Continental’s direct to Guam


Eligible holders of HKSAR or BNO passport now can visit Guam without a visa

Put on your swim suit! Continental Airlines is re-launching its nonstop service to the tropical island of Guam from Hong Kong, beginning this Friday, April 2, 2010. The twice weekly direct flight will depart from Hong Kong every Monday and Friday. The nonstop service is also timed to provide travelers departing Hong Kong with convenient flight connections at Guam Airport to Honolulu, Hawaii. Connecting services on this route to and from Guam via Manila or Tokyo are also available for the rest of the week.

Vacation packages for four days two nights or five days three nights including flight tickets and hotel accommodation are available from HK$3,999 (additional taxes, fees and surcharges may apply). For more details, customers can contact Continental Airlines Holidays at 2870 8711 or visit

Continental Airlines is the only carrier offering daily nonstop service from Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai to New York. Continental is also the largest carrier in New York and offers connections to over 150 destinations throughout the Americas. The routes are serviced with B777-200 aircraft with spacious cabins and individual entertainment in every seat. For reservations, please contact Continental Reservations (852) 3198 5777


Chen Brothers Exhibtion

Soneva Fushi and Soneva Gili by Six Senses

Behind-the-scenes Voluntourism at Soneva Fushi and Soneva Gili
Pay 5 nights, Stay 5 for free!

Soneva Fushi and Soneva Gili by Six Senses are offering the opportunity to give something back. For the next six months, guests are invited to stay at either resort for five nights, without charge and to spend five hours of each day working on local community projects, such as marine conservation, teaching children, planting trees and learning how to turn waste into wealth.  

Already well known for their support and respect for local communities, the Soneva resorts would like to invite guests to put the strap-line Intelligent Luxury into practice. This unique eco Season voluntourism package includes 5 nights paid, 5 nights free in exchange for 5 hours per day of valuable and motivating work for the first 5 days of a luxurious 10 day stay.

Whilst most people come to the Maldives to relax within the turquoise lagoons of paradise, and to enjoy the sumptuous Soneva villas, beaches and exceptional dining and excursion experiences, guests now have the chance to see behind-the-scenes and discover how much more there is to the wonderfully hospitable and cultural Maldivian atolls.
Guests can choose from the following areas of work:
1.       Marine Conservation – divers and snorkelers will be taught how to boost coral reef recovery and to learn more about how to protect the dwindling shark community.
2.      Waste Management – learn how to create home-made compost, charcoal and biochar to encourage locals into self-sufficiency and thereby reduce importation of food that can be grown at home.
3.      Carbon Mitigation – Spend 5 hours planting trees on nearby islands to give Soneva neighbours much needed shade and to mitigate levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
4.      Youth Education – Give local island schools a 30 minute (pre-prepared) talk on waste management and composting, and to talk about Western culture and geography. Guests are invited to share their own relevant expertise in whichever field they specialise.
5.      Boost Local Island Income –Assist local families by learning the skill of making cadjan roofing material to sell and public rubbish bins for raising awareness of waste management. This not only helps create revenue streams for the islands that struggle to find alternative methods, but also to helps to keep their islands in a pristine condition.

Validity 1st June – 12th October 2010


Pan Pacific Singapore

The Executive Suite Living Room

When a hotel such as the Pan Pacific Singapore is mentioned, certain thoughts comes to mind. Imperious City Views, the awesome Atrium and those outside lifts that makes even a grown men weak to their knees. 

Located in the heart of Marina Bay with spectacular views over Singapore’s bustling Business District stands an iconic hotel since 1986.  The hotel’s contemporary design incorporates touches of elegance and oriental charm.  Guests whom have stayed here have only great things to say about this wonderful establishment.

The Executive Suite we stayed on the Pacific Club level was very spacious with wide span floor -to-ceiling windows so you could enjoy the amazing view. The room is tidy and extremely clean. The Pacific Club is located on the 33rd floor, great place for a bird’s eyes view of the city. Decorated in resort colors, it looks trendy and hip and why shouldn’t it since it was designed by award winning designers WATG.

From Top: Brunch. Keyaki Japanese Restaurant

Restaurants are in abundance at the Pan Pacific Singapore Hotel. You can have your breaky or brunch at BRUNCH, a trendy a la Carte al fresco style restaurant located adjacent to the pool. Menu includes pancakes, hash brown and their renowned sausages.  For lunch or dinner, dine at the all you can eat GLOBAL KITCHEN. It caters for both European and Asian Cuisine. Foods on offers are pastas, salads, crustacean and roasted carved meats.

