2020 Hermès Novelty: Heure H

Heure H, created by designer Philippe Mouquet in 1996, captures time within a letter.


Crafted by the Hermès Horloger watchmakers, the rose gold case of the Heure H watch is decked out in an intense black lacquer, framed by a golden decorative filletaccentuating its emblematic shape.

Its dial coated in black lacquer exudes an unmistakably Hermès contemporary appearance. Depth and light effects are created by the facetted sapphire crystal protecting this refined display.

An in-house-made Hermès strap further enhances its resolutely graphic aesthetic.


Soon we will bid farewell to the old year and welcome a new year together. A joyful New Year and happy family reunions are always with us, keeping us warm in the cold winter. FRED unveils the new creations of Force 10 and collection 8°0 to celebrate China’s upcoming Lunar New Year. Highlighted by the festive red color that symbolizes blessing and good fortune, these pieces are designed to welcome the New Year and deliver New Year greetings, bringing the best of luck.

Force 10 Collection

Ever since its introduction, Force 10 has conveyed almost limitless possibilities with its relaxed elegance and freedom, serving as a unique medium for self-expression. For the 2020 Lunar New Year, Force 10 adds new cables options: a wire in pink gold and a red rope cable combine perfectly blending the gold and red colors, expressing a wish for luck while lending it infinite energy and charm; the other is a gold line cable set with natural unheated Pigeon Blood rubies, its rich lustre representing the eternity of fiercely romantic love as well as the delight of success and joy. From a red rope cable to a gold cable with rubies, the glittering red around the wrist will accompany you while enjoying a happy New Year.

Available in large and medium sizes, both of the two red cables can be worn with buckles of different colors and sizes. They can be matched freely to create different combinations. There are also a range of buckles: pink gold or gold with white diamonds, crystal clear and sparkling; gold with colored diamonds, bright and brilliant; a red lacquer gold buckle adds a festive mood to the festival; the gold and white gold buckle creates a color contrast that highlights FRED’s creativeness. Force 10 diamond earrings, necklaces and rings have also been crafted to match these bracelet designs. A standout red bracelet is always a must-have fashion item for the New Year. Select a Force 10 cable for your loved one to express your sincere wishes and deep affection, ensuring love and good times are her constant companion.

8°0 Collection

As a sign of luckiness and eternity, FRED collection 8º0 delivers happiness, with its signature inverted figure of 8 design and unique lines underscoring its timeless charm. The double curves design in pink gold and white gold is shaped like an inverted figure of 8, which also forms the symbol for infinity representing sincere blessing. Wear a collection 8º0 bracelet for the 2020 Spring Festival and good fortune will always accompany you.

The new collection 8º0 bracelets in pink gold and white gold with diamonds feature smooth lines intertwined into a shape that represents luckiness. Unilateral inlaid line design is simple but stylish. Elegantly beautiful pink gold and pure, refined white gold are set with sparkling diamonds. The flicking light of the diamonds is like dazzling fireworks and stars in the New Year night sky, adding brilliance and brightness to the cold winter. Set with diamonds, pink gold and white gold lines are intertwined into rings that encircle the finger, making gentle and elegant women more charming. The rings can be matched with collection 8º0 full-diamonds earrings and necklaces, adding to your modern elegance.

Hermès Slim d’Hermès Cheval Ikat

The epitome of rigorous discipline and perfect balance, the Slim d’Hermès watch created in 2015 by Philippe Delhotal is also a distillation of Hermès craftsmanship skills. In this instance, it features a dial woven with gold threads, according to the art of Ikat fabric-making, a dyeing and weaving technique that originated in Asia.

To create the raised equestrian motif, the artisan places a multitude of threads three times thinner than a hair on the dial, having first determined a starting and ending point for each thread and then laser-hollowed the cavities intended to accommodate its ends – which are fused by means of 24K gold poured into these attachment points. Each of the specifically shaped 1,165 threads required is arranged in a highly precise order and position so as to create the play of transparency and light in the weft. The crossings and the different levels of the threads, along with the extreme slimness of the dial (0.35 mm) represent a constant challenge for the creation of this miniature work.

