from October 26 to 28, 2017, celebrating the collaboration between Lung King Heen, the three Michelin starred Cantonese restaurant, and Jin Sha, the multi-award winning restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou and iconic representation of Zhejiang cuisine. The two Chinese Executive Chefs will create an eight course tasting menu accompanied by multisensory Chinese arts and crafts to enrich the dining experience.

As a nine time winner of the coveted three Michelin stars, Chinese Executive Chef of Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong Chan Yan Tak successfully elevated the status of Cantonese cuisine on the international gourmet platform. He continues to channel creativity in his classic Cantonese cooking philosophies drawing more attention to this intricate cuisine. Meanwhile, Chef Wang Yong is the culinary mogul of Zhejiang cuisine. On top of receiving many venerable accolades, he has been newly crowned China’s Chef of The Year by GQ. This rare culinary collaboration will delight connoisseurs of China’s most refined regional cuisines.

During the three day promotion in October, guests will be able to sample signature dishes from both chefs exemplary of their culinary roots. A special six-course Executive Lunch Menu will be served at noon, and at night time, Lung King Heen presents selected signature Jin Sha dishes as well as an eight-course Taste of Artistry Menu with an option for wine pairing.

The Menu

Chef Tak’s cooking philosophy reflects the seasons. As seafood is a primary ingredient in Cantonese cuisine and Australian black truffles are in full bloom, it inspired him to create a refreshing bite-sized appetiser of crab meat seasoned with sesame sauce, served with thin strips of aromatic black truffles. Also on the eight-course menu guests will find the steamed lobster and egg white with bird’s nest, a deluxe version of a home cooked dish, designed to show off the freshness of the luxurious ingredients and the precision of Lung King Heen’s steam cooking technique.

Chef Wang Yong presents authentic Zhejiang dishes with a modern twist – spring onion pancakes, a crusty and flaky Shanghainese pastry, are served with homemade hazelnut and caramel goose liver pate to give the dish extra richness. The classic Zhejiang dish braised Shanghainese pork is elevated using organic Iberico pork shoulder slow cooked in sugar, soy and vinegar then served with sweet soy braised abalone.

The six course Executive Lunch is priced at HKD 620 per person; the eight course Taste of Artistry dinner menu is priced at HKD 1,680 per person and an additional HKD 900 for the wine pairing menu. All prices are subject to 10 percent service charge. Bernard Chan, Sommelier of Lung King Heen, has handpicked premiere Chinese wines to accompany the complex flavours of the meal.

Heightening the Senses

Apart from embracing Chinese food from different regions, The Taste of Artistry brings Chinese art masters into the limelight. At lunch time, water colour painter and calligrapher Elvis Hui will station at Lung King Heen demonstrating formal finesse. Guests who order the six course Executive Lunch will receive a handwritten calligraphy menu as a gift.

As the night falls, Lung King Heen reveals a panoramic night view of the Kowloon skyline. Chinese Opera face and costume changers will bring a dramatic performance awakening all senses, beguiling guests by removing layer upon layer of colourful mask in rapid fire shutter speed.

For reservations, contact Lung King Heen at (852) 3196 8880 or email lungkingheen.hkg@fourseasons.com.

Blossom Thought Cake at Shophouse by Shangri-La Singapore

Area Executive Pastry Chef Herve Potus has crafted a new limited edition 20th Anniversary Blossom Thought Cake. Charmingly heart-shaped and topped with a chocolate Breast Cancer Awareness 20th Anniversary logo, the Blossom Thought Cake is an elegant creation of Japanese sakura bavarois, white peach stew and almond dacquoise.

The Blossom Thought Cake is prices at SGD $38 nett each, with the hotel donating SGD $20 per cake sold to the Breast Cancer Foundation. The cake is available for purchase and collection from Shophouse by Shangri-La daily from 1 to 31 October 2017.

Pink Afternoon Tea at The Rose Veranda

The Rose Veranda at the Mezzanine level of the Tower Wing will be presenting a Pink High Tea Buffet from 1 to 31 October 2017. Rose Veranda’s signature high tea buffet experience and includes highlights such as scones, tea sandwiches, cakes, a carving station, sushi and sashimi, will be further enhanced this month with an additional rotating selection of sweet blush-toned pastries such as Rose Macarons; Strawberry Lychee Bars; Pink Eclairs with Cream; Raspberry Cookies and Cream; Berry Tarts; and a Pink Chocolate Fountain.

To accompany the culinary presentations, guests may also select their choice of luxurious artisanal teas, featuring local purveyors: Gryphon, Monogram and A.muse Projects with an additional SGD $5 per pot.