My favorite is the KEYAKI JAPANESE RESTAURANT. Located on the rooftop garden on level 4, the restaurant sits in an irresistible Japanese garden with a koi pond.  The restaurant exteriors are made from keyaki wood and built with the Japanese architectural system of building without nails, It’s a marvel. Delicious varieties of Japanese cuisine from sushi and sashimi to teppanyaki and shabu shabu are served with executive head chef Hiroshi Kagata at the helm to ensure your dining experience enthrall the senses.

Here are my top 5 billings about this hotel?
1)    Located in the heart of Business District and Marina Bay
2)    It has the most comfortable roller bed for your kids or yourself
3)    The contemporary Floor -to-Ceiling windows are extremely large
4)    One of a kind amazing Atrium
5)    The Outside Lifts which could make a grown man groan


Pan Pacific Singapore
7 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, Singapore 039595 Tel +65 63368111

Grand Hyatt Singapore

You have a general ideal of which hotel you would like to stay when you travel so the next thing you research is its location. Located at number 10 Scotts Road, just around the corner from bustling Orchard Road is one of Asia’s leading hotels, The Grand Hyatt Singapore.  It prides itself on never too far away from where all the action is. This hotel is implemented full on with Fung Shui designs. From the time you enter the hotel lobby, there is a lovely water feature with embedded rocks to the 32 steps stairway leading to mezza9 which in Cantonese depicts “business all the way “ and the amazing 40ft waterfall. If there were birds flying around you might have thought you were somewhere in the amazon but not in the heart of Singapore’s mega shopping districts. It is just magnificent.

Grand Deluxe Room

Contemporary and chic in design, we had the pleasure residing in one of the hotel’s Junior Suite. In immaculate condition, it comprises a spacious bedroom and a living room, features grained honey coloured timber interiors, creating a warm and relaxing ambience. The room has state -of –the- art entertainment like the 37-inch flat digital Bang and Olufsen television, my needs are satisfied.

The pool is always a big hit with guests and The Hyatt Singapore has got one of the best-looking pool in the Lion City. Decorated with Torque blue & green emerald marbles, which sparkles in sunlight and glows in the dark I would love to have done a photo shoot by this pool so maybe next time I will.
Lets discuss about service! One of the best of course. Well dressed, well trained and passionate about their work, the staff on duty here are awesome. It only proves the hotel looks after them well. It was a pleasure staying at this wonderful hotel and it was nice to get a chance to dine in most of the hotel’s award winning restaurants so here is a brief description on my fine dining experience and what you can expect the next time you travel to Singapore and enjoy the Grand Hyatt Hotel Singapore experience.


A very trendy restaurant with a Fung Shui stairway.  Diners can help themselves to the different selections such as from the grill: western grill & rotisserie, the delicious spit-roast herb marinated chicken, salmon, lamb cutlets and prime steaks with béarnaise or green peppercorn sauce and mustard.

Straights Kitchen

A visually stunning restaurant designed acclaimed designer Super Potato from Tokyo.  Straights Kitchen offers a wide variety of items for buffet lunch and dinner. Highlights of the menus are the Chinese, Indian & Malay specialties. These include Laksa; Fried Hor Fun; Nasi Goren; Carrot cake; Fish ball Noodle and selected Indian curries.

Pete’s Place

The oldest and most established restaurant at the hotel. It was established in 1973 just shows it has a royal following.  Pete’s specialties are authentic Italian. It offers freshly baked bread, a salad bar which features a healthy selection of salads and home made sauce. Great for the kids as they can choose their own pizza toppings and indulge in a huge selection of home made deserts.

 By AK

Grand Hyatt Singapore
10 Scotts Road, Singapore 228211 Tel +65 67381234

Six Senses Hideaway – Samui

Is the ideal destination for couples, young or old who are seeking a romantic, peaceful journey back to nature. I wonder if our peals of laughter and squeals of pleasure bothered the guests in the neighbouring villas… Naw, I doubt it… at least, theirs didn’t bother us!

