The Waterfall Bar


The Waterfall Bar at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong is a perfect venue to enjoy the autumn breeze with an alfresco drink after work.  A new selection of cocktails is introduced to the menu from now to the end of the year.

The new additions include Pineapple Ginger Martini (a vodka-based cocktail blended with ginger juice and pineapple juice), Peppermint Twist (a mix of Kahlua and Cherry Brandy, topped with fresh peppermint leaf), Lemongrass Martini (a refreshing drink with a mix of lemongrass flavoured vodka, syrup and lemon juice), Dark Cherry (a combination with a mix of vanilla vodka, Grand Marnier and cranberry juice), Patron Margarita (a perfect blend of Patron Silver, Triple Sec and lime juice) and Traditional Long Island Ice Tea (a classic cocktail with a mix of different liqueurs and a splash of coke).

To take the after work experience to the fullest, guests can choose from a list of deluxe snacks and premium Cuban cigars.  A wide selection of drinks will also be available including red, white and rose wines, beers and a full range of spirits.

Located on the 11th floor podium of the hotel, the intimate 36-seat alfresco Waterfall Bar offers a spectacular view of the city.  The artfully landscaped rocks, waterfall and green surroundings create a superb oasis while the relaxing ambience makes it an excellent venue to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city throughout the day.

For enquiries, please call 2584 7722.

Opening hours: 12:00 noon to 12:00 midnight daily.


Harlan goldstein’s ‘Gold’ White Truffles

Seven exceptional recipes for world’s most expensive food unveiled to gourmets
Glittering Lan Kwai Fong restaurant Gold by Harlan Goldstein is celebrating its first annual white truffle season with a gastronomic menu dedicated to the prized delicacy.
The world’s rarest and most expensive food is showcased in seven unique new styles by celebrity Hong Kong chef Harlan Goldstein – each featuring two carefully measured grammes of the treasured tuber.
In keeping with tradition, culinary marriages with egg are prominent on the tribute menu to the revered underground mushrooms hunted only during the autumn by trained pigs and dogs in Italy's Piedmont region.
Chef Goldstein twins them with Soft Italian Scrambled Egg and Snipped Chives (HK$388) and decadently with Slow-Cooked Organic Egg on Toast of Brioche, Porcini Mushroom and Masala Foie Gras Sauce (HK$468), and Hand Crafted Ravioli with Melting Egg, Ricotta Cheese and Hazel Nuts (HK$488).
In a Piedmont recipe, the gourmet ‘gift of the gods’ is served as Alba-Style Truffle Tagliolini Pasta with Italian White Butter and Parmigiano (HK$488).
Chef Goldstein’s personal favourite is the White Risotto with Mascarpone Cheese and Fava Beans (HK$488).
White truffle dressing graces Prime Beef Carpaccio with Burrata Cheese (HK$448), with the earthy, garlicky tuber also complementing Slow-Cooked Dutch Veal Cheek with Cauliflower Foam and Morel Mushrooms (HK$588).
Additional portions of white truffle can also be ordered from HK$148 per gramme.
With its own outdoor lounge terrace overlooking Wyndham Street and Lan Kwai Fong, Gold transforms into a late-night cocktail bar after 10.30 – 11 p.m. with visiting DJs from as far afield as Ibiza, London and Australia.
Gold by Harlan Goldstein is located at Level 2 LKF Tower, 33 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong.
For reservations, please call (852) 2869 9986.
All prices are subject to 10% service charge

