Cartier new watches launch at SIHH 2018


(exuberant & bold, simple & sharp)

In the 2018 Edition of the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie, Cartier breathes new life into emblematic shapes: BAIGNOIRE, SANTOS DE CARTIER AND PANTHÈRE.

Pure lines and assessed style: Cartier strikes the perfect balance between refinement and excess, the fine line inherent to every time­piece of character.

Excess disciplined by refinement; refinement adorned with excess. This alternating dynamic is the creative concept of the Cartier stand, an experiential installation that combines visual effects with a minimalist backdrop.

The conceptual layout serves to illustrate the contrast at play. Twin display cabinets are classified into three themes: creativity, femininity and masculinity. The tone is gra­phic, contemporary.

The Maison’s watchmaking manifesto is to stay true to Cartier’s founding values: femi­ninity and masculine elegance.


Cartier Libre collection: feminine shaped watches with a twist

Feminine watchmaking makes a statement with the Cartier Libre collection. The oval shape takes creative liberties in these exceptional timepieces issued in a limited edition numbered series.

Twists on the Baignoire and Crash, these exclusive jewelle­ry watches shake up the Car­tier repertoire with extravagant design, precious materials and colour contrasts.

Révélation watch: technical innovation brings the Panthère to life

The Ronde Louis Cartier watch features the head of a panther com­posed of gold beads, which appears and disappears at a flick of the wrist thanks to an exclusive multi-patented technique.

The ever-changing panther is eclipsed and once again revealed, lumi­nous against the black background of the case.

A magical revelation in the tradition of ‘hide and seek’ by Cartier.

Femininity: The lavish excess of the Panthère watch bracelet

For 2018 the Panthère de Cartier watch adopts a generous range of feminine looks. The bracelet, available in a double or triple loop, glints with lusty sensuality. Chain links in yellow gold, pink gold or white gold coil around the wrist.

Its flowing forms are supple on the skin. This iconic watch is also available in varia­tions paved with diamonds, in dazzling homage to the style of this 1980s classic.

Masculinity: The new Santos de Cartier watch, a modern-day legend

The Santos de Cartier watch, created in 1904 for the aviator San­tos-Dumont, is part of the stylistic heritage of the Maison. In kee­ping with the spirit of its age, the watch has evolved with the pas­sing decades, and the interchangeable straps in the latest version are the next logical chapter in its history.

The design studios have updated the timepiece focusing on comfortable wear with respect for the Santos aesthetic. From the square shape to the eight bezel screws, the integrity of this vehicle for elegance is thus preserved. The design of the bezel has been updated to favour the synergy between the lines of the case and the straps. These sleeker lines accentuate the stylistic dynamic of the watch. The watch is designed for a perfect fit on the wrist and has been precisely weighted, measured to optimise comfort and ergonomics.

The new Santos de Cartier watch features an innovative strap in keeping with the spirit of our time. Available in steel, gold, calf or alligator skin, all versions are interchangeable thanks to the Car­tier QuickSwitch system (patent pending) whose invisible mecha­nism blends into the structure of the case. Another cutting-edge feature is the SmartLink self-fitting techno­logy (patent pending) which adjusts the length of the metal brace­let to the nearest link without the use of a tool.

Cartier fine watchmaking: Excellence in craftsmanship at the service of Cartier style

This year Cartier honours the historic movement in two new watchmaking interpretations: a Skeleton Mysterious Double Tourbillon, and for the very first time, a Mysterious Day & Night movement.

The Santos Skeleton watch introduces solid gold and solid steel bracelets with self-fitting links for the first time in Cartier Fine Watchmaking.

– The mysterious movement and skeleton movement come together in the Rotonde de Cartier Skeleton Double Tourbillon watch.

– The Rotonde de Cartier Mysterious Day & Night watch with retrograde minutes introduces a day/night complication to the mysterious movement.

– The Santos de Cartier watch lends its new ergonomic design to the iconic skeleton movement patented by Cartier.

These stylish timepieces are imbued with the excellence of Cartier watchmaking craftsmanship.



The power of hypnosis, effects of depth, and the magic of a movement that floats in mid-air: master watchmakers and jewellers venture into unknown territory, therein discovering new constraints.

From the front the Cartier signature skeleton movement emerges in the form of a panther’s head. Around it, waves ripple outwards in a mesmerising pattern, washing over superposed crystals measuring a mere 0.6 mm in thickness, and edged in diamonds. The waves create a cascade of transparent layers that produces a captivating effect of depth. The panther’s emerald eyes gleam in contrast to the diamond paving and the openwork, rendering her gaze all the more salient.

The complex geometry of the diamond-paved structures called for an exceptional mastery of skill in manufacturing, cutting out and assembling the sapphire crystals and the one that houses the mechanism. The iconic Cartier panther emerges majestic amidst this hollowed-out architecture.

