Emerging Fine Jewelry Brand KKLUE Welcomes the Year with Three New Life-Inspired Collections

Following the well-received launch of its inaugural collection “IMPERFECTION”, KKLUE, a homegrown fine jewelry brand led by founder Kellyn Zhou, announces the launch of three new collections – “ORIGINE”, “HEROINE”, and “BALLERINA”. Reminiscent of the IMPERFECTION Collection, the three new collections showcase deeply profound designs in stunningly elegant handcrafted pieces using the highest quality 18K gold and diamonds.

In true and signature KKLUE fashion, each new collection shares and celebrates a piece of story in the life journey of today’s women.

ORIGINE Collection – An Appreciation of the Past

This collection aptly pays tribute to beginnings and one’s personal history. The prominent shape of the pieces is a reflection of journeying back to our roots, speaking of people, places and memories from the past that form one’s identity today. Crafted from 18K solid gold and diamonds, featuring simple, clean lines along a circular zero pattern as focal point, all of the pieces in the collection evoke remembrance and appreciation of every beginning, and all things that have moved the woman of today to come full-circle as a person.


HEROINE Collection – Recognizing Every Woman’s Potential to Shine

Featuring 18K gold and the quality tapered baguette diamonds, KKLUE’s HEROINE Collection draws inspiration from every woman’s silent confidence that grows to shine through time and opportunity. The collection places limelight on the beauty of the elegantly small baguette diamond, typically used in multiples as side and accent stones, in each of its pieces—calling to mind every woman’s potential to shine, no matter who she is. The unconventional collection design radiates a story of inner prowess that emerges with unthinkable beauty when given the chance to be honored and celebrated.

BALLERINA Collection – Harnessing the Graceful Spirit towards Dreams

KKLUE culminates its newest launch with its third collection designed to celebrate the awe-inspiring rewards of graceful and patient hard work. Just as the effortless charm of a ballerina onstage is a sight to behold, the pieces in this collection offer fluid and delicate lines that, like an accomplished dancer, were created from hours of thoughtful study and work. Made with 18K gold and beautifully selected accenting stones, the pieces in this collection brings to life the “ballerina” spirit that chases dreams, resolutely drawing a vision of where she intends to be in the future.

KKLUE’s collections are now available for purchase through its official website:  https://kklue.com/, and partner stores.


Michael Kors V-day Gift Guide 2018

Valentine’s Day, also known as the most romantic day of the year is here, which means we are almost out of time to plan a romantic date and pick out the perfect gift.

Michael Kors provides a variety of gift selection in this festive season. Please find below the download link of the product shots (description and price marked in file name) for your reference:

Celebrate Chinese New Year in Style with Bonpoint

Bring in the good fortune this Chinese New Year and celebrate by dressing your little one in lucky red and gold with Bonpoint.  The Parisian house has been delicately crafting beautiful French style for children and spreading happiness since 1975.  The magical Chinese New Year collection will keep you and your child happy and full of luck throughout the year.  

For a magical look this CNY celebrate with Bonpoint’s Couture range in the Flavie Dress, crafted in an enchanting red velvet trimmed with beautifully embroidered lace.  Toddler and baby alike can wear this precious piece.  The final touch to reach that French elegance can be achieved with some party shoes – a set of  Bella Mary Janes in lucky gold makes every girl sparkle.

Shoes: Bella Mary Janes Gold

Keeping the little ones entertained this CNY is easy with Bonpoint’s collection of timeless toys providing hours of fun.  The playful Cerise Doll born in 2008 by Kathe Kruse is made from all natural wool and cotton, making her the perfect companion for baby soft skin.  Each Cerise doll is one of a kind and comes with her own wardrobe to match her little friend.  On this special occasion each little girl can bring extra good fortune and dress her Cerise doll in a matching velvet Flavie dress.  Celebrating the Year of the Dog would not be complete without the Cerise doll’s favourite companion – the little dogis soft to the touch and perfect for playtime.

Shoes: Bella Mary Janes Gold

Keeping the little ones entertained this CNY is easy with Bonpoint’s collection of timeless toys providing hours of fun.  The playful Cerise Doll born in 2008 by Kathe Kruse is made from all natural wool and cotton, making her the perfect companion for baby soft skin.  Each Cerise doll is one of a kind and comes with her own wardrobe to match her little friend.  On this special occasion each little girl can bring extra good fortune and dress her Cerise doll in a matching velvet Flavie dress.  Celebrating the Year of the Dog would not be complete without the Cerise doll’s favourite companion – the little dogis soft to the touch and perfect for playtime.

Welcome good fortune this Chinese New Year with the House of Bonpoint.  Keep your little one looking and feeling fabulous this holiday season with the latest collection and sprinkle some Bonpoint luck.