The Bar at W52 Takes on a new Mid-Week Vibe

Launching Monday to Wednesday “Italian Wine Buffet” & “La Notte e Donna” – A Night for the Ladies on Thursday
The Bar at W52 brings a new treat to mid-week evening entertainment with the introduction of La Notte e Donna – A Night for the Ladies on Thursdays and the Monday to Wednesday Italian Wine Buffet.
Italian Wine Buffet – From 8:30pm to 10:30pm, W52 patrons can enjoy a white and red Italian wine buffet for $288*. White wines include Pinot Grigio limited selection 2009, Villa Cornaro and reds on the list include Valpolicella 2007 Villa Cornaro. These Italian wines herald from Villa Cornarno, a patrician villa northwest of Venice, Italy. That’s two hours of all you can drink Italian goodness.
La Notte e Donna – A Night for the Ladies: On Thursday nights, in true Italian tradition, W52 celebrates woman. The Bar at W52 invites ladies who are looking for a chic venue to catch-up and enjoy a few cocktails. W52 paves the way with a complimentary welcome cocktail along with delicious Aperitivo nibbles and a specially created drinks list – that also features extra special prices of $42* per drink. A cocktail of the evening, Prosecco, and a choice of wines will be featured on the special menu available from 8:30pm till late. What could be better than a sophisticated ladies’ night in at W52?
The indoor white marble décor, natural green alfresco area and street-side seating provides a plethora of areas for ladies to catch up, gossip and enjoy laughs together.
With a surplus of promotions available from Monday to Saturday, W52 makes sure to indulge their customers in the Italian way of life; great food, great drinks and a simply classy atmosphere.
Evenings at the Bar: W52 bar go-ers can enjoy the Aperitivo buffet and Happy52 from Monday to Saturday from 5:30pm to 8:30pm. The Aperitivo buffet canapés change on a daily basis, using the freshest seasonal ingredients, tasty treats include Crostino nero allaa tapioca e salmon – Black bread crouton, tapioca caviar, smoked salmon, Mozzarella di bufala con pomodorini cillegia – Buffalo Mozzarella with Cherry tomatoes, Polenta fritta con il baccala e la ciponllina – Deep fried polenta with cod fish and chives. Happy 52, a drinks deal at HKD52 per glass, includes drinks ranging from house reds, whites, mixers and cocktails.
*Wines are subject to availability. Wines and cocktails are subject to 10% service charge.

Discover The Tastes of Hangzhou


Grand Hyatt Hong Kong is delighted to be welcoming Master Chef, Chen Yu from the acclaimed 28 HuBin Road restaurant at Hyatt Regency Hangzhou, to One Harbour Road this November, when he will present diners with authentic Hangzhou cuisine.

Reminiscent of the romantic scenery of the city, Hangzhou cuisine is renowned for its light flavours, graceful presentation and delicate preparations. This popular cuisine features crisp, tender, light and fresh dishes made using seasonal ingredients, and is further distinguished by the use of freshwater fish, tea leaves and bamboo shoots.

Hangzhou is an ancient capital of China famous for many historic stories, as well as some well-known dishes that originated with special characters or tales from ancient times. One of these dishes, Hand-Kneaded Twisted Noodles with Assorted Seafood and Mushrooms in Soup features hand-made noodles shaped like cats’ ears and dates back to the era of Emperor Qianlong (1711-1799) of the Qing Dynasty, who travelled to Hangzhou incognito three times to enjoy the city’s beautiful scenery, fascinating culture and the graceful women. On one of these visits, a boatman’s granddaughter cooked the cats’ ears noodles for the emperor while he was cruising on the West Lake. The emperor enjoyed it so much that he even revealed his emperor identity to her. The girl then opened a small eatery to sell this “Emperor’s snack”.

Another famous dish, Dongbo Pork, was made by the legendary poet Su Dongbo in the Tang and Song Dynasties (1036-1101). One day he was cooking a pork dish for his friends who were visiting him. As everyone wanted to play chess, he turned the heat down to its lowest level and joined his guests. After a long time, he remembered the pork dish and rushed to the kitchen. Expecting to find the pork ruined, he was surprised by the fragrance when he removed the lid of the pot. The pork was rich and red in colour, tender and crispy, but not burnt, with a glutinous texture but no greasiness. His friends named this delicious dish after him.

Other signature Hangzhou dishes available during this promotion include Tea-Smoked Pigeon Eggs Stuffed with Foie Gras; Deep-fried Mandarin Fish in Sweet and Sour Sauce; Casserole of Chicken and Pork Knuckle with Shallots; and Stewed Sea Cucumber Stuffed with Capsicum in a Spicy Sauce.

Spasso Italian Bar. Restaurant. Terrace Presents

4-course Alba White Truffles Gastronomic Menu

With long awaited anticipation, truffle lovers finally get to feast on the world most sought-after white truffles from Alba starting from the 10th October till end of 31st Oct at Spasso Italian Bar . Restaurant . Terrace, the contemporary Italian restaurant located on the 4th floor of Harbor City, Tsim Sha Tsui.  

Alba, best known as the capital of white truffles, is located in the Piedmont region, Italy. Alba white truffles are the most notable among all other truffles and it is known as the white diamond of the gourmet world. Truffle from Alba is tested before exporting and Chef Michele, the Corporate Chef of DiVino Group, has long favored white truffle from this area for its supreme quality and superior flavor. 

