EMPHASIS: Where Originality Meets Fashion Redefining Style and Femininity with Trendsetter Hilary Tsui

EMPHASIS, the leading jeweller acclaimed for its stylish originality, has been delighting modern women with distinctive daily luxury jewellery. Recognising the subtle link between women and jewellery, EMPHASIS encourages every girl to showcase her unique beauty with its exquisite collections.

EMPHASIS further celebrates the multifaceted beauty of femininity and upholds its belief that true beauty is unveiled in the journey of self-discovery. Women should stick to their own rules rather than convincing others. Sharing the same philosophy of independence, intellectuality and out-of-the-box thinking, EMPHASIS invited fashion icon Hilary Tsui to be the guest jewellery designer for its new Hilary Tsui for Emphasiscollection. Breaking the boundaries of fine jewellery, the collection features five creative pieces crafted with sterling silver, pearls and gemstones to demonstrate the bold style and unique vision of Hilary.

Meaningful Messages Glorifying EMPHASIS’ Natural Femininity

Inspired by the four keywords “Hashtag”, “Hate”, “Hilarious” and “Heart” chosen by Hilary, the Collection conveys the message of “showing up not showing off” with a selection of oversized pieces. Each creation represents the fashion icon’s remarkable and dramatic story that shapes her outspokenness and confidence. The guest jewellery designer also wants to spread positive energy and encourage women to speak out through her artistic vision.

*Showpiece, pre-order only

“HashTag “ – Hashtag Bangle  #EVERYTHING IS IN YOUR HAND

As a public figure, Hilary inevitably faces immense pressure from the public and media. While she has got used to it, she always reminds herself to build up the positive energy by seeing things from different perspectives.

The “Hashtag” bangl

e features an 18K yellow gold chain ring and a metal cuff connected with an 18K yellow gold chain. The bold “Hashtag” plate set with colourful sapphires and semi-precious stones emphasizes that everything is in your hand. The natural pearls on the sides prompt the wearer to follow her heart and pursue happiness without being affected by harsh criticism.

*Special design


Based on the “Hashtag” showpiece bracelet, this sterling silver bracelet features a “Hashtag” plate and a dainty “#” charm. The simple yet chic design goes perfectly with every look.

Hilary understands that the best way to stop rumours is to adopt the “haters gonna hate” attitude. The four “H. A. T. E” rings perfectly demonstrate her indifference to the opinions and criticism of other people. The 18K designs are set with rubies, black diamonds and white diamonds on rings of different shapes, symbolizing the distinctiveness of every woman and highlighting the importance of self-admiration.

“Hilarious” –- Making Your Own Rules with “Hilarious” Oversize Pendant Necklace

“Are you happy?” Hilary’s answer would probably be “I am happy and content with my life today”. She is particularly fond of the keyword “Hilarious” as it seems to be her motto. She believes that being “hilarious” is to spend every day and do everything happily. The key is to Be Hilarious! Be Fun! Adorned with pearls, the silver “Hilarious” oversized pendant necklace represents the different life stages and roles of women. For instance, Hilary started as an actress and moved on to be a wife, a mother and a businesswoman. She loves and learns from every role.

*Special design

“Heart” – Heart Earrings – Love Yourself and Listen to Your Heart

Listen to your heart, prepare for the new journey and embrace the new you! The “Heart” earrings comprise a “Heart” ear stud and a “Heart” ear pendant suspending from a silver beaded chain, creating an asymmetric design that complements your confidence. The reversed “R” of the word “Heart” also inspires women to be spontaneous and unconventional, and to listen to their hearts and reveal their inner beauty.

*Special preview – Redefining Romance with 2018 Valentine’s Day Limited-edition Ear Pendant

A limited-edition oversized heart ear pendant is also available to match the “Heart” ear stud or ear pendant, adding a playful twist to your look on the most romantic day.

The “Hilary Tsui for Emphasis” Collection will be available at the four selected stores and eShop of EMPHASIS in early December.