Man Ho Chinese Restaurant Introduces Mooncakes with New and Ever-popular Ingredients

With Mid-Autumn Festival fast approaching, Man Ho Chinese Restaurant at JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong is pleased to present a selection of exquisitely crafted mooncakes from now until 2 October 2017 to welcome and celebrate the festivity with family and friends.

This year, Executive Chinese Chef Jayson Tang is delighted to bring a new flavour to the mooncake selection by introducing the new Mini Mooncakes with Brown Sugar, Rose, Red Bean Paste and Egg Yolk (HK$288 for 6 pieces per box). Silky red bean paste and egg yolk retain the thick and creamy texture that evokes childhood memories of authentic Chinese pastries, while a hint of rose flavour brings you an enduring aroma.

Inspired by the traditional mooncake flavour, Man Ho also proudly introduces Mooncakes with White Lotus Seed Paste, Ginger and Double Egg Yolks (HK$298 for 4 pieces per box) to treat your taste buds to decadent yet refreshing flavours with a distinctive combination of ginger and smooth, high quality lotus seed paste.

Each flavour is presented in an elegantly designed gift box with individually wrapped mooncakes to ensure optimum freshness. Enjoy 15% discount for early bird orders before 15 August. Collection period for mooncakes is from 16 August to 2 October 2017 at Man Ho Chinese Restaurant. Gift certificates are also available.

* All prices are at nett.


For more details or to place an order, please call (852) 2810 8366.