Cartier Precious Timepieces

Cartier Metier d’Art

Ronde Louis Cartier watch with wood and gold leaf marquetry

This year the Ronde Louis Cartier watch inaugurates a technique never before seen in Cartier watchmaking: wood and gold leaf marquetry. The piece is produced by the marquetry artist at the Maison des Métiers d’Art in La-Chaux-de-Fonds.


The Montblanc 1858 Collection: Capturing the Spirit of Mountain Exploration

Inspired by the legendary professional Minerva watches from the 1920s and 30s that were meant for military use and mountain exploration, the 1858 collection pays tribute to the 160 years of the Minerva Manufacture and its extraordinary heritage. These watches were highly accurate, legible and robust for use in extreme conditions and are the inspiration behind this new collection which is being enriched with new vintage exploration-inspired timepieces, featuring distinctive aesthetics, innovative complications, a mix of materials and a choice of different case sizes.

The new Montblanc Star Legacy line expresses the Spirit of Classical Watchmaking

Inspired by the extraordinary Minerva heritage that dates back to 1858, Montblanc is reinterpreting its iconic Star product line. With this re-envisioned collection, the Maison is enhancing the level of classical finishing and the sophistication of its design while keeping all the key elements. In addition to this, it is bringing its Manufacture expertise to new exclusive in-house complications that push the boundaries of fine watchmaking.

Montblanc is unveiling exclusive models such as two limited editions of the patented Suspended Exo Tourbillon and a new fine watchmaking interpretation of the iconic Nicolas Rieussec monopusher chronograph.

The collection will also be composed of various expressions: 39 & 42 mm automatic watches, 42mm moonphase and full-calendar timepieces, and timeless 42-mm automatic chronographs.

Performance and Style: Montblanc unveils two new timepieces in its TimeWalker Collection

Montblanc is introducing two new timepieces in its renowned TimeWalker collection —The TimeWalker Manufacture Chronograph and the TimeWalker Rally Timer Chronograph Limited Edition 100—reinterpreting an iconic aesthetic with “panda” and “reverse panda” dials respectively, reinforcing their vintage and racing appeal.




Celebrate the Beauty of Life and the Blossom of Love this Chinese New Year with NIRAV MODI Jasmine Collection

As the Lunar New Year approaches, NIRAV MODI presents its iconic Jasmine collection, wishing all a prosperous Lunar New Year with the renowned jeweler’s signature collection – in which the essence of a blossoming flower is vividly recreated. A time for new beginnings, of leaving the past behind and embracing what is to come, the Lunar New Year represents a time of rebirth.

The NIRAV MODI Jasmine collection is inspired by the delicate and graceful Jasmine flower and captures flawlessly the femininity of a woman. The collection features the international jeweler’s specialized Jasmine® cut – capturing the soft and gentle nature of the flower. The diamonds all feature purposeful asymmetry, creating a much more dynamic jewel and perfectly reflects the beauty and individuality in nature and highlights the magical and alluring characteristics of a woman.

In celebration of the festivities, NIRAV MODI introduces welcomed additions to the magnificent collection, presenting a range of debuting masterpieces emulating the enthralling Jasmine flower. Incorporating new angles and varying heights of each petal, the new jewels capture the transient moments of a blossoming flower unfurling. The mesmerizing Jasmine rings and earrings draw inspiration from a cluster of jasmine flowers and utilize an innovative structure, enabling the cluster of beautifully cut diamonds to move naturally, once again highlighting the beautiful chaos in nature.

The blooming flowers combined with the inherent movement in light symbolize the beauty of life, the blossoming of love and compassion and celebrates the start of a new beginning. With each facet, the design of jewels in the iconic Jasmine collection captures the essence of the flower and captures the unparalleled movement of light, shining gracefully into the Lunar New Year – a light to guide into a year of prosperity, health and good fortune.

Angelina Jolie dazzled in Chaumet jewellery

On the occasion of her visit to Paris, the American actress Angelina Jolie chose the elegance and the refinement of earrings in platinum, brilliant-cut diamonds, two pear-shaped diamonds and cushion-cut diamonds from the Joséphine Collection by Chaumet.

For her Official Visit at the Palais de l’Elysée, she wore the timeless white gold and diamond studs from the Liens collection by Chaumet

PARIS, FRANCE – JANUARY 29: Actress Angelina Jolie is seen leaving the ‘Guerlain’ store on Champs-Elysees Avenue on January 29, 2018 in Paris, France. (Photo by Marc Piasecki/GC Images)

PARIS, FRANCE – JANUARY 30: Actress Angelina Jolie arrives at the ‘Guerlain’ store on the Champs-Elysees avenue on January 30, 2018 in Paris, France. (Photo by Marc Piasecki/GC Images)


The Cartier LIBRE collection causes us to lose our bearings, invites speculation of our visual interpretation, and reveals a hidden meaning. It is a transformation, a revelation, a form of extravagance that ensures the impact of Cartier LIBRE. An artful distortion of the oval.

