Seizing your chance and daring. Breaking the conventional rules of jewellery by conjuring up relaxed, stylish pieces and becoming the only “Contemporary Creative Jeweller”. That was the road Fred Samuel chose to take, one he followed throughout his life. Since then, the Maison has continued to create collections with the same sense of audacity. Which is why, as a new decade begins, the 8°0 collection launched in 2016 to mark the Maison’s 80th anniversary is becoming ‘Chance Infinie’, an obvious choice of name.

The infinite, destiny, passion, chance and fortune… Chance Infinie is a universal symbol, capturing the kind of joy that, every day, lights up life’s meaningful moments, both big and small. Imbued with FRED’s heritage, it acts as a lucky charm protecting the women who make their own luck, the bold ones who follow their desires. It represents a tribute to Fred Samuel, an optimist in every respect who believed in his destiny and turned pieces of good fortune into lasting success. He sketched out a fortunate, forward-looking path that the Maison still treads today.

Chance Infinie transforms into a talisman whose subtle design evokes the benevolent spirit watching over the wearer, wherever she is in the world.

Its double loop resembles a sideways figure of eight. The 8 is a nod to Fred Samuel’s date of birth, in the eighth month of the year 1908. The figure seems almost to guide his steps – he opened his first boutique in 1936 on the rue Royale, in the heart of Paris’s 8th arrondissement. In a lucky turn, the number 8 also embodies good fortune in certain cultures.

Chance Infinie’s interlacing loops are also inspired by the lemniscate, the symbol of infinity and eternity. With neither beginning nor end, they trace out an aesthetical continuity that is part of FRED’s history. They represent the Maison’s entirety, its past and present but also its view of the future.

Worn on a woman’s finger, the Chance Infinie ring unlaces its spell like a precious amulet, confident of its destiny. Around this jewellery piece, necklaces, earrings and bracelets weave curling shapes of delicate femininity. Whether seen, worn or touched, they instinctively convey optimism and joie de vivre.



「捉緊運氣、發揮冒險精神,以率性、雅緻的創作打破珠寶設計的成規,致力成為首屈一指的『當代創意珠寶商』。」這便是FRED的創始人Fred Samuel先生所選擇、並以畢生堅持的道路。自成立以來,FRED一直以設計大膽創新的珠寶作品而著稱,包括其於2016年為紀念品牌成立80周年所推出的8°0系列。在另一個十年開始之際,這一系列將以「Chance Infinie」之名重新面世,延續品牌無畏的精神所帶來的「無限可能」。

Chance Infinie系列珠寶象徵著運氣、熱情、緣分和財富等生命中各種不同的可能性,亦代表著生活中那些大大小小的重要時刻。系列在FRED的傳統美學上加入了幸運符的設計概念,庇護著那些自強、獨立和忠於自己的果敢女性。Chance Infinie也是一件向Fred Samuel致敬的作品:他是一名不折不扣的樂觀主義者,他堅信命運由自己掌握,藉著對生活的熱愛,成就持久的成功。直到今天,FRED品牌依然延續著他以前瞻性的視野勾勒出的這條幸運之路。

Chance Infinie巧妙的設計如幸運符一樣守護者佩戴者,時刻伴隨。它的雙環結構猶如一個曼妙側臥的「8」字,向生於1908年8月的品牌創始人Fred Samuel先生致敬。數字「8」似乎也引領著Fred Samuel前行的腳步 — 他於1936年在巴黎第八區的心臟地帶皇家路(Rue Royale)開設了自己的第一家精品店。巧合的是,數字「8」在好些傳統文化中也象徵著幸運。

Chance Infinie交錯的雙環設計也受到了雙扭線「∞」的啟發,象徵無限和永恆。這一恆久的美態貫穿了FRED的歷史,標誌著品牌的過去與現在,以及其對未來的展望。

女士指間的Chance Infinie戒指猶如珍貴的護身符一般施展著幸運的魔法,讓她對生命充滿信心。同系列的項鏈、耳環和手鐲等也交織出極富女性氣質以及雅緻的線條美,無論看上去、戴上去或是摸上去,都令人感受到樂觀和對生活的熱愛。