ETRO Mother’s Day Specials

This Mother’s Day, choose from a selection of amazing gift ideas from ETRO, where you are sure to find the perfect gift for the dearest lady of the family as a token of gratitude.


The colourful ETRO bag is suited for all occasions, and with its large capacity, it makes an ideal work and travel companion.


Made in 100% genuine leather, the black handbag with oriental prints brings a sense of mystery. Stylish yet refined, the bag is a subtle statement of your personal style.



Embossed with paisley prints, the beige handbag is the perfect illustration of simplicity and elegance combined. The bag’s large capacity also allows you to carry documents and magazines, making it a functional accessory for all business women.


This silk scarf with paisley print features fringed edges to create that extra vibe, and is a trendy piece that can instantly brighten up any look.

Beige Jacket with Peony Embroidery Price31,600

Under the cool breeze on an early summer night, a beige jacket with peony embroidery may just be the most ideal outerwear to bring you warmth and a sense of liveliness.

Shirt: $6,000

Jacket: $18,100


Printed with vibrant colours and of travelling and floral motifs, both the shirt and jacket manifests a playful yet chic style from ETRO.

Dress with Geometric Prints: $18,500

This dress with backgammon board-like geometric prints gives a neat and refreshing impression, an effortless approach to being stylish.