– Crown Your Love with the Josephine Amour d’Aigrette solitaire ring

At its origins lies the love story between Napoléon and Joséphine, for whom the Maison created its first sentimental jewels. It’s a love story that inspires Chaumet with Crown Your Love today, a precious take on the engagement ring, to crown the most romantic of engagements.

This timeless couple formed of a strong-willed woman and a powerful man passionately in love entrusted the Maison with the task of capturing their tenderness. Remaining true to its history, Chaumet places happiness at the heart of its creations, punctuating couples’ lives with precious milestones. Echoing the taste of its inspirer, the Joséphine collection offers a contemporary interpretation of the tiara, to crown the finger with elegance and lightness.

Adding to the Joséphine collection is a new striking solitaire that brings fresh life to the union of the tiara ring and brilliant cut diamond. Known as the Joséphine Amour d’Aigrette ring, the interlacing design in platinum paved with brilliant-cut diamonds, encircling the finger that evokes the union of two people – a contemporary expression of the symbols long present in Chaumet’s sentimental jewels. Play up your creativity and layer the solitaire ring with one or even two stackable wedding bands for that unique look.


Crown Your Love, the video campaign

The concept of this new campaign is elevation through love with the Parisian stairs as a symbol of the couple’s ascent together. A love story has to be built “step by step” to last forever. In the bridal universe, the stairs are also an allusion to the stairs of the city hall or of the religious building that a couple climbs together on their wedding day. The new Crown Your Love film and photoshoot assets show the idea that, through love, the couple becomes more than what they were as a single person. These assets show a very authentic image of the couple and of their love story. Moreover, the assets highlight different moments in the couple’s life showing that Chaumet isn’t just a jeweller for your wedding day but accompanies you throughout life’s most important moments.

故事由拿破崙與約瑟芬之間的愛情開始,Chaumet的第一件情感珠寶便是為他們而創製。這段愛情亦啟迪了今日的Chaumet「為愛加冕」(Crown Your Love)概念的誕生 ─ 以珍貴的訂婚戒指作為愛情最浪漫的憑證。


這對璧人 ─ 引領時尚風潮的約瑟芬與位高權重的拿破崙 ─ 經常委託Chaumet以超卓的珠寶為彼此柔情蜜意作下記錄。綜觀歷史,Chaumet的創作一直以「快樂」為中心,與愛侶們一同締造人生重要的里程碑。Chaumet Joséphine系列與約瑟芬皇后(Empress Joséphine)的品味相呼應,以當代時尚方式重新詮釋冠冕設計,以優雅且輕盈的方式為指尖加冕。


Chaumet Joséphine系列推出全新單鑽戒指款式,以嶄新方式演繹冠冕戒指和明亮式切割美鑽。採用鉑金製成,並鋪鑲明亮式切割鑽石 ─ 繞著玉指間的Joséphine Amour d’Aigrette單鑽戒指呼應著兩位戀人的結合,無疑是對Chaumet情感珠寶精粹的絕佳當代詮釋。您更可發揮創意,將單鑽戒指與同系列的其他戒指疊搭穿戴,打造獨一無二的造型。



全新宣傳短片的概念從「人生的階梯」展開:愛侶攜手踏上層層階梯,彼此的感情持續昇華,比喻愛情需要逐步建立才能穩定持久;同時意指婚禮當日,新人攜手步上階梯,邁向幸福的殿堂。是次「為愛加冕」宣傳照及短片傳遞著一個重要信息 ─ 愛情使人互相成長、成就彼此。此輯宣傳照刻畫了愛情的真實面貌與戀人間的甜蜜故事,同時捕捉了他們生活中的珍貴片段,象徵Chaumet的珠寶不僅為二人的大日子增光添彩,更陪伴與見證他們生命中的多個重要時刻。