LONGINES unveils the new TV spot featuring Eddie Peng

Asian movie star Eddie Peng is a LONGINES Ambassador of Elegance since 2014. His innate class, his presence and his charisma are the perfect incarnation of LONGINES’ values. A while ago, Eddie travelled to Paris with a shooting crew to film the latest TV spot for LONGINES.

The new LONGINES TV spot was filmed at Chantilly Racecourse, home of the Prix de Diane LONGINES race. The whole setting in the TVC highlights LONGINES’ passion for equestrian sports and racing culture in France. In the campaign, Eddie made an elegant appearance at Chantilly racecourse and the LONGINES Master Collection Moon Phases timepiece on Eddie’s wrist adds refinement to the scene. He is enjoying the race and looking around the crowd through his binoculars in the grandstand. At some point, he set his gaze on an elegant lady who is supporting her favourite horse. Eddie Peng is the epitome of elegance in the new LONGINES advertising campaign.

Eddie and the crew worked in perfect harmony. During filming, he exuded LONGINES’ signature elegance through his professional performance. Eddie Peng, on the campaign: “It was my pleasure to work on a new TV shot with LONGINES and to meet elegant people at the beautiful race track of Chantilly. It was a very pleasant atmosphere to work in and I felt at home with the LONGINES family.”

Retail Price: HKD 26,100

As a traditional watchmaking company, LONGINES has been producing exceptional timepieces since the very beginning. The LONGINES Master Collection is the perfect illustration of this corporate ethos, as can be seen from the success enjoyed by this range since it was launched in 2005. With a diameter of 40 mm, this steel chronograph houses a self-winding mechanical chronograph movement. Its silvered stamped barleycorn dial and its handsome blued-steel hands make an elegantly contrasting background to the moonphase display. The case is mounted on a brown alligator leather strap.

“Meet Mercedes”

The motto was “Meet Mercedes”: Journalists already had the opportunity to discover the product innovations of Mercedes-Benz Cars on the day before the 87th Geneva Motor Show in a relaxed atmosphere, and exchange views with the company’s experts during this casual event. A total of eleven production and concept vehicles from Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-AMG, Mercedes-Maybach and smart were on show at “Meet Mercedes”. The main focus was on the new E-Class Cabriolet.

“The passion for extraordinary vehicles, which we share with our customers, is reflected in our new E-Class Cabriolet in a special way. It is a car that lets people enjoy comfort and luxury in the open air”, says Britta Seeger, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG, responsible for Mercedes-Benz Cars Marketing & Sales. The open-top four seater is the latest member of the successful model series.

A sneak preview of the new extraordinary variant of the legendary G-Class off-road icon was also on display as part of “Meet Mercedes”: the Mercedes-Maybach G 650 Landaulet (combined fuel consumption: 17.0 l/100 km. CO2 emissions (combined): 397 g/km). With the Concept X- CLASS, Mercedes-Benz Vans is providing an outlook on its new pickup, the X-Class. The “Aesthetics A” sculpture points even further into the future. With it, the design team surrounding Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer of Daimler AG, is showcasing a vision of a saloon car in the compact vehicle segment that has been radically reduced to its basic structure.

Omar Khan Rugs

Omar Khan reinvents the rug for seekers of exquisitely crafted statement pieces. Whether spirited or subtle in composition, each design is a foundational flourish, able both to unite the various elements of an interior and to provide a distinctive final touch. Artfully layered motifs and captivating color palettes are combined with the finest materials and artisanal techniques to create beautifully textured designs for living.

Omar Khan rugs can be found in residential developments and commercial projects worldwide, including Norman Foster’s The Troika (Kuala Lumpur), Lane Crawford (Chengdu), On Pedder/Joyce (Hong Kong), and Biyan Living (Jakarta). The collection has been exhibited at fairs such as Maison & Objet and featured in Tasting Kitchen, among other publications.


Chaumet reveals new additions to their signature Liens and Plume Collection

A proclamation of love and devotion

An embodiment of unity and promise, Chaumet’s signature Liens collection is heralded as a vivid narrative for moments of enchantment, while its signature Plume collection, inspired by the lightness of a feather, reflects the most intricate of feelings. This Valentine’s Day, Chaumet brings forth new Jeux de Liens additions, incorporating new hard stones in Pink Opal and Chrysoprase – along with their Plume engagement rings and wedding bands, with both collections transmitting a subtle imagery, perfect for the celebration of love.