To create the raised equestrian motif, the artisan places a multitude of threads three times thinner than a hair on the dial, having first determined a starting and ending point for each thread and then laser-hollowed the cavities intended to accommodate its ends – which are fused by means of 24K gold poured into these attachment points. Each of the specifically shaped 1,165 threads required is arranged in a highly precise order and position so as to create the play of transparency and light in the weft. The crossings and the different levels of the threads, along with the extreme slimness of the dial (0.35 mm) represent a constant challenge for the creation of this miniature work.Produced in two 36-piece limited and numbered editions, the Ikat Slim d’Hermès watch matches the dial featuring gold thread embroidery with a white or rose gold case combined with a black or Chantilly alligator strap. The thin baton-type hands sweep over the horse’s silhouette and stand out against the white or blue dial. The ultra-thin Manufacture Hermès H1950 movement gives life to this singular expression of time. Rhythmically counting off the hours and minutes, the refined mechanical mechanism adorned with a sprinkling of Hs and hand-bevelled bridges is revealed through the sapphire caseback which, like the movement, dial and strap, is developed and crafted in the Hermès Horloger ateliers.

Limited and numbered edition of 36MOVEMENTType: Manufacture Hermès H1950 ultra-thin movementMechanical self-winding, crafted in Switzerland Diameter: 30 mm Thickness: 2.6 mmPower reserve: 42 hoursFrequency: 21,600 vphFunctions: Hours, minutesCASEShape / size: Round, 39.5 mm diameterMaterial: White goldRose goldGlass: Anti-glare sapphire crystal and caseback Water resistance: 3 barDIALWhite or blue varnished dial, gold thread embroiderySTRAPBlack alligatorChantilly alligatorRETAIL PRICEHKD 299,000 (White gold)HKD 254,000 (Rose gold)


Vacheron Constantin Overseas Dual Time Prototype Auctioned to Benefit National Geographic Society

A unique piece made for the American explorer and photographer, Cory Richards. Vacheron Constantin created a watch for Richards’ third attempt at climbing Mount Everest as he wanted a robust wristwatch that could accompany him through one of the most grueling expeditions while keeping track of time on Everest and back at home in the U.S. The 41mm case is made of titanium with tantalum reinforcements – a first for the Maison. This Overseas Dual Time Prototype is being sold to benefit the National Geographic Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to pushing the boundaries of exploration and generating solutions for a healthy and more sustainable future.


Cory Richards, in collaboration with Vacheron Constantin, has chosen to support a National Geographic Society project that focuses on education and cultural preservation. Richards has photographed 11 stories for National Geographic Magazine and is deeply committed to extending financial and educational opportunities to the communities that have carried him through his career. Vacheron Constantin, ref. 7910V: A unique and attractive titanium and tantalum anti-magnetic dual-time wristwatch with day/night indicator, central seconds, and date, worn by Cory Richards on Mount Everest.


This model is fitted with an orange-stitched grey blue Ventile® technical fabric distinguished by its density along with its exceptional waterproofness. The timepieces is also delivered with a second strap in grey rubber.

江詩丹頓特別為美國探險家兼攝影師 Cory Richards 第三次勇攀珠穆朗瑪峰的征途而創製的Overseas兩地時間原型腕錶,陪伴Cory征服喜馬拉雅山脈極端惡劣的天氣,並準確顯示尼泊爾當地時間和其美國家鄉的時間。直徑41毫米的錶殼由鈦金屬製成,是品牌首次採用堅硬的鉭金屬進行加固。這枚Overseas兩地時間原型腕錶經由拍賣所得款項將用來資助非牟利機構美國國家地理學會 (National Geographic Society),該組織致力於推進探索世界的界限並研究健康和可持續發展的未來路向。


Cory Richards 與江詩丹頓合作,並選擇支援國家地理學會的一項聚焦於教育與文化保育的企劃。Cory Richards 曾為《國家地理雜誌》(National Geographic Magazine) 拍攝過11則故事,並致力於為曾支持其職業生涯的社團等籌募資金與教育機會。


