Vacheron Constantin launches the FIFTYSIX Tourbillon


Vacheron Constantin unveiled its Fiftysix® collection in the form of three new models (Self-winding, Day-Date and Complete Calendar), representing the first notes of a new musical score. The cadence is now picking up with a new reference: Fiftysix®  Tourbillon.

Its September 11th 2018 launch at London’s famous Abbey Road Studios is an opportunity for the Maison to announce an exclusive partnership with this legendary location in music history, where English song-artist Benjamin Clementine, one of the faces of the Maison’s new advertising campaign, is giving a private concert to mark this occasion.


Beautifully slender at less than 6 mm thick and equipped with a 22-carat gold peripheral rotor, the calibre of this model may be observed through a transparent caseback revealing all the beauty of the mechanism with its refined ornamentation. The tourbillon alone called for over a dozen hours of chamfering and other hand-crafted finishing operations. Like a metronome, its 2.5 Hz frequency provides a chance to follow its steady beat, framed by a 41 mm-diameter case. On the two-tone opaline-sunburst dial, decoration plays an equally exceptional tune.

Fiftysix Tourbillon 6000E-000R-B488
6000E 000R B488

Fiftysix Tourbillon 6000E-000R-B488
6000E 000R B488


The style of the Fiftysix® is a direct tribute to a watch created in 1956: reference 6073. The distinctive design of this iconic model embodies the creativity of the Maison during the 1950s – a period representing the golden age of watchmaking refinement, as well as the heyday of musical creativity. Round, slim and effortlessly elegant, reference 6073 is distinguished by its four lugs each representing a branch of the Maltese cross.

With its classic dial, daring case and avant-garde technical characteristics (it was at the time one of the first watches from the Manufacture to be equipped with a self-winding movement and a waterresistant case), this 1956 watch wove ties between respect for tradition and a taste for innovation. Ties deeply cherished by Vacheron Constantin and now expressed in the Fiftysix® collection picking up several features of the original model: lugs respectively forming one portion of the Maltese cross, a box-type crystal, as well as self-winding movements.

Vacheron Constantin – One Of Not Many Campaign


Vacheron Constantin unveils its new communications campaig

 “One of not many”. The signature of the new Vacheron Constantin communications campaign defines the exceptional universe it has embodied for more than 260 years. In the prestigious realm of Fine Watchmaking, this is a Maison for connoisseurs, profoundly attached to human values and enriched by expertise passed on across generations of master watchmakers and artisans.

Founded in 1755, Vacheron Constantin is the oldest watch manufacturer in continuous operation. For more than 260 years, it has been constantly reinventing itself in keeping with the purest Fine Watchmaking traditions. Its philosophy is grounded on knowledge rather than outward appearance. The constant innovation, the spirit of exploration, the passion and the uncompromisingly high standards of its watchmakers and artisans; the transmission of ancestral skills, the wealth of its heritage and its ability to adapt to its times: such are the values that earn it both recognition and respect within the exclusive circle of Fine Watchmaking connoisseurs.

Through their understated elegance, Vacheron Constantin watches carry within them this identity forged from a subtle balance between technical expertise and aesthetic refinement, between tradition and innovation. They are born of rigorous discipline, humility and a desire for self-surpassing. To embody this spirit, the Maison has chosen to cooperate with talented artists whose personality and work express a constant quest for excellence, openness to the world as well as a spirit of innovation and creativity characterizing Vacheron Constantin. Distinctive, visionary, passionate and acknowledged as experts in their respective fields, they also epitomise the concept of Connoisseurs.

Paving the way is the uniquely compelling artist BENJAMIN CLEMENTINE. Considered one of the most talented musicians of his generation, Clementine has established himself as a virtuoso multi-instrumentalist, a contemporary poet and an outstanding vocalist. With a creative spirit that speaks to a generation searching for more, true to his craft, Benjamin Clementine personifies “One of Not Many”.

