Cavalieri, Rome

“When in Rome…”

With the 13th FINA World Championships making a splash in Rome this summer, the most famous hotel in Rome took the opportunity to revamp itself for its 50th Anniversary by announcing its corporation into the Waldorf Astoria brand- making it the first European hotel of the hotel chain. Chic-modern is mixed in with art, history and extravagance after the thorough refurbishments. Andy Warhol pieces and Karl Lagerfeld designed furniture are displayed along with massive and impressive works by Giambattista Tiepolo and Nicolo’ Bambini, in suites and all over the hotel. Scattered around the hotel are also one-off furniture pieces that once belonged to royalty or dignitaries, all adding to the hotel’s ever-growing art collection donated by the patrons. It’s 3 Michelin Star Chef Wolfgang Puck has also reignited the restaurants name by recently serving the Obamas, and having been praised by Michelle for his famous Carbonara. It never felt so luxurious experiencing what the Roman’s do best.

Rome Cavalieri, The Waldorf Astoria Collection, Via Alberto Cadlolo 101, 00136 Rome, ItalyTel 39 06 3509 1
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Review by Rebecca Gabbai