Electric sunsets, champagne cocktails and Thai inspired tapas cart-wheeled across my daydream, but the soft yet insistent voice cut through my reverie. “Madame,” she said, “Madame!”. It must have been the hot rocks. After a most delicious massage I awoke drenched in lavender scented aromatic coconut oil, feeling like a giant flower. I had fallen asleep as my petite masseuse administered the “Hot Stones Therapy” at the spa in the Six Senses Sila Evason Hideaway & Spa Resort on Koh Samui. The therapy involved hot lava stones from Hawaii, four hands and a heap of warm lavender scented coconut oil.

Pure Bliss! The perfect way to start a vacation.

Vacations are all about choices. Where to go, what to see, where to eat, where to stay are just a few of the questions we have to deal with when it comes time for that annual, semi-annual or monthly pilgrimage to paradise. I’m so pleased I made the Sila Evason choice. There are few things I haven’t experienced over the years when I’ve been fortunate enough to get away – for work and for play. One thing that has eluded me over the course of my travels is sampling a stay in a private, secluded villa that would be like a home away from home, except on a more grandiose scale. The opportunity for such an escape recently presented itself, and true to my quest for all things different and decadent, I accepted an invitation to be a guest at the Sila Evason Hideaway. As soon as we arrived we felt like we’d truly taken a step out of the ordinary. Instead of deadlines, traffic and pollution, we were met with leisure and tranquillity, rustic relaxation and natural surroundings.

Koh Samui has been settled for about 1500 years. The first arrivals here were Chinese fishermen who found the island on old maps from the Ming dynasty. Fishing, and later coconuts were the first major source of revenue in the past, but now tourism and property development bring in the big bucks. The resort is tucked away on the north east shore on a headland spread across 20 acres of indigenous plantings and offers stunning views of the surrounding sea and outlying islands. There are 66 separate split level villas – like private guesthouses in a giant garden peninsula. Guests with a yen for complete privacy can claim one of the pool villas with its very own infinity swimming pool enclosed in a private garden with a personal butler, in-villa dining and entertainment.

The large bathroom, freshly flower-strewn each day, has a sunken tub and separate outdoor shower, both of which have only a bamboo wall surrounding the secluded garden. The key to luxury travel is attention to detail – no amenity can be overlooked, no comfort neglected. This is something you can always count on at an Evason property. Almost equally important to personal pampering is privacy. When the world’s wealthy sunbathe in bikinis or sail the seven seas, total seclusion is key. Money is no object for those who seek a little anonymity and discretion from the world of fame and fortune – the Evason seemingly effortlessly achieves this.

Dining on
The management team and staff are professional, friendly, efficient and courteous – they really make you feel at home and as if any little thing you may desire, no matter how obscure, it is right at the tip of your fingers. I chose the option of lunching in my room, or rather, on my private patio by the pool on my second day. The island abounds with tropical birds I’d never seen before, but they’re obviously used to visitors. I had to defend my breadbasket from a couple of red, black and white feathered thieves. The resort features its own varied and inventive cuisine in all of its open-air fisherman village style restaurants and private dining decks that overlook the ocean. They are rapidly creating a reputation not for just being a fantastic resort, but for serving up some of the best food available on Koh Samui. With their own herb garden they are able to use the freshest herbs, vegetables and organic greens.Evason is an acknowledged industry leader in environmental responsibility. Through careful consideration of the effects that operating systems, materials and purchasing policies have on the environment, they are continually developing new initiatives and procedures to minimise their ecological impact. All timber used comes only from renewable and recycled sources.

Flowers are everywhere: frangipani, bougainvillea, jacaranda, orchids, and hibiscus. Every time I returned to my room, the maid had rearranged the towels and folded the clothing I’d discarded on the rattan couch – then carefully placed fresh flower blossoms in the folds. The sunsets each evening were symphonies of pastels and the night sky was full of constellations. There was a half moon while I was there, so fortunately its light was bright enough to guide us down the winding path to our villa after dinner.

Six Senses Hideaway Samui – A SALA Property
9/10 Moo 5, Baan Plai Laem, Bophut, Koh Samui, Suratthani 84320, Thailand Te 66 77 245 678

Review by AK

Renaissance Koh Samui Resort & Spa

The Location

Tucked away on a hillside with a private sandy beach on the Laem Nan peninsula only a few miles from the hustle and bustle of what has become of Koh Samui, the Renaissance Koh Samui Resort & Spa is truly a hidden gem.