The Cartier Libre collection was born of a desire to play with the Maison’s signature watch shapes. They are stretched, shrunk and transformed into objects of fantasy with unbridled creative licence. Cartier Libre appeals to the Collectionneuse, the figure of the watchmaking collector.

Hitherto unseen shapes echo the Baignoire and Crash watches. Their proportions are disrupted, volumes accentuated and lines lengthened. Seeking to disrupt the Cartier repertoire, these are adventures in extravagance where precious materials and contrasting colours are breathtakingly feminine and minimalist in design.

The aesthetic that emerges is like no other. It defines categorisation. The Cartier codes are present; whether visible or perceptible only to the eye of the connoisseur, they are the ultimate guarantee of authenticity. The result is radical, brazen, paradoxical: the tension between refinement and excess.

Five limited-edition individually numbered jewellery watches meet a single definition: the immediately recognizable Cartier signature.


Graceful and delicate, the Gucci Flora Fine Jewelry line continues to explore new ways of working with precious stones. The refined flowers, hallmark of this range, marry intricate gold-smithing techniques with painterly designs and bold flower forms to create necklaces, earrings and rings. Fresh combinations of mother of pearls, diamonds and colored gemstones bring a new allure to these timeless flora motifs; the line includes three color styles: shades of white and blue, dazzling rainbow hues or a regal ensemble in a palette of white and cream. Many of these creations are unexpectedly embellished by small golden skulls.

Gucci craftsmen take their expertise to new heights as they realize the elegant Flora earrings and rings in vivid rainbow hues, creating a multi-colored effect with dazzling green tsavorite, purple amethyst and yellow sapphires.

Finally, a selection of rings, earrings and necklaces show the Flora motifs take on an opulent mood, featuring sophisticated white tones of gold, diamonds and mother of pearl.


Exclusively for Valentine’s day, Jeux de Liens is adorned with lacquer in the colours of love as an ephemeral collection. For love, the emblematic Lien motif combines ancestral savoir-faire and the spirit of couture in a joyful promise.

The new pigments madder red, vibrant orange and tyrian pink spring from a sentimental palette – the vivid shades burst onto bracelets, pendants, ear studs that can be bought individually and a long necklace, complementing the Jeux de Liens sets in lapis lazuli, mother-of-pearl, diamonds or pink opal.

Inspired by the techniques of the Far-East, this one-off collection pays tribute to China and the thousand-years old art of lacquer that has fascinated western artists since the 17th century.

The playful collection invites to endless games of mix & match, colour combinations and ways to wear: the ear studs can be bought as singles to make original pairings while the long necklace alternates three colours, on both sides. The Liens Lumière have also adopted these shades, with

matching patent leather bracelets. An invitation to happiness reflected in the “Choose Your Valentine” series of photos and animations.

 Jeux de Liens seasonal collection to be discovered in February.

« The playful collection invites to endless games of mix & match, colour combinations and ways to wear »




Reese Witherspoon joined Tiffany & Co. for a Breakfast at Tiffany to kick off the holiday season. Reese wore a festive red lace dress with Tiffany & Co. diamond earrings and rings. The intimate event took place at the brand new Blue Box Cafe at the Fifth Avenue flagship store, and guests enjoyed a meal featuring popular items from the cafe’s seasonal menu.

Following the breakfast, Reese picked out her must-have gifts for this holiday season. Her picks included several items from Tiffany & Co.’s popular collections, Tiffany HardWear and Tiffany T.




Since its inception in 1837, Tiffany & Co. has been a champion of the art world supporting both pre-eminent institutions and emerging artists alike. By partnering with The Art of Elysium, Tiffany & Co. is making a meaningful contribution to the Los Angeles community through the arts, specifically supporting Elysium Bandini Studios. The first ever philanthropic film studio and video streaming platform provides artists with resources to create and showcase their work along with opportunities for collaboration and mentorship with established artists.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Leibson / Getty Images for Tiffany & Co.

Caption: (celebrities name) at Tiffany HardWear Los Angeles Preview with The Art of Elysium


Zoë Kravitz:

Tiffany HardWear Ball Hook Earrings in 18k Yellow Gold HKD 7,500

Tiffany HardWear Ball Ring 18k Yellow Gold $6,650

Tiffany HardWear 12MM Ball Ring in 18k Yellow Gold HKD 10,200

Riley Keough:

Tiffany HardWear Link Earring in 18k Yellow Gold Price to be confirmed

Tiffany HardWear Ball Dangle Ring in 18k Yellow Gold HKD 15,700

Kat Graham:

Tiffany HardWear Wrap Necklace in 18k Yellow Gold HKD 102,000