Chaumet – Jewellery wonderland

Jewellery wonderland

Under a deep-blue night sky lit up by shooting stars,
the heart of the Place Vendôme beats to the euphoric rhythm of the holiday season. At number 12, the display windows come to life,
and the Liens, Hortensia, Joséphine, Bee My Love and Insolence collections invite us to delight in their joyful array. As guests of the ballet,
the new Chaumet jewellery boxes are adorned with the Maison’s signature blue tone. Chaumet celebrates Christmas and pays tribute to these instants
of universal happiness. A series of photographs and animations give centre stage to the jewellery creations, with a festive Paris as magical backdrop.


A symbol of the Maison’s spirit, the lien motif represents the bonds between lovers, friends or family. A universal talisman of love and affection, each Liens creation is an essential that tells a story. Liens Séduction, a new chapter in the collection, evokes a passion that is as free and light-hearted as a loosely tied ribbon. A kaleidoscope of bracelets and rings to be worn as precious charms. The Jeux de Liens pendant necklaces and bracelets sparkle with diamonds, shimmer with mother-of-pearl or burst with fresh vibrant colours. The pure lines of Liens Evidence’s rings in white gold and diamonds declare the strength of their commitment. The mother-of-pearl and diamonds of the Liens Lumière watches twinkle in perfect harmony with their coloured bracelets.

Hortensia Eden

Fresh from the garden, a bouquet of brightly coloured hydrangeas transforms into a precious Hortensia creation. Joséphine’s favourite flower becomes a ring, a pendant necklace or a jewellery mini-watch, adorned with malachite, turquoise, lapis lazuli, mother-of-pearl or pink opal set with diamonds. A choice of bracelets caters to every occasion and fancy.

Bee My love

The Bee My Love collection, in homage to the emblem of Napoléon I, infinitely replicates the bee’s honeycomb motif. The geometric shapes, embellished with diamonds, pink, white or yellow gold, fit seamlessly together to mix and match around the fingers.


Like a lovers’ hide and seek, the Insolence collection creations tell the story of a diamond ribbon and a rose gold rope chain that meet to intertwine, tie and untie in a whimsical game of seduction. The loosely tied knot adorning the rings and necklace evokes a world of spontaneous femininity – ready to embrace all of life’s pleasures.


Delicate solitaires inspired by the empress’s tiaras, Joséphine Aigrette rings are an alliance of the refinement of the drawing with the magnificence of diamonds, particularly the pear-shape. Echoing the taste of their muse, these pieces perpetuate the Chaumet style of lightness and elegance.