Combining hard stones into the Jeux de Liens creations contrasts Chaumet’s revered ability to reflect light with shadows and colour, adding a dimension of aesthetic intrigue – making these thought-provoking pieces instantly distinctive. The signature crossed ribbon symbolizes the bond between two people, and is undoubtedly fitting this Valentine’s Day, expressing sentimental values transcending beyond the boundaries of time and fashion.

The chrysoprase stone is a stone of joy and is often regarded as an attracting force for love and prosperity. Incorporating this precious stone into their newest Jeux de Liens creation provides an element of hope this Valentine’s Day, perfect for every couple in their journey together.

Believed by many as a stone of healing, the Pink Opal stone represents peace and tranquility, and is apropos this Valentine’s Day not only for its colour, but also in its symbolism of harmony. The Jeux de Liens with Pink Opal will celebrate each couple this Valentine’s Day as they continue to share new magical moments with each other.

Inspired by the lightness of a feather, the Plume collection perfectly reflects Chaumet’s subtle yet elegant grandeur – a timeless and classic bridal choice. The Plume wedding bands and engagement rings are designed with a feather inspired blueprint, sleek and light in its aesthetic, and reflect enduring love and passion – an eternal promise.

The Liens theme has been a part of Chaumet since the earliest era of the Parisian jeweller and has seen numerous interpretations over Chaumet’s enduring history. Embodying a timeless style and design, the Plume collection protects each couple’s promise of love. Both icons of the jeweller’s many signature pieces, this Valentine’s Day sees the birth of new renditions of two eternal motifs.


Image Description Price (HKD)
  Chaumet Jeux de Liens pendant in pink gold, diamonds and pink opal


  Chaumet Jeux de Liens pendant in pink gold, diamonds and chrysoprase


Chaumet Jeux de Liens bracelet in pink gold, diamonds and pink opal


  Chaumet Jeux de Liens bracelet in pink gold, diamonds and chrysoprase


Chaumet Plume ring in platinum and diamonds, set with a brilliant-cut diamond


Individual price
  Chaumet Plume ring in platinum and diamonds


  Chaumet Plume ring in platinum




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Cartier The Love bracelet

Screw meets screwdriver – the birth of an icon

The Love bracelet was created in 1969 in the Cartier New York workshops by designer Aldo Cipullo, who would also become the mastermind behind the incredible Juste un Clou bracelet two years later.

Secured using a screwdriver, the Love bracelet symbolises attachment to one another and thus, in the words of Aldo Cipullo, Cartier created “modern love handcuffs”.

It is also the work of a masterfully modern craftsman who, with this sculpted gold piece, revolutionised the art and manner of wearing jewellery. The Love bracelet is not chosen to match an outfit or to suit the occasion, as was still the custom at the time. It remains present on the wrist like a second skin, day and night and always hits the right note.

Because of its difference, the Love bracelet would become an expression of independence, of standing out from the rest, unique and unisex.

Design codes: the oval and the screws

The bracelet established new codes, starting with its choice of shape – the oval – and its condition of fitting as closely as possible around the loved one’s wrist.

Next came the screws, dazzling and instantly recognisable. They echo the Santos watch, which also features them on its bezel, they identify the bracelet at first glance and boost its androgynous charm.

A masculine, yet feminine bracelet

The Love bracelet’s appeal also stems from its pure, understated and ergonomic design, which caused it to be coveted by men as much as women. This is one of the keys to the piece’s success, modern before its time, reconciling feminine and masculine.

The legend – famous great loves

Couples everywhere wear the bracelet to proclaim their love for one another for all to see, like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, or Frank Sinatra and his wife Nancy. These famous couples chose to wear the legendary bracelet, whose iconic and sentimental power has endured over the generations.

This latest version is more delicate, but otherwise alike in every way with its wrist-hugging oval shape emphatically punctuated with screws.

A variation on a universal classic… unisex and graphic, fastened with the help of a screwdriver, sealing your relationship within an everlasting circle of Love.

A show of strength, a state of mind, and a symbol of commitment to romance.