This 4-course white truffle menu offers diners a truly lavish and authentic Italian dining experience. Every dish is a masterpiece, its essence lies in the perfect blend of ingredients from the earth and the art of preparation. Unlike black truffle, complicated cooking will destroy the original flavor of white truffle. “It is a very versatile ingredient that instantly enhances the flavor of any dish it adorning, but it is also very fragile in nature,” said Chef Michele.

Freshness is also the key to making an excellent white truffle dish. For this, Chef Michele has been extra careful when handling the truffle; making sure it gives diner the “fresh from the ground and to the table” experience.

Among these fantastic dishes are: Starters – Poached “Altedo” Asparagus and fried Japanese organic egg served with white truffle and crispy toast AND Carpaccio of US beef tenderloin with rucola salad, artichokes in oil and Alba truffle shavings. Two pasta choices, Homemade egg tagliatelle tossed with artisanal mountain butter and petals of white truffle OR Carnaroli risotto with Franciacorta brut and Alba truffle. Last but not least, mouth-watering dessert Vanilla “Crema” ice-cream enriched with petals of Alba white truffles, to complete your meal wonderfully.

This menu really gives a harmonious symphony of ‘earthy’ taste, it is an ultimate indulgence for truffle aficionados, including myself,” enthuses Chef Michele.   

 Priced at HK$1250 per person, this luxury set menu will include 10 grams of white truffle. 

The above dishes can also be ordered individually. Besides the set menu and individual dish ordering, Spasso also offers diner the possibility of enjoying customized truffle dishes recommended by our Italian Restaurant Manager. 

To complement the menu, we have selected five types of Italian finest wines to pair with these delicious specialties, which for sure will delight the most sophisticated tastes.
About Spasso

“Spasso” stands for Happiness and Joy in Italian; in Hong Kong, it stands for Italian cuisine at its best. Spasso’s signature “Aperitif Moment” is set to become the sundowner scene for Hong Kong.  With the restaurant’s fabulous western facing terrace, the sun set is a permanent fixture on the menu that accompanies a list of over 50 wines by the glass – the largest in Hong Kong – and over 30 delicious cocktails. 

Spasso opens daily for Lunch, High Tea, Aperitifs, Dinner and Weekends Brunch.  It is located at Shop 403, Level 4, Ocean Centre, Harbour City. For booking enquiries and reservations, please call + (852) 2730-8027 or e-mail


Fine Wine Club

Members Enjoy up to 25% Discounts on Ultra-Premium Wine

Golden Gate Wine Co Ltd, Hong Kong’s leading importer of fine American wines, is giving wine lovers the chance to sample premium wines at discounted prices through its ‘Fine Wine Club’ (FWC).

Wine buffs can log on to Golden Gate Wine and join the Fine Wine Club free of charge. Each quarter, members receive between four to six bottles of top-tier wines selected by Golden Gate Wine’s expert staff. Members also enjoy direct-to-door delivery and discounts of between 15-25%. After discount, the average charge each quarter is HK$1,000, and members can select a mix of red and white or specify an all-red or all-white order.
Fine Wine Club members also enjoy other benefits, including:

– 15% discounts on all other wine purchases (excluding special promotions);
– free delivery for purchases over $800;
– no service charge on all Golden Gate Wine dinners and;
– invitations to exclusive wine tasting events.

Golden Gate Wine will host its first free wine-tasting event exclusively for FWC members on Thu, 1 September at the Hong Kong Country Club.

“As well as receiving ultra-premium American wines at discounted prices, members can expand their knowledge of America’s finest winemakers,” explains Golden Gate Wine co-founder Toby Marion. “Through these regular deliveries, members appreciate the quality, richness and diversity of American wines.”
Wine connoisseurs and novices can join the FWC for free, and start enjoying the many benefits, by registering online at


Limited Edition A Bold Revelation

For the release of the exceptional millennium Rosé Vintage, Dom Pérignon has created the limited edition “Stunning Label”. It is a tribute to the Dom Pérignon Rosé style at its best and the creation of a sensorial experience through color, light and reflection.

Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2000 disrupts the classicism of the millennium and reveals all its daring. This pivotal vintage is an interpretation of the millennium in rosé. Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2000 draws its energy as much from the roots of an aesthetic vision born in the seventeenth century as from a passion for the future. For Richard Geoffroy, Chef de Cave Dom Pérignon, “its rareness and bold character make it a stunning wine”.