The perfect afternoon tea treat, Rose Veranda’s Pink High Tea Buffet is prices at SGD $52++ per adult and available Monday to Thursday from 11:30am to 5:00pm, and Friday to Sunday from 11:30am to 2:00pm (first seating), and 3:00pm to 6:00pm (second seating).

Price is subject to 10% service charge and 7% GST. For bookings, please call (65) 6213 4398/4275 or email dining.sls@shangri-la.com.

Wahtiki Island Lounge

Just because the seasons are changing and the mercury is set to drop doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a tropical vibe at Hong Kong’s Wahtiki Island Lounge, where it’s summer all year round.

With its menu of soul-soothing, heart-warming rum-laced cocktails, Asia’s most authentic Tiki cocktail hideaway maintains the traditions, exacting quality, and timeless mixology of true Tiki culture.

First created in the 1930s by restauranteur Ernest Raymond Beaumont-Gantt at his Hollywood venue Don the Beachcomer, Tiki culture is inspired by the mythology and symbiology of the South Pacific. However, it’s a little-known fact that many of Tiki’s most iconic rum-laced concoctions were first created to match the restaurant’s Cantonese cuisine, making Hong Kong the ideal location for a bar that strictly adheres to the origins of the Tiki tradition.

The inspiration behind Wahtiki Island Lounge is Tiki Master Shi Wah Lee, who has over 45 years helming leading Tiki cocktail bars in Europe and Asia, including London cocktail institution Trader Vic’s at the Hilton Parklane. Mr. Lee ensures the cocktails at Wahtiki Island Lounge, and the bartenders making them, strictly adhere to the original recipes and the unique pouring and mixing styles used at the world’s best Tiki bars for almost a century.

This means a more refined and authentic cocktail experience for consumers looking to taste original Tiki classics, including the Mai Tai. “Bars in Asia are always very eager to promote bar staff with little experience,” says Mr. Lee. “I have seen many examples of people filling the barback role for one to two months and then being promoted. This impacts the training schedule and in turn the experience of consumers.” Mr. Lee personally trains the bar team at Wahtiki, instilling in them the reverence for Tiki cocktails that has maintained this unique style for generations.

Part of Wahtiki’s adherence to Tiki tradition is the speed of the bar team. Today it’s common to wait 20-30 minutes for a round of ‘artisanal’ cocktails but at Wahtiki drinks are produced quickly and consistently; there’s no ‘twists’ on the classics, no time-consuming processes, and not a single goatee or leather suspender-wearing ‘mixologist’ in sight. Instead, Wahtiki serves Tiki cocktails the way they were first created – cold, tall, and strong, using the finest rums and juices, and seasonal fruit.

Highlights from Wahtiki’s cocktail menu include the undying classic, the Zombie; the Easter Island-inspired Aku Aku; the heady Tahitian Delight; and the original Mai Tai, which Mr. Lee sources the right ingredients and makes the authentic Mai Tai mix without preservatives, based on Trader Vic’s original secret recipe that he has earned his place to learn from the owner in the 70s. All of which are served with their original garnishes in Tiki-tastic ceramic mugs and glass cocktail glasses. Other great libations to look out for include the Scotland Sour, a drink first created by mistake at the London Trader Vic’s; the Samoan Fogcutter, one of the oldest Tiki creations; and the tequila-spiked Senorita Tequila. If you’re not a rum lover there’s also a selection of gin and vodka-laced Tiki cocktails, as well as sublime mocktails.

Wahtiki Island Lounge’s delectable cocktails can be matched with an insightful new menu of snacks “Tiki Tidbits”, ranging from the most popular crispy Japanese smelt with aioli; Polynesian style slow cooked Char Siu; grilled coconut chicken skewers and kabob; house made lamb meatballs served with tomato sauce and baked eggs; succulent spicy crab bombs and crispy tempura oysters.

Of course, décor is core to the Tiki experience and Wahtiki Island Lounge do not fail to impress. The spacious bar has been dressed in vibrant hues and authentic bamboo fixtures, complemented by furniture in rattan and timber.

3/F, Seabird House, 22-28 Wyndham Street, Central

Tel: (852) 2793 0308

Email: enquiries@wahtiki.com

Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday from 5:30pm till late

Jamie’s Deli


This October, get ready for beautifully fresh food that’s fast, honest, and responsibly sourced, because Jamie’s Deli, a casual take-away and dine-in concept by Jamie Oliver will be making its debut in one of Hong Kong’s busiest districts inside Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui. Armed with a menu that keeps it real, the team invites you to come in and treat yourself to a delicious guilt-free meal.