Harvey Nichols Womenswear SS18 Highlights

Being the SS18 key trend, florals are all about fun with fashion, a surefire sign of the romance and joy of springtime. Harvey Nichols has prepared some flowery picks to energize your SS18 season looks, ranging from party dresses, tops to denims, and even accessories. Either popping up with soft-as-a-petal fabrics or brilliant hues, grab yourself a stunning piece from the key SS18 collections and let your femininity shines in your unique style!



This year, PANDORA gets straight to the heart of Valentine’s Day — helping lovers decipher their differences, see beyond the surface and gain a true understanding of each other.

With a collection that goes deeper, we delve into the essence of love.

From the joining of hearts to the locking of a promise solidified in silver, and expressed through detail.

So find every feeling, listen to every beat, follow every flutter. Celebrate the unsaid, with a piece that says it all.


Forgedinsterlingsilverand14k gold,padlock-inspired jewellery locks the promise of love between two people. A symbol of commitment, the intricacies of each laid bare with a decorating of detail and a delicate touch of pink.

Dangling heart padlocks put a playful twist on the season’s must-have jewellery–beautifully hand-finished earrings and a ring – celebrating love every day of the year.

With every heart, comes a key. The new stone -embellished floating locket with a heart key pendant makes a perfect match with delicate petites reflecting loving feelings in intricate detail.

KKLUE – The Designer Jewelry Label

Celebrates Modern Feminine Style

& Attitude with Fine Jewelry

“Sometimes, we might forget the true essence of beauty while pursuing perfection during the design process,” said the designer. As the first KKLUE collection, the IMPERFECTION Collection, not only highlights such “imperfectionism”, but also brings us back to the starting point of creative jewelry design. Circular pieces are synonymous of completeness and happiness, but overemphasizing perfection and standards will compromise one’s distinctive beauty. With an incomplete circle, IMPERFECTION embraces the inherent imperfections of every person and inspires us to stay unique and live our own lives.

KKLUE believes that beauty is diverse and is not confined to a single definition. When a woman embraces her true self, she will realize that her uniqueness indeed comes from her imperfections. Every KKLUE design embodies an inspiring message and helps complete a truly special story.

Perfect for modern women, the IMPERFECTION Collection features 18K solid gold earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets. Imperfect beauty is celebrated with circles, both full and incomplete, and complemented with curves made of mini gold plates, chains and threads. A sparkling diamond crowns the tip of a circle to highlight the elegant style. (Price from HK$1,650 – HK$4,200)

KKLUE Boutiques

Lane’s – 70 Wellington Street, Central  Tel: 2530 5333

Lane’s Elements – Shop 1007B, L1, Elements, 1 Austin Road West, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon             Tel: 2530 5444
ARTORIZ – Shop 25-26, L2, Oct Harbour Happy Mall, 8 Baishi Road East, Shenzhen

Any Shop Style – Taikoo Li North Area NLG-02, 11 Sanlitun Rd, SanLiTun, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Any Shop Style – Parkview Green Shopping Center LG1-22, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Any Shop Style – 109, No.3 Building, Shine Hills, No.6 Antai Street, Kong Gang Avenue, Shunyi District, Beijing, China

Online Store www.kklue.com




Sharing the fortuity and success of the historical partnership between Devialet and The Paris Opera, Devialet are releasing a limited supply of Gold Phantom Opéra de Paris | Devialet to it’s key flagships across Asia Pacific in auspicious quantities.

The Paris Opera and Devialet have announced a partnership and licence agreement that will see the two organisations work together for the next ten years. Initiated in 2015, the project is built upon a shared vision of excellence and strong ties to France’s musical and historical heritage.

From Paris, exclusively for Asia, this launch will for the first time allow music aficionados to purchase this prestigious co-branded Phantom otherwise only available within the sound discovery area of the Opera Garnier, Paris. Hong Kong is one of three chosen destinations in the world to release the covetable collector’s edition, whilst stocks last.

A limited quantity of 88 Opera edition Phantoms will be released in Hong Kong, across it’s iconic ifc and Harbour City stores from 16th January whilst stocks last. Each Phantom will be priced at the exclusive price of: 27,800HKD.

_Gold Phantom Opéra de Paris | Devialet

Drawing on the iconic gilded interiors of the Auditorium, each Gold Phantom Opéra de Paris | Devialet features the Paris Opera logo and gold leaf gills finished by Ateliers Gohard, according to meticulous and time-honored oil gilding methods. Handed down across 3 generations of traditional and fine application, they have treated each of Phantom’s side panels with the same original mastery used to restore and illuminate the gold of the Palais Garnier itself.

Oil gilding refers to the process of applying a specific type of varnish or ‘mordant’ to the surface of an object. Once the mixture’s texture is said to be ‘amoureux’ – a tender expression alluding to the gentle kiss of humid lips – it is ready to receive the gold leaf. Each gold leaf is applied by hand for a unique and irreplaceable patina. Once the leaf has been applied, it cannot be removed. Absolute perfection is required first time round. The Gold Phantom Opera edition has been created using moongold, a precious and stainless palladium-yellow gold alloy.