A “Stunning” Label

This rarity and stunning character of the wine is reflected in the special creation of the Dom Pérignon bottle label, which has long become an icon in its own right. It has been sublimed for this limited edition by immersing it in rose gold metal. Crafted and applied by hand, it is an expression of Dom Pérignon’s eternal quest for excellence and perfection. It also represents the richness and opulence of the wine, described by Richard Geoffroy as “a bold spirit that demands to accept the dare, to take the next step.”

For this limited edition, Dom Pérignon has accepted the challenge to create a harmonious ensemble of the color and design of the box and the wine. The box’s purple color reflects the Pinot Noir grapes that give Dom Pérignon its unmistakable color. The rose gold reflections of the metallic label appear like the rosé color in the wine, revealing the essence of Dom Pérignon in a new light.

The richness of the metallic rose gold label has been staged by the talented photographer Alain Costa who was able to capture the sensuality and opulence inherent in Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2000.

The Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2000 Limited Edition “Stunning Label” will be available at Watson’s Wine Cellar from April 1, 2011. Retail price: HKD 2,088.


VINEXPO 2011 Global Study Finds Hong Kong

 “Most Mature Wine Market in Asia”
Hong Kong has emerged as the “most mature wine market in Asia” in the latest study of global markets by VINEXPO, the world’s leading wine and spirits showcase, being staged from June 19-23 in Bordeaux, France.
As the 2011 expo returns to Bordeaux, from alternate years staged in Asia, its annual survey of the international wine and spirits market shows Hong Kong’s wine consumption doubled to nearly 35 million bottles a year from 2005 to 2009.
Per capita wine consumption is up to 4.5 litres a year, the highest in Asia ahead of Japan with 2.4 litres and Singapore with 2.1 litres.
Abolition of import duty on wine in 2008 along with tourism growth and increased wine consumption at home accounts for the growth, the study concluded.
The study forecasts a further increase of 57% in wine consumption between 2010 and 2014, with average per capita annual consumption rising to 6.5 litres.
Red wine is a firm favourite, accounting for 85% of all wines consumed in Hong Kong, with growth of 147% between 2005 and 2009.
Consumption of white wines, rosés and sparkling wines has also increased, but at a slower rate – by 6.7%, 38.5% and 53.3%, respectively.
Over the study period, the average price of a bottle of wine remained stable.
Over the next five years, the VINEXPO study predicts that wines priced between US$5-10 will be the market segment with the highest growth (+68%).
Hong Kong marginally prefers to buy French wine (28%) ahead of Australian (24%) and American (13.7%), although a 464% growth in Argentinean wine sales was especially noteworthy.
Confirming Hong Kong’s emergence as the wine hub of Asia – a key strategy of the government’s 2008 Budget abolishing duty – are 2009 customs statistics indicating that 27% of wine imports was re-exported, with 70% going to Mainland China.
Spirits consumption in Hong Kong meanwhile dropped by 3.1% in the five years to 2009, with Chinese rice-based beverages primarily impacted. Vodka and tequila consumption defied the trend, rising by 45% and 51% respectively.
Hong Kong spirits consumption averages just over two litres per person a year.
Following last year’s VINEXPO Asia Pacific in Hong Kong, the 2011 showcase in Bordeaux hopes to build on the 46,621 visitors from 135 countries attracted previously.
National pavilions are already reserved for France, Italy and Spain, which together account for nearly half the world’s production exporting more than six billion bottles of wine – along with Germany, Chile, the United States, Austria, Portugal, Hungary, Greece and Brazil.
In total, the lakeside expo will cover an area of 90,000 sq. m (more than 22 acres) with three exhibition halls, Convention Centre, restaurants and gardens as well as the Club du Lac near the entrance to the floating footbridge which is designed to respond as closely as possible to the specific requirements of the largest wine and spirits groups.
Over a hundred high profile tastings, professional presentations, receptions and seminars are scheduled, complementing numerous events and meetings organised at exhibitor stands.
The annual VINEXPO study of world wine and spirits markets analyses latest production in 28 countries and consumption in 114 countries.
First launched in 1981 by the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and Industry, VINEXPO is the pre-eminent exhibition in the world for wine and spirits industry professionals.
Details and news about VINEXPO 2011 are at the website and also introduced this year on Twitter and Facebook.
For more information or to register, please visit

Raffles Hotel Singapore raises benchmark in wine appreciation

Hotel features Singapore’s first Wine Director, an All-Asian sommelier team including the country’s first Sommelier from China

