Since its inception in 1837, Tiffany & Co. has been a champion of the art world supporting both pre-eminent institutions and emerging artists alike. By partnering with The Art of Elysium, Tiffany & Co. is making a meaningful contribution to the Los Angeles community through the arts, specifically supporting Elysium Bandini Studios. The first ever philanthropic film studio and video streaming platform provides artists with resources to create and showcase their work along with opportunities for collaboration and mentorship with established artists.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Leibson / Getty Images for Tiffany & Co.

Caption: (celebrities name) at Tiffany HardWear Los Angeles Preview with The Art of Elysium


Zoë Kravitz:

Tiffany HardWear Ball Hook Earrings in 18k Yellow Gold HKD 7,500

Tiffany HardWear Ball Ring 18k Yellow Gold $6,650

Tiffany HardWear 12MM Ball Ring in 18k Yellow Gold HKD 10,200

Riley Keough:

Tiffany HardWear Link Earring in 18k Yellow Gold Price to be confirmed

Tiffany HardWear Ball Dangle Ring in 18k Yellow Gold HKD 15,700

Kat Graham:

Tiffany HardWear Wrap Necklace in 18k Yellow Gold HKD 102,000



What will be your next crush? CHANEL introduces exquisitely desirable pieces of jewelry. White, yellow or BEIGE GOLD; set with or without diamonds.
Wear them alone or collect them to create endless combinations.


The urban romanticism and eclecticism that Creative Director Alessandro Michele has infused into his collections has redefined Gucci’s codes and creativity. His distinctive and contemporary aesthetic favors rich embellishments and an unconventional vibe, all blended liberally and unexpectedly. As seen on the runway, eyewear is part of the House’s new aesthetic. Over 250 new styles developed annually feature the brand’s iconic motifs alongside novelty details, making the offering extremely versatile for the contemporary tastemaker.

Bold, timeless and extremely versatile, the animal motifs are true overarching signatures that bond legacy and immediacy in striking mixes. Beside the classic GG logo, the tiger has become a recurring motif, inspired by the myth of Greek God Dionysus, as well as the bumble bee.
These special edition women’s sunglasses feature an exclusive and cutting edge handmade treatment that depicts the three iconic Gucci motifs Chevron, Herbarium and Web – whose uniqueness is further elevated by three iconic symbols – the GG logo, the stud and the tiger.

High Jewellery Watches: Cartier Comes to Life

Trait d’éclat watch
This Cartier evening watch was inspired by a set of 15 rubies. A glittering accessory designed for a dawdling hour of the day, as dusk descends and light-up ignites the fire of the gemstones. The 15 rubies with a total weight of 24.93 carats exhibit a remarkably uniform colour: an intense deep red with a sparkle reminiscent of diamonds and an orangey-pink hue specific to Mozambique.

When carefully lined up for inspection on a workshop bench, the gems form a neat row, but they seem to slumber. Shaken awake at the touch of a hand, the stones suddenly blaze to life as the rubies catch fire in the light, their jostled profiles exposed in the chaos. It is this flash of fire, described in French as a “trait d’éclat”, that the master craftsmen sought to reproduce in the finished piece.

The rubies weave around the watch in a glittering ribbon accentuated with baguette-cut diamonds, curling around and caressing the dial that softly blends into the composition. Slipped into place on the wrist, the watch reveals the time with a dainty and feminine touch.

This creation brings together two beloved Cartier themes: rubies and ribbons. The ruby plays a key role in the history of Cartier style. Predominant in sumptuous commissions for Maharajas in the early 20th century, the ruby was later given pride of place in exquisitely feminine sets of jewellery designed by the Maison. In her official wedding photographs in April 1956, Princess Grace wore a Cartier tiara decorated with diamond arabesques and a trio of cabochon rubies. The removable motifs in this lace-like piece comprised a set of brooches that the Princess wore for the rest of her life. Elizabeth Taylor was gifted a suite of rubies interlaced with diamonds by her husband Mike Todd on “a day of perfect love” in 1957. Cartier, keen to explore new horizons and capture the spirit of the age, takes the ruby as inspiration in expanding its repertoire of feminine jewellery with a revival of a classic symbol of sensuality: the ribbon.