EMPHASIS: Where Originality Meets Fashion Redefining Style and Femininity with Trendsetter Hilary Tsui

EMPHASIS, the leading jeweller acclaimed for its stylish originality, has been delighting modern women with distinctive daily luxury jewellery. Recognising the subtle link between women and jewellery, EMPHASIS encourages every girl to showcase her unique beauty with its exquisite collections.

EMPHASIS further celebrates the multifaceted beauty of femininity and upholds its belief that true beauty is unveiled in the journey of self-discovery. Women should stick to their own rules rather than convincing others. Sharing the same philosophy of independence, intellectuality and out-of-the-box thinking, EMPHASIS invited fashion icon Hilary Tsui to be the guest jewellery designer for its new Hilary Tsui for Emphasiscollection. Breaking the boundaries of fine jewellery, the collection features five creative pieces crafted with sterling silver, pearls and gemstones to demonstrate the bold style and unique vision of Hilary.

Meaningful Messages Glorifying EMPHASIS’ Natural Femininity

Inspired by the four keywords “Hashtag”, “Hate”, “Hilarious” and “Heart” chosen by Hilary, the Collection conveys the message of “showing up not showing off” with a selection of oversized pieces. Each creation represents the fashion icon’s remarkable and dramatic story that shapes her outspokenness and confidence. The guest jewellery designer also wants to spread positive energy and encourage women to speak out through her artistic vision.

*Showpiece, pre-order only

“HashTag “ – Hashtag Bangle  #EVERYTHING IS IN YOUR HAND

As a public figure, Hilary inevitably faces immense pressure from the public and media. While she has got used to it, she always reminds herself to build up the positive energy by seeing things from different perspectives.

The “Hashtag” bangl

e features an 18K yellow gold chain ring and a metal cuff connected with an 18K yellow gold chain. The bold “Hashtag” plate set with colourful sapphires and semi-precious stones emphasizes that everything is in your hand. The natural pearls on the sides prompt the wearer to follow her heart and pursue happiness without being affected by harsh criticism.

*Special design


Based on the “Hashtag” showpiece bracelet, this sterling silver bracelet features a “Hashtag” plate and a dainty “#” charm. The simple yet chic design goes perfectly with every look.

Hilary understands that the best way to stop rumours is to adopt the “haters gonna hate” attitude. The four “H. A. T. E” rings perfectly demonstrate her indifference to the opinions and criticism of other people. The 18K designs are set with rubies, black diamonds and white diamonds on rings of different shapes, symbolizing the distinctiveness of every woman and highlighting the importance of self-admiration.

“Hilarious” –- Making Your Own Rules with “Hilarious” Oversize Pendant Necklace

“Are you happy?” Hilary’s answer would probably be “I am happy and content with my life today”. She is particularly fond of the keyword “Hilarious” as it seems to be her motto. She believes that being “hilarious” is to spend every day and do everything happily. The key is to Be Hilarious! Be Fun! Adorned with pearls, the silver “Hilarious” oversized pendant necklace represents the different life stages and roles of women. For instance, Hilary started as an actress and moved on to be a wife, a mother and a businesswoman. She loves and learns from every role.

*Special design

“Heart” – Heart Earrings – Love Yourself and Listen to Your Heart

Listen to your heart, prepare for the new journey and embrace the new you! The “Heart” earrings comprise a “Heart” ear stud and a “Heart” ear pendant suspending from a silver beaded chain, creating an asymmetric design that complements your confidence. The reversed “R” of the word “Heart” also inspires women to be spontaneous and unconventional, and to listen to their hearts and reveal their inner beauty.

*Special preview – Redefining Romance with 2018 Valentine’s Day Limited-edition Ear Pendant

A limited-edition oversized heart ear pendant is also available to match the “Heart” ear stud or ear pendant, adding a playful twist to your look on the most romantic day.

The “Hilary Tsui for Emphasis” Collection will be available at the four selected stores and eShop of EMPHASIS in early December.

Whistles opens third store in Times Square, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Contemporary British fashion brand Whistles, in partnership with Rue Madame Fashion Group (RMFG), is pleased to announce the opening of a third standalone store in Hong Kong, located on the fifth floor of the ultra-modern Times Square mega-mall, situated at Causeway Bay, the most vibrant district in Hong Kong.

Celebrating British design the new store will open on the 5th December 2017 and will house the complete womenswear collection, including footwear, accessories.

Spread over 1,000 square feet the store has a bespoke design for the Times Square Mall. The space is characterised by Whistles signature contemporary design aesthetic showcasing the Whistles product in an elevated setting.

The Whistles Autumn Winter 2017 collection is distinctly decadent, characterised by fluid fabrics, sumptuous prints and a louche silhouette to create the ultimate in day-to-night dressing.