江詩丹頓Overseas兩地時間原型腕錶,編號7910V:這款盡顯獨特魅力的兩地時間腕錶採用鈦金屬及鉭金屬製成,具備中央秒針、防磁性和晝夜及日期顯示功能,陪伴Cory Richards 征服珠峰探險歷程。這款腕錶搭配飾有橘色縫線的藍灰色 Ventile® 科技面料錶帶,以高密度和卓越的防水性能聞名;此外,還附有一條可供替換的灰色橡膠錶帶。

Cartier Embarks on a New Adventure

Newly Reopened Boutique at Hong Kong Airport

Cartier partners with King Power Global Development Limited, a Joint Venture between King Power International Thailand, and King Power Group (Hong Kong), to reopen the doors to its dazzling and cosmopolitan boutique at Hong Kong International Airport.


Conceived by famed Parisian artist and interior designer Bruno Moinard, and located in the same shopping area, the Cartier HKIA boutique is a shining display of uniqueness and exclusive refinement. This Travel Retail gem is the third in the world to bear the Maison’s latest airport architectural concept.


Limited Edition – Clé de Cartier:

!!! No information available !!!

Celebrating the grand refurbishment, Clé de Cartier limited watch edition is exceptionally available at the new Cartier HKIA boutique. A timepiece for her, made of steel and set with 61 brilliant-cut diamonds on the bezel, totaling 0.38 carat. With its signed soft curves, clean lines, and a rounded profile, the Clé de Cartier watch exudes a minimalist elegance. The design is a testament to precision, balance, and proportion. Great mastery went into creating fluid lines and a harmonious design.



Cartier website: www.cartier.hk


Vacheron Constantin’s Traditionnelle Twin Beat Wins the Innovation Prize at GPHG 2019

The Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) awards the “Innovation” prize to the Traditionnelle Twin Beat Perpetual Calendar. An authentically innovative model unveiled at the SIHH 2019, it reflects Vacheron Constantin’s two-fold technical and aesthetic expertise. This perpetual calendar watch is capable of beating at two different frequencies, thereby extending the four-day power reserve to at least 65 days.


“The pride taken by our Maison in designing timepieces stems from a vocation, a mission: to create beauty, to combine the excellence of Haute Horlogerie and horological complications with the magic of innovation, by pushing the limits of feasibility.The Traditionnelle Twin Beat Perpetual Calendar is a perfect illustration of collective intelligence and the incentive to express ideas characterising our workshops. We are proud that it is thus recognised by our peers and rewarded here this evening. This prize belongs to our watchmakers, engineers, developers and artisans, the men and women who work in our Manufacture to bring La Belle Haute Horlogerie to life”, said Louis Ferla, CEO of Vacheron Constantin, during the GPHG evening.

Traditionnelle Twin Beat Perpetual Calendar
5 Hertz Hz 1.2 Hertz
65 day power reserve

江詩丹頓Traditionnelle Twin Beat萬年曆腕錶榮獲2019年日內瓦高級鐘錶大賞 (GPHG) 最佳創新獎 (Innovation prize)。這枚於2019年日內瓦國際高級鐘錶展亮相的創新萬年曆腕錶,能夠在兩種震頻間輕鬆切換,使得動力儲存時間從4天延長到65天以上,展現了江詩丹頓在製錶技術和美學設計領域的精湛造詣。


在日內瓦高級鐘錶大賞頒獎典禮上,江詩丹頓全球行政總裁Louis Ferla表示:「江詩丹頓引以為傲的時計研發,源於對專業的一種追求和使命感。我們不斷挑戰極限、追求創新,力求將精湛的高級製錶技術、複雜的時計功能與精緻的美學設計互相結合。Traditionnelle Twin Beat萬年曆腕錶是品牌集體智慧的結晶,充分詮釋了品牌理念。這款腕錶能得到同行及行業的認可並獲此殊榮,我們倍感自豪。這個獎項屬於我們的製錶大師、機械工程師、開發人員和藝術工藝大師,以及所有為『高級製錶之美』賦予強大生命力的同事們。」


Hermès Wood Marquetry

The Slim d’Hermès and Arceau watch lend themselves to a new expression of expertise: Wood Marquetry.

To transpose these complex volumes and curves to the scale of a dial, Hermès craftsmen begin by miniaturising the motif.