As for the artist JAMES BAY, creativity is never a given: it is an uncertain formula requiring a fine balance of time, focus and emotion. Far from resting on his laurels after the global success of his first album, he has opted to explore new musical territories and to reinvent himself with a daring and sophisticated second album mingling rock and soul sounds.

Both are associated with the modern and cosmopolitan elegance of the FiftysixR collection. An influential and multidisciplinary designer, ORA ITO adopts the refined lines of the Patrimony collection, a singular expression of the balance between mechanical excellence, aesthetic sobriety and his signature “Simplexity” concept.

CORY RICHARDS, a seasoned photographer and an intrepid explorer who has climbed Mount Everest without oxygen, travels the world to capture its most beautiful images. He shares with the Overseas line the spirit of discovery and openness to the world.

As Laurent Perves, Chief Marketing Officer of the Maison points out: “The worlds in which these talents are active – music, design, exploration and photography – are legitimate and relevant territories in which Vacheron Constantin has long since been present. What is most important in their work and in ours is transcending objects in order to generate emotion.”

Tiffany & Co. Introduces its New Save the Wild Jewelry Collection Exclusively available at Tiffany 1881 Heritage Store from September 4

Tiffany & Co. unveils its Tiffany Save the Wild Collection with brand new designs.  The collection will be exclusively available at Tiffany 1881 Heritage Store from September 4. The collection has expanded to include lions and rhinos in addition to elephants, all in support of the Wildlife Conservation Network and its innovative crisis funds to save endangered African wildlife.

As part of Tiffany’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and conservation, 100% of the profits from the Tiffany Save the Wild Collection will support the protection of the respective endangered species: the elephant, rhino and lion. Tiffany & Co. is particularly dedicated to the wellbeing of the African continent, where we source many of our diamonds and gemstones, and operate diamond cutting and polishing workshops.

After launching the collection in 2017 as part of the #KnotOnMyPlanet campaign, Tiffany has already more than doubled its original commitment, with $2 million raised as of April 2018 going to support the best investments in anti-poaching, anti-trafficking and ivory demand reduction. As a result, our Wildlife Conservation Network’s Elephant Crisis Fund, together with its partners, has successfully lobbied for the closure of China and Hong Kong’s domestic ivory trade. Tiffany will pledge an additional $2 million minimum commitment by January 31, 2020. With these new charms, Tiffany continues its ongoing efforts to both raise public awareness and contribute the financial resources needed to protect endangered wildlife and their imperiled ecosystems.

“For over 180 years, Tiffany & Co. has been inspired by the beauty of the natural world – for this reason we believe we have a moral imperative to protect it,” said Anisa Kamadoli Costa, chief sustainability officer, Tiffany & Co. “So we are especially thrilled to be able to lend our support to wildlife conservation efforts through the important work of the Wildlife Conservation Network.”

From vocally opposing mines in sensitive ecosystems in the United States to protecting the world’s marine ecosystems and relocating black rhinos to safe havens in Botswana, Tiffany has been a longstanding supporter of wildlife conservation worldwide. In collaboration with the U.S. Wildlife Trafficking Alliance in 2016, Tiffany joined a coalition of 16 companies who are committed to stopping the demand for illegal wildlife products.

Since its inception in 2000, The Tiffany & Co. Foundation has awarded more than $70 million in grants focused on conservation efforts, including coral and marine conservation, and responsible mining. The Foundation’s mission to preserve the world’s most treasured landscapes and seascapes aligns seamlessly with Tiffany’s complementary commitment to conservation. With the Save the Wild Collection, Tiffany & Co. is raising significant new funding through its corporate product sales to create a positive future for endangered species.

“With more than half of wildlife lost in the past 50 years, and less than 1% of philanthropy going to conserve the natural world, the planet needs the creative and unsurpassed leadership of Tiffany & Co.,” said Dr. Jeffrey Parrish, vice president for Conservation at the Wildlife Conservation Network.  “We are proud to ensure that 100% of Tiffany’s support goes to the best ideas from any institution to save these species.”