At Jamie’s Deli, guests are encouraged to eat the rainbow by mixing and matching food choices for a healthy and balanced diet. In line with Jamie Oliver’s philosophy of providing fresh and clean food at an affordable price, the deli promotes a fun, casual dine in and takeaway experience centered around simple and fresh everyday ingredients. Eat on the fly or sit and relax — either way, it’s all good because you will always get Jamie’s Deli’s variety of quality and delicious dishes.

“Jamie’s Deli is all about good, rustic food that’s always fresh and responsibly sourced, served fast, “ says owner, Jamie Oliver. “It takes grab-and-go food to a new level – top-quality salads, hot deli items, artisan pizzas, sandwiches and pastries that you can eat on the fly if you’re in a rush, or sit down and enjoy in a relaxed environment if you’ve got time to kill. Anyone can come in and feel welcome – whether they’re just stopping by for a quick bite, or in for the long-haul.”

Restaurant Details
Address: Shop 412, 4/F, Ocean Centre, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-3758-3333
Email: events@jamiesitalian.hk
Website: jamieoliver.com/italian/hongkong/restaurants/tsim-sha-tsui/
Instagram: @JamiesDeliHK
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday, 8 am-6pm


Explore Martell Cognac Gastronomic Adventures at Dynasty

Dynasty Restaurant presents an intriguing brand new seven-course menu paired with three types of Martell Cognac. Explore the aromatic cognac notes that match perfectly with our indigenous Cantonese cuisine.

Martell Seven-Course Cognac Pairing Menu at Dynasty

Discover the intriguing Cognac pairing journey with a seven-course menu and three types of Martell Cognac.  Our Executive Chef Suen Kam Sing has tailor made seven specialities to match with various Martell collections including Martell Cordon Bleu, the newly launched Martell Cordon Bleu Extra and Martell Single Estate Collection – Domaine de Charbonnière.

With rich and aromatic flavours of fruit, spices and toasted almonds, Martell Cordon Bleu is excellent pairing with Tweeting Nature – Marinated Tribute Vegetable with Chili Peppercorn and Sesame Sauce with Duck, as the fruity and toasted notes complement the rich flavour of the duck.  The fruity note of Martell Cordon Bleu also elevates the sweetness of the crab from Seafood Art – Baked Crab Shell Stuffed with Crab Meat and Onions.

The newly launched Martell Cordon Bleu Extra and The Flying Swift – Pan-Fried Goose Liver will delight your sensations, as they both have rich and rounded notes. Be ready to be inspired by how Cloudless Sky – Sautéed Diced Wagyu Beef Tenderloin with Perilla Leaf and Scallion can bring out more dried fruit, citrus and spicy notes from Martell Cordon Bleu Extra.

The candied lemon, honey and floral notes of Martell Single Estate Collection – Domaine de Charbonnière matches well with the Swimming in a Hoop – Fillet of Garoupa Pan-Fried with Vegetables, for they both taste delicate and light.

Have you thought about pairing The Curious Rice – Braised Rice with Whole Abalone, Diced Chicken and Mushrooms in Oyster Sauce with Cognac? It is a great pairing with Martell Single Estate Collection – Domaine de Charbonnière and brings out more honey and pear notes.

To complete the cognac pairing journey, have a sip of Martell Cordon Bleu Extra and savour Birth of Eaux-de-vie – Vanilla Mandarin Compote, Tonka Bean Chocolate Cream, Cognac Anglaise which is tailor made by our Pastry Chef Roger Fok. The long lasting black currant and nutty flavours enhance your sweet touch as a finale. This intriguing dessert is surely camera-friendly and can capture the hearts of dessert lovers!

The promotion is from 18 September to 30 November 2017, priced at HK$880 per person (min. for two persons) available for lunch and dinner. Come and explore the exclusive flavours at Dynasty!


Three Buns & Potato Head HK

In celebration of Three Buns’ one month takeover at Potato Head Hong Kong’s bar and lounge, the team will give away 100 free burgers and cocktails tomorrow night.

Kicking off at 6pm, the giveaway is timed to coincide with the ‘Endless Summer’ party – a celebration created for the community, set to a soundtrack from Music Director Johnny Hiller.

The free burger, a ‘Baby Huey’ is Three Buns’ take on a classic cheeseburger featuring a 150g Hereford Angus beef patty, slow-cooked homemade ketchup, smoked paprika and mustard mayo.