Wear it to signify the love that it embodies and joins together. A passion to share, worn singly, layered or alongside the original, further solidifying the link… How far would you go for love?

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with the NIRAV MODI Limited Edition Embrace Lucky 8 Pendants

A revered time for the Chinese to pay homage to their culture, heritage and traditions, the Chinese New Year celebrates happiness, wealth and most importantly, longevity and health. This year, in celebration of the festive occasion, NIRAV MODI brings forth their Limited Edition Embrace Lucky 8 Pendants into the limelight, bringing to its bearers prosperity and fortune.

As a renowned international jeweller dedicated to originality, style and innovation, NIRAV MODI once again demonstrates how they are inimitable by others; presenting a selection of dazzling masterpieces for both male and female, NIRAV MODI expresses their enthusiasm for the Chinese New Year with thought-provoking and subtle imagery.

NIRAV MODI celebrates the occasion with their auspicious Limited Edition Embrace Lucky 8 Pendants, available exclusively in white gold. The number 8 has always been associated with good fortune in the Chinese culture, and NIRAV MODI’s exquisite pendants are undoubtedly a personification of luck and prosperity. More significantly, these exquisite white gold pendants create a magical and majestic emotion, adding a depth of distinguishing dimension, placing an fitting emphasis on the affluence and wealth associated with the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Part of NIRAV MODI’s signature Embrace collection, the Limited Edition Embrace Lucky 8 Pendants also parallel the unity associated with Chinese New Year. The pendants come in four exquisite variations, with two styles for women and two for men, with two of those variations featuring splendorous diamonds. NIRAV MODI’s Limited Edition Lucky 8 Pendants aptly depict the romance and affection shared during the time of familial embrace, with the scintillating white gold creating a fantastical ambience, a perfect setting to share with loved ones in a cherished memory.

NIRAV MODI wishes all a prosperous Chinese New Year with their auspicious Limited Edition Embrace Lucky 8 Pendants, in a period of rejoicing, blessings and good fortune.

NIRAV MODI jewels are inspired by nature, poetry and art, with every collection having an exquisite story to tell. Each piece represents a unique expression of Indian heritage blended with a global outlook. Over 100 years of family diamantaire legacy have helped create NIRAV MODI’s eponymous brand. Nirav Modi’s commitment to quality, originality, style and innovation are driven by his relentless desire to push the boundaries of excellence, and has resulted in unique setting techniques and globally patented diamond cuts. Enter and explore the world of NIRAV MODI at www.niravmodi.com.

VACHERON CONSTANTIN…Métiers d’Art Elégance Sartoriale

  • A watchmaking tribute to “sartorialism”
  • A subtle combination of artistic crafts
  • A collection bearing the Hallmark of Geneva

  Vacheron Cosntantin celebrates sartorialism in a new masculine line dressed to the nines and bearing the Hallmark of Geneva. Thanks to cleverly mastered traditional decorative techniques, the Manufacture gives its own unique take on the classic masculine wardrobe. Guilloché and enamelling techniques offer an immersion into the rich treasures of the art of tailoring.

 At the exact watershed between style and technical expertise, the Métiers d’Art Elégance Sartoriale collection sets the stage for the fine art of savvy dressing. Through a subtle association of crafts, Vacheron Constantin reproduces on the dials an authentic colour chart of fabrics stemming from the masculine wardrobe. A hand-guilloché decor picking up classic woven motifs occupies a moon crescent-shaped space. It is coated with translucent Grand Feu enamel in various colours. The hours and minutes are displayed on a subdial rimmed with mother-of-pearl, a nod to cufflinks. At its centre, a pattern created using a tapestry machine draws the gaze, like a silk pocket square against a suit. Caliber 1400, a mechanical manual-winding movement developed and produced by the Manufacture, powers the five models composing this new collection.