The Environment
Built into the ocean hillside, it rises up from the beach floor in a series of architectural wonders that house the 32 guest villas, 43 deluxe suites, spa, pools, restaurants and café’s – but through a clever layout of the property, with its curving walkways and spacious grounds, you’ll swear there are far less. We strolled to our villa, every turn and every step a gift for the eyes. The calming lush foliage, the chirping birds, the delicate plants weaving their way up walls and lining the walkways, the thick arched doorways and porticos framing the breathtaking vistas of the pools, ocean, trees and hillsides. The endless elegance of the resort is found in the stylish elemental details of water, stone, greenery, and wood.
The Details
From the hardwood teak floors to the king size four-poster beds to the private plunge pools, modern amenities and breathtaking views amid the lush gardens, you know you have made the right choice. A round of golf, a hard day of guided hiking or a dip in the surf is even more sublime when you know you’ve got these luxuries awaiting you back at the resort.

My Menu

My favourite time of day is golden hour, more popularly known as happy hour. But it’s those precious minutes right before sunset when the sun casts its rich, golden tones on its subjects–creating the most beautiful images while you’re sipping an icy cold beer after a long, leisurely day at the beach…. There’s almost no better place to do this than at the Tapas bar, overlooking the pool and sea. You’ve got to the simple European and Thai delights. There are 4 other restaurants to choose from but the buffet breakfast should last you all day… hot coffee, fresh orange juice, Belgian Waffles with Berries, and classic Eggs Benedict were our choices.

The Pampng

Tranquillity, peacefulness and serenity are three words that come to mind to define the Quan Spa – the ultimate experience in luxury pampering and indulgence – like a piece of the richest milk chocolate. There are 10 individual state-of-the-art spa treatment rooms with 6 private spa treatment suites. I was treated to the deep-tissue Asian healing massage, a 60-minute treatment that begins with a citrus scented sea salt scrub to gently exfoliate, followed by a soothing warm Swiss shower (after ten shower heads, I lost count). The treatment culminated with scented oil rigorously massaged over my body that sent me into a tranquil state of bliss. My skin felt five years younger and I was able to leave all the pressures of city-life behind.

The Family
Managed by Kent Maury, a 25-year Marriott veteran, the resort genuinely has a traditional Thai village feel, one that he has worked hard at achieving. Kent makes himself available to all the guests and does his best to meet any requests. His goals are to enable every guest to be able to leave the resort with a tangible piece of Thai history and culture, which he has achieved through several cultural avenues; staff are found around the resort doing traditional soap carvings, Thai cooking classes are available, a different coloured scarf is worn everyday to symbolize the ancient colour calendar. The staff is friendly, efficient, resourceful and courteous. They make you feel at home. And as our exemplary host Mr. Maury so rightly believes, “It’s not the big things in life, it’s attention to detail.”

Renaissance Koh Samui Resort & Spa
208/1 Moo 4, T. Maret, Laem Nan Beach, Koh Samui, 84310 Thailand Tel 66 77 429 300

Review by AK

Metropolitan Bangkok

The Thai capital has never really been known for stylish places to stay.

Everything about the Metropolitan Bangkok – from its graphic, post-modern exterior to its sleek and eyecatching lobby – exudes a cool, contemporary aura. A hip and happening hotel set back in a quiet part of South Sathorn Road in the heart of Bangkok’s CBD (it’s just behind the French Embassy), the Metropolitan is everything it promises to be and much, much more. The minute you arrive, smartly dressed staff (their uniforms are designed by Yohji Yamamoto) efficiently register you with minimal hassle and escort you to your room. A warm pot of Mulberry tea is then brought to you while you are unpacking your suitcase; a nice touch in this busy, harried world where homogeneity in services has become the norm. The guestrooms are clean and calming, not to mention soothing, for the senses. Dark-wood flooring contrasts with the spare aesthetic of the interior. Modern lighting gives the rooms a very seductive ambience. Beige slate bathrooms have a luxurious feel, even though it is stripped of any clutter and embellishments, testimony to the skill of interior designer Kathryn Kng. A Chinese meditation chair and a yoga mat add to the new-age element that would be appreciated by those who can tell the difference. The brainchild of Singaporean style maven, Christina Ong, the Metropolitan Bangkok is a sister to the hotel of the same name in London – a property already deeply entrenched in the psyche of Europe’s smartest set.