Damiani and Princess Nicoletta Romanov


Damiani and princess Nicoletta Romanov are the stars of an unusual journey through time, from past to present, starting from the finest Italian goldsmith tradition to arrive in Russia, at the Tsar’s Court and return to Italy through the co-operation with an exceptional descendant of the Russian dynasty.

This is the origin of the Fiocco and Fiori d’arancio collections, jewelry inspired by the valuables of the imperial family revealing all the craftsman excellence of the master goldsmiths of Valenza, re-evoking the legendary charm surrounding the Tsar’s treasures.
The renowned actress/princess Nicoletta Romanov is the daughter of Princess Natalja Romanov and granddaughter of Prince Nicola Romanovič Romanov, claimant of the Russian throne from 1992 to 2014. So the actress is a direct descendant of the Tsars Nicolas I of Russia and Paul I of Russia and the famous empress Catherine II of Russia through her mother. The glorious Romanov family was the undisputed dominator of the great imperial Russia for 300 years.

The bow is a recurring motif in the jewelry of the Romanov dynasty, and is a great classic in royal iconography that Damiani has reinterpreted resulting in an elegant, sophisticated collection. The symbol of an eternal bond, the parure Fiocco becomes the perfect gift of love destined to last forever. Necklace, rings, earrings and bracelets enhance woman’s femininity with their sinuous design. The version with the sophisticated pavé setting of white diamonds, skillfully matched and selected to dress the surfaces, emphasizes the precious nature and timeless charm of white gold. The interpretation of the version in pink gold, now a distinctive feature in Damiani collections, with the outlines illuminated by white diamonds, underlines a sophisticated style with alternative solutions such as the combination with a double bracelet in satin in two-tones taken from the palette of colors, a favorite of the company.

The combination of the bow in pavé is precious and unique, giving the very long pearl necklace various compositions and uses.

The Fiori d’arancio collection is an extraordinary dialogue in which Italian spirit meets the Russian tradition, as happened in 1952 when Nicoletta’s grandfather, Nicolas Romanov, descendant of the Tsars, married Countess Sveva della Gherardesca, successor of the old Tuscan house of Longobard origin.

Nicolas Romanov is the great-nephew of the last Tsar of Russia in a collateral line; Sveva descends from one of the most historic Italian families and one of her ancestors was the famous Count Ugolino, of whose affairs and tragic end Dante wrote a canto about in the Divine Comedy. The brides name derives from Conradin of Swabia, the German emperor who was born in Landshut in 1252 and died in Naples in 1268, of whom Gherardo della Gherardesca was an enthusiastic follower. The Della Gherardesca family traces its origins to Wilfred the Saint, of the Longobard epoch; Sveva’s ancestors include saints, blessed people, cardinals and condottieri. The event was a turning point in the history of the dynasty and marked the start of a new era.

For the wedding ceremony, Sveva della Gherardesca wore a tiara made up of tiny wax orange flowers which adorned her head like a precious bouquet. In Italy, the orange blossom is the flower par excellence for weddings and the reason why Countess Sveva chose this tiara to decorate her hair.

Damiani created the Fiori d’arancio collection, drawing inspiration from this historic and very rare specimen, carefully kept by the granddaughter Nicoletta Romanov. The delicate floral motif is a feature of the whole parure – necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and tiaras. Masterpieces of fine jewelry that underline the greatest perfection between design and craftsman excellence.

The masterpiece tiara Sveva, so named in honor of Nicoletta’s grandmother, Countess Sveva della Gherardesca, stands out among all the pieces and is the symbol of this project. It features a precious floral pattern which winds around the whole head with skillful craftsmanship, where white gold buds alternate with precious full pavé flowers.

Just as in the masterpieces of Italian Renaissance painting, the admiration for the jewel starts from the overall effect, with its double spiral shape, culminating in the scrutiny of the particulars masterfully wrought in a succession of details taken care of by the great goldsmiths of the present. Weeks of research and more than 6 months of production were required to transform this sophisticated ornament into a masterpiece of fine jewelry.

Almost 500 grams of gold in a sophisticated pale pink color and more than 4,500 diamonds selected for clarity and combined by size with 83 white Japanese pearls were used in its creation.