They then select the essence and colour of the material that will serve as a medium of expression – a blend of precious woods.

Wood such as Macassar amaranth and ebony – and rare, like chestnut, yellow pear and madrona burr for Slim d’Hermès Pégase Paysage watch (12-piece limited), and tulipwood for Arceau Astrologie Nouvelle watch (8-piece limited).


The various woods are thus chosen for their shades close to the original design, but also for their specific grain, perfectly adapted to the meticulous art ofWood Marquetry.

The artisan cuts out the multitude of tiny elements forming the pattern, before assembling them like a jigsaw puzzle, gluing them in place and finishing them by sanding and varnishing.

Three weeks of work are necessary to create a dial.

Tiffany & Co

Tiffany & Co. gives new meaning to “the more, the merrier” with the ultimate holiday catalogue featuring 12 one-of-a-kind gifts and experiences—a first in the company’s 182-year history. These luxurious presents showcase Tiffany’s ingenuity and legacy of unparalleled craftsmanship, with unique experiences and opportunities that are truly magical. The catalogue features a curated selection of the best of the best, with everything from the one-and-only custom high jewelry design to an unforgettable adventure in Kenya and new jewelries, collections and gift ideas to make it a happy holiday for everyone.

“This holiday we wanted to really surprise our customers in a whole new way by showcasing the most awe-inspiring objects and experiences that you can only find at Tiffany,” said Reed Krakoff, Chief Artistic Officer of Tiffany & Co.

The 12 extraordinary items include #1 The Tiffany Ultimate Advent Calendar, #2 The Rising Star Necklace, #3 The One And Only, #4 Gold Bird’s Nest, #5 The AGA Range, #6 The Pool Table, #7 The Greenhouse, #8 The Motorcycle, #9 The Butterfly In A Jar, #10 Five Golden Schlumberger Rings, #11 The Great Adventure and #12 Save The Wild.

Despite some of these being exclusive offers for lucky individuals, the catalog is meant to inspire gifting ideas, and are meant to be owned and enjoyed. Tiffany, as the ultimate holiday destination for extraordinary gifts, there is an array of complementary and desirable objects to celebrate the season with anyone on your list who has been “very, very nice.” Elegant, creative, and all bearing the seal of quality and artistry of Tiffany & Co., the extraordinary gifts ensure that the holidays are merry and bright.

Celebrating the festive holiday season, the one-of-a-kind Tiffany Ultimate Advent Calendar will also be displayed at selected stores in Hong Kong for you to take a closer look. Contact our Gift Concierge at VeryVeryTiffany@Tiffany.com today to select something special for you and your loved ones.

CHANEL New Comete Fine Jewellery collection

Mademoiselle Chanel could recognize a powerful and mysterious aesthetic power in certain forms. The Star and Comet were always her preferred sources of inspiration enhancing women’s beauty with their celestial dust.
“Why look any further? said Mademoiselle Chanel. “Obviously, the constellations I have spread over the hair, the comets that lie on the shoulders trailing a shower of stars, the crescent moons and even the suns I’ve had produced by the best craftsmen of Paris (…) – my stars – this is all very
romantic! Could anything be found more becoming and modern?”*
For their incomparable sparkle, Gabrielle Chanel chose the Comet and Star as essential themes of his first collection, Bijoux de Diamants, presented in Paris, in 1932. “I wanted to cover women with constellations. Stars! Stars of all sizes …” she said.
Perhaps she did not realize it, but from her childhood the Stars and the Moon were already deep within her. She never spoke to anyone about this time, except to reinvent it at will and
embellish it. Every morning, the young Gabrielle went to mass with the other boarders and they
took a long corridor paved with polished pebbles arranged in geometric patterns with
five-pointed stars.
A symbol of beauty, movement and freedom, the Comet has become the emblem of CHANEL Fine Jewellery and continues to inspire its new creations. In a rain of stars CHANEL constantly re-
interprets this motif with accents of eternity. Like a star-studded sky, the theme continues to inspire jewellery

Bridal Selections

Dior Joaillerie and Teimepiece is pleased to present you a selection for your “Bridal” pages. be the prettiest bride in the world with your own style!