The fine art of tailoring

Guardians of Time, guardians of style. Vacheron Constantin shares with the tailoring profession the discipline of an art passed on from generation to generation. Since 1755, the creations from the Maison testify to a relentless quest for aesthetic elegance. In their own field, tailors devote themselves to the same finely adjusted details that convey the stylish sophistication known as sartorialism. The term relates to the refined masculine wardrobe as epitomised by the ageless male trio of the Hollywood golden age: Fred Astaire, Gary Cooper and Cary Grant. More recently, icons of elegance such as Giannia Agnelli, Marcello Mastroianni, Brian Ferry and Tom Ford have personified the so-called sartorial style. These natural-born gentlemen assert their individuality and their charisma through their free-spirited manner of dress based on impeccably cut garments. Today, a new generation of men with a taste for stylish apparel stride confidently along the streets of the world’s streets, exuding an occasionally atypical aura of personal chic. Whether in Milan, Tokyo, Paris, London or New York, their choice of apparel is an anthem to suits crafted from fine materials and enhanced by combinations of colours embodying a blend of tradition and daring.

Good dress sense is generally backed by an interest in fine craftsmanship. Aficionados of elegance look for hand-made quality achieved using traditional methods and feel instinctively at home with the exclusive nature of bespoke tailoring. Like any true artisan, an experienced apiéceur (piece-maker) spends dozens of hours on a tailor-made jacket. Thousands of stitches, dozens of materials, perfectly cut and fashioned by expert hands, are essential factors in ensuring an impeccable fit. Just as in haute horlogerie, fine tailoring is an art involving extreme refinement, carefully selected materials and ultra-precise movements, all governed by a determination to achieve a perfectly mastered aesthetic and technical balance.


 An array of colourful fabrics clothing the dial

The Métiers d’Art Elégance Sartoriale comprises five models featuring a variety of patterns. The Prince of Wales check plays on superimposed squares connected by vertical and horizontal stripes, enhanced by a raspberry red translucent enamel. The herringbone motif creates a subtly well-ordered and eminently sophisticated effect, accentuated by a lavender-toned enamel and its variously contrasting zigzag motif. The regularity and the geometry of the windowpane pattern are emphasised by a sandy grey enamel. The slim vertical pin stripes shimmer beneath a soft linen colour. Finally, the tartan motif with its criss-crossing horizontal and vertical grooves is coated with a cerulean blue.

The Vacheron Constantin master artisans have devoted a lengthy period of research and repeated trials to achieving a finish resembling finely woven cloth in accordance with the sartorial spirit. The guillocheur has manually recreated the structure of the fabrics using a technique put to unprecedented use in the watchmaking domain, notably by creating a finely gadrooned pattern around the rim of the dial, much like a hem. Incising these tiny grooves in thin gold plates called for hours of craftsmanship to make the most of light and depth effects by working with tenth of a millimetre precision. Working within the constraints imposed by the complexity of the guilloché motifs and the unpredictable nature of enamel, the enamelling artisan has then sought the exact shade, while being careful to maintain a transparent, shiny and smoothly uniform appearance. Grand Feu enamelling was chosen despite its many inherent difficulties. This technique alone, combined with the use of translucent enamels, is capable of intensifying the guilloché motif so as to give the pattern thus produced its true vibrancy in a strikingly realistic effect.

Vacheron Constantin has further heightened the complexity of the task by adding a gold subdial offset at 3 o’clock with a tapestry-like motif which, depending on the versions, picks up Paisley type, floral or geometrical tie of pocket square patterns. The tapestry technique works like a pantograph. The motif is engraved using a finely adjusted dedicated graving tool, before being frosted and varnished. Its alternating hollowed and raised areas create an embroidery effect at the very heart of the enamelled surface. It is rimmed by a chapter ring swept over by two gold hands.

The round case in 18K white or 5N pink gold measures 40 millimetres in diameter. The alligator leather strap with its carefully chosen colours, crafted in keeping with the hand-sewn, saddle-finish tradition, is a nod to the work of fine bootmakers and prolongs the sartorialism of the watch all the way through to the half Maltese cross-shaped pin buckle. To accompany this collection, Vacheron Constantin also introduces a pair of cufflinks picking up the subdial tapestry motif.


 A mechanism ideally enhanced by Caliber 1400

The polished case-back leaves room for a personalised engraving. Only an offset circular opening on the case-back provides a glimpse of the mechanical manual-winding Caliber 1400. With its 98 components and its 20 jewels. this 20.65 mm thick movement beating at 28,800 vibrations per hour has an almost 40-hour power reserve.

