Discover Abu Dhabi’s Newest Destination Spa

Set deep within the mesmerizing desert landscape of Abu Dhabi, lies Talise Spa, the brand new wellness retreat at Jumeirah Al Wathba Desert Resort & Spa.

This intimate destination spa is a hallmark of the resort and enjoys a setting as calming as the treatments themselves. Nestled within an exclusive natural environment, the destination spa doesn’t rely on looks alone to impress – the luxurious treatments promise the perfect experience for couples and groups of friends to escape the city, rebalance and embark on an individual wellness journey.

To celebrate Talise Spa’s opening, two new spa packages have been launched. Prices start from HKD 4060 (AED 1900++) on weekdays,  HKD 4700  (AED 2200++) on weekends and include a HKD 1068 (AED 500) spa credit per person. Standout experiences include the signature Al Wathba Revitalising Massage and the Red Carpet Facial by Margy’s Monte Carlo. The Hammamii Desert Massage ritual starts with a traditional inhalation and deep breathing meditation and utilizes nourishing local Hammamii oils for a healing combination of pressure, trigger point therapy and soft and deep massage. Trained to tailor each treatment to every guest’s individual wishes, spa treatments are delivered with faultless service.

Suffused with peaceful tranquility and natural beauty, the Spa offers a beautiful sensory experience. The 13 luxury treatment rooms are inclusive of two couples’ suites and private terraces. Sink into any of the relaxation areas, which comprise both private male and female changing rooms, and explore the crystal salt saunas, steam rooms, plunge pools, snow room and for the adventurous there’s even an invigorating ice bucket shower. Guests are free to explore the open-air yoga pavilion, perfect for anyone wishing to find their desert spirit.


Another exciting feature is the IceLab Cryo Therapy, a revitalising experience where the body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures (–166°F / –110°C) for 1–3 minutes. The results promise to surprise and delight with the spontaneous well-being feeling that follows. The positive effects can benefit the mind, relax muscles, help with slimming and anti-ageing.

Guests looking for a rejuvenation journey can indulge in the luxurious Turkish Hammams inspired by traditional Turkish bathhouses. This foam ritual begins with eucalyptus to awaken the senses and is followed by an aromatic rosemary “Kirmizi Biber” exfoliation. A refreshing, healing white clay mask infused with mint is then liberally applied. Following rinsing, guests are coated in luxurious body oil leaving them feeling positively refreshed and radiant.

Sound Experience

Why not calm the mind and try a new short cut to zen with sound therapy? After all, optimum wellness is said to be achieved when we are in harmony with our natural resonant frequency.

This treatment uses rhythm, frequency and different sensory tools to influence brain wave frequencies and bring about positive changes. Sound therapy enables us to downshift a normal beta state (normal waking consciousness) to alpha (relaxed consciousness), and even reach theta (meditative state) and delta (sleep, where internal healing can occur) to improve health and well-being.

For gym enthusiasts, the Talise fitness center offers a comprehensive range of TechnoGym equipment, private personal training, exercise sessions and private memberships. The Talise Boutique offers professional spa products to purchase

Inspired by classical dwellings, the boutique resort’s 103 guest rooms and villas feature timeless local details, traditional artwork, and Arabesque accessories, alongside a range of dining destinations showcasing the dunes to panoramic perfection.


The spa package starts fron HKD 4060 (AED 1900++) on weekdays and HKD 4700 (AED 2200++) on weekends, the packages include a HKD 1068 (AED 500) spa credit per person.