Available in sterling silver and 18k rose gold, the newest Tiffany Save the Wild Collection charms can be purchased in stores and online September 2018.

OMEGA’s 2018 “Speedy Tuesday”

For the second time, the Swiss watchmaker OMEGA is offering online sales of a new #SpeedyTuesday timepiece via its @OMEGA Instagram channel.

OMEGA’s Speedmaster Limited Edition 42 mm “Ultraman” is a tribute to the key character in the ULTRAMAN series, a collection of shows created by Tsuburaya Productions in Japan: one of the most famous examples of the Kaiju “giant monster” genre. 

Though OMEGA’s new “Speedy Tuesday” certainly has a sense of fun, with its 70’s Japanese sci-fi references, the Speedmaster “Ultraman” boasts genuine space credentials, as it shares its DNA with OMEGA’s 1967 “Moonwatch”.

A stand-out feature of that classic ’67chronograph was its distinctive orange seconds hand, which drew the attention of the production team behind the fourth instalment in the ULTRAMAN series: RETURN OF ULTRAMAN. As the bold orange perfectly matched the suits of the heroic Monster Attack Team, OMEGA’s “Moonwatch” became an essential part of their beast-battling kit.

On the new “Ultraman” the seconds hand draws its inspiration from the ’67 original, embracing the same dimensions and shade of orange. As an extension of this theme, the new watch also features a black/orange bezel in anodized aluminium.

The classic Speedmastersubdials of the new “Speedy Tuesday” hold a few surprises. As Ultraman was only able to stay in superhero-mode for 3 minutes, the minute subdial at 3 o’clock features the first 3 minutes picked-out in orange. On the seconds subdial at 9 o’clock, there’s a hidden silhouette of Ultraman’s profile, which is revealed by a special tool available with the watch. The strap changer, identical to Ultraman’s Beta Capsule, features a UV lamp at one end, which when shined on the dial, reveals the image.

A vintage OMEGA logo on the dial adds a retro touch and the caseback features an engraving of #SpeedyTuesday and the words QUALIFIED BY NASA FOR ALL MANNED SPACE MISSIONS. The watch is presented on a black and orange NATO strap and comes with a spare black leather strap.

Limited to just 2,012 pieces, the OMEGA Speedmaster 42 mm “Ultraman” is a true collectable and is presented in its own hexagonal box: a tribute to the futuristic table used by Ultraman’s Monster Attack Team.

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Tiffany Bridal Salon will be opened at The Landmark

Tiffany Bridal Salon Will Be Opened at The Landmark, Central

Featuring Asia Debut of “My Tiffany” Diamond Ring Personalization Service

Ready to propose or walk down the aisle soon? Tiffany Bridal Salon on 1/F The Landmark, Central will assist you in all matters of the heart, ranging from the Asia debut of “My Tiffany” diamond ring personalization service to “love letter window display” proposal service for customers who have chosen Tiffany diamond rings to commemorate their love, between July 19th to August 12nd.

Since 1837, the blissful Blue Box and the classic Tiffany® Setting six-prong diamond ring of Tiffany & Co. have been symbols of the world’s greatest love stories. As a brand that celebrates true love in all its forms, Tiffany & Co. draws inspiration from the “Believe in Love” concept for its latest bridal campaign, featuring seven real couples of different backgrounds, genders and social strata in images that capture the power of love.

The bridal campaign goes in sync with the Tiffany Bridal Salon at The Landmark in Central, where the brand’s complete bridal collection is showcased, including the renowned Tiffany® Setting six-prong diamond ring, as well as various ready-made styles of couples’ rings and wedding bands. The Salon also marks the Asia debut of “My Tiffany” diamond ring personalization service, through which customers can choose their favorite diamond, setting, materials and design, with personalized inscriptions or initials for the ring and the brand’s signature Blue Box that speak to you and beautifully represent your love.

The fabulous experience goes up a notch with the “love letter window display” proposal service, offering customers who purchase Tiffany diamond rings during the Bridal Salon period a unique and unforgettable celebration on the day of proposal or wedding anniversary.