Its finishing is hand-crafted according to the stringent criteria governing the Hallmark of Geneva; the flat surfaces are adorned with Côtes de Genève, the sharp edges are chamfered and hand-polished, as are the flat-headed screws.

A true showcase of the watchmaking art at its finest, this new collection is intended for aesthetes who appreciate stylish elegance on a daily basis, backed by the authentic exclusivity ensured by the hand-crafted – and thus inherently unique – nature of each individual timepiece.



Métiers d’Art Elégance Sartoriale

References            1400U/000G-B215 – Prince of Wales check pattern

1400U/000R-B159 – Herringbone pattern

1400U/000R-B216 – Windowpane pattern

1400U/000R-B217 – Pin stripes pattern

1400U/000G-B218 – Tartan pattern

Hallmark of Geneva certified timepieces

Only available in Vacheron Constantin Boutiques


Calibre              1400

Developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin

Mechanical, manual-winding

20.65 mm (9’’’) diameter, 2.6 mm thick

Approximately 40 hours of power reserve

4 Hz (28,800 vibrations/hour)

98 components

20 jewels

Indications           Hours and minutes

Case                     18K white gold/18K 5N pink gold

40 mm diameter, 8.2 mm thick

Transparent sapphire crystal caseback

Water-resistance tested at a pressure of 3 bar (approx. 30 meters)


Dial                      Prince of Wales check pattern: Hand-guilloché “Prince of Wales check” pattern under raspberry red-coloured translucent Grand Feu enamel. Champagne-coloured tapestry gold dial at 3 o’clock, hour circle in mother-of-pearl, black painted Roman numerals

Herringbone pattern: Hand-guilloché “herringbone” pattern under lavender-coloured translucent Grand Feu enamel. Champagne-coloured tapestry gold dial at 3 o’clock, hour circle in mother-of-pearl, black painted Roman numerals

Windowpane pattern: Hand-guilloché “windowpane” pattern under warm grey translucent Grand Feu enamel. Champagne-coloured tapestry gold dial at 3 o’clock, hour circle in mother-of-pearl, black painted Roman numerals

 Pin Stripes pattern: Hand-guilloché “pin stripes” pattern under linen-coloured translucent Grand Feu enamel. Champagne-coloured tapestry gold dial at 3 o’clock, hour circle in mother-of-pearl, black painted Roman numerals


Tartan pattern: Hand-guilloché “tartan” pattern under royal blue translucent Grand Feu enamel. Champagne-coloured tapestry gold dial at 3 o’clock, hour circle in mother-of-pearl, black painted Roman numerals

Strap                    Burgundy/dark brown/warm grey /brown/dark blue Mississippiensis alligator leather, hand-stitched, saddle-finish, large square scales


Clasp                    18K white gold/18K 5N pink gold buckle

Polished half Maltese cross-shaped




ROGER DUBUIS – PRE-SIHH 2017: Warning tremors of an unprecedented Excalibur eruption/ SIHH 2017

Excalibur, the iconic and deliberately extravagant Roger Dubuis collection – with its signature blend of technical excellence and powerful design – is set to rock the watchmaking world as never before at the SIHH 2017. And like any upcoming quake, premonitory tremors are rippling across the landscape. A sneak peek at three of them…

When it comes to progressive complications,the hand-wound 590-part RD101 Quatuor movement – beating at a frequency of 16 Hz
(115,200 vph) with its four sprung balances and five differentials – is as progressive as they get… Not to mention outstandingly fast and efficient, since it achieves instantaneously what the tourbillon takes a full minute to accomplish – namely compensating for the rate variations caused by the effects of gravity on a watch.

2017 will see it welcome its very own disruptive material: cobalt chrome.

RDDBEX0571 Quatuor Blue Cobalt

RDDBEX0571 Quatuor Blue Cobalt



RDDBEX0595 Excalibur 36 830

RDDBEX0595 Excalibur 36 830

Tiffany & Co Launches Global Campaign To End The Ivory Crisis

The Elephant Crisis Fund, one of the most powerful mechanisms combatting the ivory crisis, in partnership with leaders across the fashion industry, the Clinton Global Initiative, and Tiffany & Co, is launching the #KnotOnMyPlanet campaign on September 9th to raise millions to support ending elephant poaching and stopping the global trafficking and demand for their ivory. #KnotOnMyPlanet pays homage to one of the key characteristics of elephants – their memory.