A new benchmark in wine appreciation is being set at legendary Raffles Hotel Singapore. The ‘Grand Dame’ of luxury Asian hotels is raising the bar with Singapore’s first Wine Director and only mainland Chinese sommelier.
Raffles is also expanding one of Singapore’s finest wine cellars with Chinese wines beginning to attract international acclaim.
Leading the initiative to develop a comprehensive wine programme tailored to different cuisines at the hotel’s 15 distinctive restaurants and bars, banquet and catering facilities is French Wine Director Stéphane Soret.
Formerly Head Sommelier at The Imperial in New Delhi, he is a respected figure in the international wine scene – on the Bordeaux and Burgundy panel of judges for Decanter magazine’s World Wine Awards in London annually.
He has personally chosen a new team of three female and four male sommeliers, including Singapore’s first sommelier from mainland China, Eric Li.
From Hunan Province, Mr Li was formerly a sommelier at the Grand Hyatt Beijing.  He is pursuing a profession in fine wine in response to the large emerging market for wine in China. Since joining Raffles, he has also gained first-hand insight into Bordeaux vintages on tutored visits to Premier Grand Cru Classé such as Château Margaux.
“Eric is invaluable in offering more insightful advice to our Chinese guests, as he better understands their palette preferences,” said Mr. Soret.
“With additional expertise in mainland wines, he can also help to profile our expanding selection of China’s most renowned wines to our international guests.”
Mr Soret adds depth and character to the range of wine options available for guests, with vintages sourced from distinguished vintners as well as boutique wine makers from all the best wine production areas worldwide, whose exclusive and limited bottles are rarely available commercially.  Signature wines also vary at each restaurant in the hotel, reflecting their different cuisines and ambience.
He played a key role in the 16th annual Raffles Hotel Wine, Food and Arts Experience that took place from January 26-30, 2011.  Among the highlights was the World Premiere opening of a 1999 vintage Champagne Salon Blanc de Blancs Le-Mesnil-sur-Oger and guests including Didier Depond (President of Champagne Salon Delamotte), Paul Pontallier (President of Château Margaux Bordeaux First Growth) and Sandrine Garbay (Chief Winemaker and Cellar Master, Château d'Yquem).  Adamant that the wine programme is affable as well as indulgent, he is also encouraging tasting and sharing of wines by carafes in the Bar & Billiard Room.
Mr Soret has recently introduced a unique collection of rare vintage Bas-Armagnac at Raffles Grill, the hotel’s elegant French fine dining restaurant.  Produced from a single vintage, this collection was bottled for Raffles Hotel in November 2010, directly from the cask without filtration.  The collection features five vintages including 1965 (Singapore celebration), 1949 (China celebration), 1947 (India celebration) and 1988 (named the “ba” celebration).  The China and India celebrations have limited quantity available.
“With the establishment of a comprehensive wine centric culture, Raffles aims for greater levels of excellence and guest appreciation of wine,” added Mr. Soret.
For more information, please visit

Veuve Clicquot Celebrates Endless Passion and Enduring Love

Veuve Clicquot Celebrates Endless Passion and Enduring Love with New Birds of Veuve Clicquot Collection

Everywhere around the world, Valentine’s Day signifies love and togetherness between two people sharing a special bond. In 2011, Veuve Clicquot celebrates the enduring passion with the songs and chirps of the Birds of Veuve Clicquot.

Realized by Pierre Marie, the Birds of Veuve Clicquot Collection revamps the classic Ice Jacket and Paint Box with a romantic twist. As dusky violet settles in with the daily sunset, the pink is coupled with fiery yellow, the House color where poetic chords complement the sparkling rhythm of birdsong.

The Ice Jacket Rosé

A best-seller of the Maison Veuve Clicquot, the Ice Jacket has dressed the House’s bottles for many years. Thanks to its new design, the Ice Jacket Rosé has become even more innovative. Its neoprene sheath, which hugs the rounded form of the bottle up to its neck, maintains the champagne at the ideal temperature of 12?C (53.6?F) for up to two hours in order to ensure optimal enjoyment. (Retail price: HK$505)

The Paint Box Rosé

A new addition to the Veuve Clicquot House, this canister contains a half bottle of Veuve Clicquot Rosé and two outdoor plexi flutes. Doubling as an ice bucket, this package is a must have for any romantic picnic to spark passion.

(Retail price: HK$450)