The cocktail, the ‘LowLow Sling’, is a new season and sustainable creation from Potato Head’s Bar Manager, Tom Egerton, composed of Beefeater 24, recycled tepache, benedictine, ginger, lychee and fizz.

Potato Head’s latest merchandise collection will also launch – a collection of bold, bright prints, well suited for Hong Kong’s heat and streets. Attendees can enjoy a 10% discount on Potato Head merchandise all night.

In the true spirit of Potato Head Hong Kong, everyone is welcome.



The least popular day of the week is about to become your favourite, because Double Trouble Monday is now a weekly occurrence at the city’s best –loved hamburger restaurant, Beef & Liberty. From 6pm onwards on Monday evenings, Beef & Liberty is the place to be because with every one burger ordered, diners will receive a second one on the house. As it goes, double the trouble, double the fun!

Chase away the blues by getting your scrumptious burger fill with this special promotion every Monday from 6pm. The rules of Double Trouble apply:

  • For dine-in customers only
  • For walk-ins, only complete parties will be seated
  • Each guest must order a beverage (alcoholic / non-alcoholic)
  • The cheaper of the two hamburgers will be complimentaryThe Best Wine Prices in Town, Only at Beef & Liberty!
    Smashing the status quo of extortionate wine & champagne prices in restaurants, Beef & Liberty has proven that not all heroes wear capes. Unbeknown to customers, restaurants and hotels will sell their wines at a startling 2.5-4x average mark-up on wholesale prices — but Beef & Liberty values a little something called transparency. With that in mind, the premium

hamburger restaurant applies a fixed mark-up of only +HK$180 per bottle, assuring customers a quality drink for less. Hear that? It’s the sound of oenophiles across Hong Kong rejoicing!

Contact Beef & Liberty


Hong Kong

Wan Chai – 23 Wing Fung Street, Wan Chai
Lan Kwai Fong – 3/F California Tower, 30-32 D’Aguilar Street, Central, Hong Kong Stanley – G04, G/F, 23 Carmel Road Stanley Plaza, Stanley, Hong Kong


K-Wah Centre – 101B, 1/F, 108 Xiang Yang Bei Rd. near Huai Hai Zhong Rd. Shanghai, China Shanghai Center – Suite 111, Shanghai Centre, No. 1376 West Nanjing Rd, Shanghai 200040

Website – http://www.beef-liberty.com/hk/ Instagram – @beefandliberty
Facebook – facebook.com/beefandlibertyhk

Steak with a View: Enjoy National Day Fireworks from Morton’s the Steakhouse

Enjoy a feast for the eyes and tastebuds at Morton’s the Steakhouse this National Day as the iconic restaurant offers up unparalleled views of the fireworks over Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour.

An ideal location for families, parents and kids alike will enjoy signature Morton’s dishes, and a no minimum spend policy, whilst taking in the captivating show on Sunday 1 October.

Morton’s Prime Ocean Platters are perfect for sharing and give guests the chance to sample the best of the fruits of the sea. The Baked Platter ($270 / person) is an all-American spread of succulent Sea Scallops Wrapped in Bacon, impossibly moist Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes, Grilled Oysters with Garlic Herb Butter and Jumbo Shrimp Alexander, whilst the Chilled Platter ($265 / person) is a truly decadent affair, loaded with Maine Lobster, Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail,Jumbo Lump Crabmeat, raw Oysters on the Half-Shell and splendid Alaskan King Crab legs.

The jaw-dropping 48oz Double Porterhouse (HK$1,588), available exclusively at Morton’s the Steakhouse restaurants in Asia, delivers two delicious cuts in one massive portion: a New York Strip and tender Filet. Perfectly paired with a Whole Baked Maine Lobster (market price), the table is sure to be impressed by a surf and turf feast whilst they have fun cracking claws as rockets pop over the water.

No meal at Morton’s is complete without a generous portion (or two!) of moreish sides (HK$130), such as the rich Bacon & Onion Macaroni & Cheese or Parmesan & Truffle Matchstick Fries, whilst heart-healthy options like the Brussels Sprouts make sure that little ones get their greens without compromising on flavour.

Of course, dessert is a big event and Morton’s Legendary Sundae (HK$208) is the perfect treat with which to end a meal. Featuring a Hot Chocolate Cake, three heaping scoops of Häagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream, caramel and whipped cream, there’s no better way to wind down an evening of celebration.

Morton’s of Chicago, Hong Kong, is at The Sheraton Hotel Hong Kong, 4th Level, 20 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Reservations can be made at tel: (852) 2732 2343 or via www.mortons.com