We like to say “elephants never forget” and yet we seem to have forgotten them: between 20,000 and 30,000 are killed every year for their tusks because of nothing but human greed. The campaign asks people to never forget elephants by donating to the Elephant Crisis Fund (ECF), and symbolically tying a knot then sharing it on social media with the tag #KnotOnMyPlanet. “We lost 100,000 elephants in Africa in just three years as a result of the illegal ivory trade.

This problem is too big for any one organization to solve, and so we created the Elephant Crisis Fund to support the most urgent projects with the most effective organizations around the world. In my 50 years of work with elephants, the ECF is the most significant initiative for these creatures I’ve experienced,” said Iain Douglas-Hamilton, Save the Elephants founder. To raise the funds needed to save elephants, #KnotOnMyPlanet is launching during New York Fashion Week, with support from top models and celebrities including Doutzen Kroes, Joan Smalls, Miranda Kerr, Cara Delevingne, Adriana Lima, Robin Wright, Pearl Jam, and Adrien Brody, among others. Partners include Tiffany & Co., the Council of Fashion Designers of America, the Clinton Global Initiative, DNA Models, The Clymb, Ivory Ella and Snapchat, which is creating a custom lens for the launch.

“The #KnotOnMyPlanet campaign is unlike any other that I have been a part of, it has passion and purpose. As a mother, I don’t want my children to live in a world without elephants and as a model, I knew that we could rally the fashion community to save the elephants at time when they need it the most,” Doutzen Kroes, model said. At the 2016 Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Annual Meeting, members of the Clinton Global Initiative Elephants Action Network (EAN) will feature the #KnotOnMyPlanet campaign as part of a multi-stakeholder CGI Commitment to Action with the fashion industry to stop the demand for ivory.

This commitment is aimed at the drivers of elephant poaching – consumer tastes for ivory luxury goods and trinkets – and aims to shift attitudes against ivory products and decimate demand for them. Members conducted consumer research and identified collaboration with global cultural tastemakers as pivotal to curb ivory demand. The #KnotOnMyPlanet campaign is a central part of this commitment, as it unifies and galvanizes one of the world’s most influential industries to raise support for elephant protection and to tackle the fact that ivory demand is leading us to a world without elephants.

“The CGI Elephants Action Network members share a belief that a world without elephants is morally and ecologically unacceptable,” Chelsea Clinton, Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation said. “We know most people want to do the right thing for our wildlife and yet many people still don’t know the huge threats facing elephants. It’s clear that one of the most important things we can do to help stop the killing of elephants is to raise awareness about those threats and reduce consumer demand for ivory by stigmatizing its purchase – something we can only achieve by working with partners to whom consumers look and listen. We’re deeply grateful to all involved in the #knotonmyplanet campaign for coming together to champion this message.”

derek-blasberg-dout_4105 doutzen-kroes-at-the_4106 doutzen-kroes-ties-a_4096 fernanda-ly-joins-us_4102 imaan-hammam-shows-u_4100 in-support-of-the-el_4101 make-a-pledge-to-nev_4099 mica-arganaraz-pledg_4098

Chaumet Presents the New Liens Lumière Collection

Jewellery Time

Chaumet’s precious watches are the timekeeping interpretations of the Maison’s creations. Designed as “jewels that tell the time”, they perpetuate the Chaumet tradition of jewellery watches, since 1811. Created with the same attention to detail and creativity that is dedicated to jewellery, these watches complement the collections, offering women both elegance and modernity.


Lit by the radiant lustre of white mother-of-pearl and the sparkle of diamonds, the dial of the new Liens Lumière watch adorns the wrist by day and by night. Mother-of-pearl, much sought after for its shimmering reflections, has enhanced the most exceptional timepieces since the 18th century. It offers its radiant hues to the new watch’s soft curves. Creating endless plays on light and colour, it evokes changing skies or water touched by sunlight, making each watch unique. A signature of style, Liens Lumière is the jewellery piece of feminine refinement.

The watchmaking variation of the Liens collection – whose crossed ribbons flow around the dial to attach the bracelet – it is an invitation to playful creativity with its 12 brightly coloured bracelets to choose from according to fancy. Each moment has its colour!



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