Chaumet | Asian Superstar Ms. Cherie Chung in Paris

Recalling the Allure of a Chaumet Goddess
Asian Superstar Ms. Cherie Chung in Paris,
in search for the enduring aura of Empress Joséphine
Just as the passing of time witnesses the transformation and maturation of elegance in women, jewellery acts as a fitting narration for the experiences and radiating aura of women, expressively personifying their individual, evocative journeys.

In 1780, renowned Parisian jeweler Chaumet was founded. As the court jeweler of Napoléon I, Founder Marie-Etiénne Nitot was commissioned to design numerous jewellery creations for Empress Joséphine. A queen of impeccable taste, Empress Joséphine was the embodiment of avant-garde in the realm of fashion, the perfect muse for Nitot’s inspirations. Indeed, the Empress expressed her most memorable and amorous moments in life with her exquisite and sophisticated collection of timeless jewellery.

In 2016, Ms. Cherie Chung visited Paris to explore Chaumet’s 230 years of history, eager to pursue a reimagining of Empress Joséphine‘s own journey. It would be a fitting discovery, for not only does Cherie have a profound appreciation for Chaumet jewellery, she also possesses an ageless and elegant beauty, exuding an undeniable aroma of controlled grandeur with her every move, making her an absolute embodiment of a 21st century fashion savant.

Two distinctive eras, two peerless characters; Cherie becomes the successor to Empress Joséphine, witnessing two centuries of Chaumet’s perennial legend.

The visit started at the Chaumet museum at 12 Place Vendome Paris, where Cherie immersed herself in the brand’s imperial sophistication and historical legacy. Initiated with an enigmatic card in one hand and her beloved antique camera in the other, she embarked upon a romantic and intoxicating journey.


Delivering your Christmas Blessings by Atelier Reverso

Christmas, the time to deliver warm blessings to your loved ones, yet it is never easy to prepare a unique and seduced gift. With its swivelling case, the Reverso continues to astonish and dazzle the world with its enduring legacy, timeless design and exquisite craftsmanship.

Personalising the back of the model is a unique way of claiming ownership of one’s watch. Jaeger-LeCoultre has imagined a way of rendering this experience even more exclusive by offering the “Atelier Reverso” service that provides the possibility of having the back of the Reverso engraved, as well as changing the strap.

In this festive season, creating a personalised watch for your loved ones would be the perfect gift idea.

With its remarkable history and tradition, Jaeger-LeCoultre manifests ingenuity while adding modern touches in its creations.

Similarly, to keep up with the fast-paced tech world, the watchmaker extraordinaire adapts its ways in embracing both traditional and innovation with all watch connoisseurs.

The new Atelier Reverso mobile app (now available for iPad and iPhone) enable horological lovers to customize their own Reverso watch that suits

their personal style, and experience the 85 years of immaculate aesthetics of the Reverso anytime, anywhere.

Vacheron Constantin

Timeless and elegant, timepieces have always been a popular gifting option for many who seek to present a sophisticated yet personal item to their loved ones. For this Christmas, Vacheron Constantin, the world’s oldest Haute Horlogerie manufacture with over 260 years of uninterrupted history, is bringing one of their signature collections – The Overseas – to all the watch lovers.
Renowned for its interchangeable bracelets/straps, the Overseas Collection is the best accessories to go with you in all the different celebrating, lifestyle and travelling occasions. Available in different dial colours with models such as World Time, Chronograph and Automatic/Date and Small Model, the collection will surely make the perfect seasonal gift for both ladies and gentlemen.

Harry Winston Presents the New Snowy White Satin Sunburst Dial in Emerald Collection

Harry Winston is proud to unveil Harry Winston Emerald Collection, a new timepiece collection straight from the heart of Americaˇs legendary ¨King of Diamonds〃; a contemporary classic. The diamonds and the distinctive shaped case allude directly to Mr. Winstonˇs extraordinary legacy.

The Harry Winston Emerald timepiece is presented in white gold with a blue lacquered dial and is also available in rose gold with a snowy white satin sunburst dial. Both models come on a choice of double tour satin straps that match the color theme of the dial, or on elegant rose or white gold Milanese bracelets, a novelty for the House of Harry Winston. The exquisite craftsmanship behind the fine Milanese mesh straps is translated into a supple, pliant bracelet that sits beautifully on the wrist.