The swimming pool deserves a special mention for the clever way it is partially concealed from the view of the entrance and lobby, yet visible enough to impart a cooling effect on a hot Bangkok day. A separate entrance and the Thai capital has never really been known for stylish places to stay. Sure, there’s the Oriental and the Peninsula but they don’t exactly rate high on the cool scale. But in Bangkok, things don’t stay still for long, writes Ong Chin Huat exteriorprivate lift transports guests to the pool, an ingenious solution for guests who prefer to keep a lower profile in their swim suits. But the jewel in the Metropolitan crown must be its spa, Shambhala. Developed in line with the group’s flagship retreat at Parrot Cay in the Turks and Caicos Islands, the massages and facials are reason alone to warrant a stay. Therapists honed by experience gathered from Parrot Cay transport you to Cloud 9. Shambhala also make their own bath and body products that utilise essential oils like geranium, lavender, peppermint and eucalyptus. The Metropolitan boasts 2 restaurants that are already making waves in culinary circles. Cy’an is a Mediterranean seafood restaurant with major influences coming from Moorish cuisine. Overseen by Australian chef Amanda Gale, the food is light and innovative. Glow, appropriately located adjacent to the spa, serves healthy, fresh organic food with an emphasis on energising juices rich in living enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Those wanting a detox or are recovering from a hangover could do worse than try their wheatgrass juice shot – freshly squeezed juice from actual crops grown on the premises. And finally there’s the Met Bar – the bar that shoots up the mercury on A-list in London – replicated for fans here in Bangkok. Sexy and stylish, it’s a members-only club (luckily hotel guests are allowed too) where the sleek and chic are in their element. Try the Tom-yam martinis because, like everything else in the Metropolitan, they are unique, unforgettable and leave you wanting more!

Metropolitan, Bangkok, 27 South Sathorn Road, Tungmahamek Sathorn, Bangkok 10120 Tel 662 625 3333


Review by AK


Huile a la Lavande

Christophe Robin

As the new season approaches, you may like to refresh your appearance by changing your hair color to a light one. However, coloring and highlight will damage and weaken our hair, causing dryness and split ends. Together with sun exposure, sea and swimming pool water, hair condition will even get worse.  To provide your hair, use Christophe Robin Huile à la lavande as a protective treatment! It contains high cencentration of plant oils to nourish, moisturize hair and preserve its color, leaving your hair shiny and healthy! 

Huile à la lavande  (Lavender oil) HK$ 340 / 100ml

Christophe Robin is now available exculsively at Lane Crawford Times Square.?Telephone: (852) 3485 7432

Chinatown Entertainment

CHINATOWN Entertainment Emporium a Hot Ticket for Shanghai World Expo Corporate Hospitality
Exclusive VIP boxes for 4-12 Guests with champagne and whiskey for RMB 8,888
Exclusive VIP booths at Gosney & Kallman's CHINATOWN with a grandstand view of the fun and fantasy of Shanghai’s high-kicking 1930s heyday are hot tickets for corporate hospitality at this year’s World Expo. CHINATOWN’s second level booths can host between 4 to 12 guests and offer a private bar and bathrooms at the entertainment emporium, as well as VIP waitress services. It is the perfect venue for entertaining business clients or for meetings, incentives and conference events (MICE).  Themed booths such as the Absinthe Booth and Lovers Booth are also available and options can incorporate cigar and caviar packages, in collaboration with sponsors Don Cervantes Cigars and Black Pearl Caviar.
The entire second floor can also be booked for exclusive birthdays or special events catering for up to 70 guests.
?In anticipation of a particularly great demand during the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, the private booths are currently being promoted until May at just RMB 8,888.
The package also includes two complimentary bottles of Laurent Perrier Champagne and two bottles of fine Scotch whiskey, plus a refreshing fruit platter.
With all public venues in Shanghai becoming non-smoking from March 1 onwards, CHINATOWN’s third floor is being converted into a dedicated private ‘Smoking Bar’.
Says General Manager Anna Patterson, “We appreciate the global trend for public areas to be smoke-free, but also respect the rights of our guests to smoke in private if they wish, just as smoking rooms are provided in airports.”  Reviving the glamour of bygone Shanghai, CHINATOWN presents an intoxicating mix of cabaret, vaudeville and Broadway live variety floorshows with stunning showgirls and extravagant costumes.
It has become a must-see Shanghai attraction and one of the most memorable nightlife and event venues in the world.
CHINATOWN is open from Wednesday-Saturday from 8pm-2am.
Tel: +86 21 6258 2078
Address: 471 Zha Pu Lu, crossroad Wujin Lu

12 March 2010