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The First Asian Haute Jeweler permanently exhibits its “CHINA RED MAGPIE BROOCH” in the State Historical Museum in Russia

The internationally renowned haute jeweler ANNA HU has set a milestone in history to become the first Contemporary Asian Jeweler to permanently exhibit its signature piece – the CHINA RED MAGPIE BROOCH at the State Historical Museum in Russia starting from 28th May 2018. The collaboration between the State Historical Museum in Russia and Anna Hu in compliance with “The Belt and Road Initiative” strategy by China and Eurasian countries. To commemorate the special occasion, the donation ceremony will be followed by “China Night – One Belt One Road Gala Dinner” on the same night.

In parallel to the donation ceremony, Anna and the museum have jointly selected another 20 magnificent masterpieces from Anna Hu’s collection, expressing a strong integration of Eastern culture meets Western craftsmanship, which will be exclusively displayed in the museum from 28th – 30th May. One of the most renowned and dazzling masterpiece to be showcased is “Monet Water Lilies Collection”, where Anna has taken 10 years of planning, designing and assembling to complete. The “Monet Water Lilies Necklace” features more than 2,000 colorful gemstones to recreate the water lily ponds in Monet’s eyes, also to pay tribute to the impressionist master. These 20 masterpieces are included in “ANNA HU Symphony of Jewels – OPUS 1”, and Anna is proud to pre-announce her upcoming launch of “ANNA HU Symphony of Jewels –  OPUS 2” this coming fall together in this exceptional moment.

Anna’s latest ultra-luxe creation and first-ever showcase masterpiece – CHINA RED MAGPIE BROOCH – calls on the Jesuit missionary and painter at National Palace Museum – Giuseppe Castiglione for inspiration. Castiglione was the most famous Western artist in China during the transformative Qing Dynasty and his piece “Immortal Blossoms in an Everlasting Spring” (currently on exhibition at the National Palace Museum) showcases the beauty of China in a  western perspective. Inspired by the concept, Anna has constructed this CHINA RED MAGPIE BROOCH on an 18K white gold frame, encrusting with over 500 gemstones ingeniously present a pair of magpies living in the colorful forest. All gemstones are meticulously placed with round brilliant cut diamonds, yellow diamonds, rubies, blue sapphires, moonstones, colored sapphires, chrome tourmaline, and to complete the design, an extraordinary south sea pearl is nestled as the featured gem of the piece .

It is pertinent that the exhibition be presented by “The Belt and Road Initiative” gala dinner, highlighting the harmonious relationship between the countries. The evening will be attended by the international guestlist including prominent celebrities, arts and fashion society figures.




A radiating central Medusa gives an instantly recognizable Versace touch to a fierce timepiece characterized by metal stud details that add edge to a smoke-effect dial.
A fresh, colorful style that doubles as a must-have leather accessory – the V -Flare watch, a fun timepiece for the new generation.
Chic and sophisticated as always, this season in a smaller size, with a 34 mm diameter case, for an extremely feminine fit.
A complex piece of architecture, the double case middle features a transparent glass, outer case revealing the famous Greek Key engraved onto the inner metal case.

The celebration of the work of a genius, Versace presents the Tribute Edition of its timeless V-Circle watch, that for the first time debuts with the Wild Baroque print from the Versace Spring Summer 1992 collection.



Cartier Launches New Panthère de Cartier Watch
Annabelle Wallis is the New Face of Panthère de Cartier
For 2018 the Panthère de Cartier watch adopts a generous range of feminine looks. The bracelet, available in a double or triple loop, glints with lusty sensuality. Its flowing form is supple on the skin as the iconic style of the Panthère de Cartier watch layers elegance upon elegance. The dainty square case with rounded corners and the intuitive design are quintessentially Cartier. Annabelle Wallisembodies the Panthère woman for Cartier, becoming the new Panthère ambassador for watchmaking and jewellery. She is a cosmopolitan woman of the world: the multilingual British actress speaks Portuguese, Spanish and French.

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