W Hotels Worldwide is celebrating a new milestone by expanding the new kingdom in China – “W Shanghai – The Bund”. To commemorate this occasion, W Hong Kong will kick off the dining promotion Yeh! Shanghai at WOOBAR and KITCHEN from September 4th onwards, inviting you to experience different Shanghainese flavours through W brand’s edge taste, bringing you to dance, drink and dine within a few sips and couple of bites in Shanghai style.


Shanghai is about the big bites and also the small. Our “Yeh! Shanghai” afternoon tea is an insta-snap worthy selection of both the sweet and the savoury, taking you on a mini food tour around Shanghai, without you even having to leave WOOBAR. Start with the delicious morsel of crispy suckling pig, fermented bean curd paste and caviar, transferring you to a traditional Chinese BBQ restaurant, however only for a second before you move onto succulent seafood treats such as the prawn cocktail with light spicy sesame soya sauce and sago.

We’ve got the sweets also sorted with black sesame dumpling with white sesame tuile and chocolate and cinnamon croissant twist. The star of the show of course is our signature “Xiao long BAO”, – a cake consisting of vanilla-pistachio mousse, raspberry jam on feuilletine.

The “Yeh! Shanghai” afternoon tea will bring you on both a flavour and texture extravaganza that will leave you booking an actual flight to Shanghai to experience more, however when there is good food, there is also good drink. Pair your afternoon tea with our new “Shanghai Sips” cocktail collection at WOOBAR. In Chinese culture, there are four flowers that represent four different seasons. With the upcoming autumn season, WOOBAR has integrated the Chrysanthemum, the flower of autumn into each drink, as well as inspiring oriental flavours such as Osmanthus, Chinese white wine, dates and yuzu.

Within a sip, your surroundings will be transformed into a Shanghai evening with The Qipao, a fresh blend of Belvedere Vodka, Lemon juice, Chrysanthemum tea and a unique blend of Osmanthus syrup. For those that crave a bitter-sweet hit of lime and honey, we’ve got The Shanghai Pour, served in an oriental teapot and cup with a mixture of Chinese white wine. We don’t like to keep things tame – join us in trying The Wild Flower, a fresh combination of egg white, lemon juice, gin, and of course, a starring flavour of Yuzu paste. For a darker flavour that will bring you to Shanghai after dark, we’ve got “The Pearl”, perfect for the whisky and date lovers.

Try one, or try them all, but this unique cocktail collection, along with our delectable afternoon tea bites will be sure to bring you out of the Hong Kong hustle and straight into a sensuous Shanghai scene.

“Shanghai Sips” cocktails are each priced at HKD140+10%

Afternoon Tea Set
Monday – Friday (except public holidays)
2:30pm – 5.30pm
HKD418 + 10% for two

Afternoon Tea buffet
Saturday – Sunday including public holiday
2:30pm – 5:30pm
HKD330 + 10% per person

“Shanghai Sips” Cocktail Collection
All cocktails priced at HKD140+10%

** Afternoon tea set, tea buffet and cocktail collection available from September 4, 2017 until October 31, 2017
For enquiries or reservations: +852 3717 2889 /


KITCHEN has been busy cooking up an absolute Shanghainese storm for you and we are packing the flavour punch with new additions to our buffet offerings. Inspired by Shanghai’s night markets, world-class restaurants and street food, KITCHEN has created a menu starring Sichuan spices, succulent meats and a whole lot of Shanghainese zest.

We’ve got heaven in buffet form for all the seafood lovers with our sweet and sour sea bass fillet, topped with passionfruit, yuzu, grapefruit and hawthorn sauce. Another star from our seafood selection includes our fragrant seafood bouillabaisse with lobster claw, prawns, clams and lotus root turnip, served with sesame crackers and laksa aioli.

Amongst the array of vibrant colours and simmering sauces, we’ve got a selection for both vegetable and meat lovers with dishes on the menu such as our oyster blade beef with black truffle, black pepper sauce with asparagus as well as poached Chinese cabbage, Yunnan ham, conpoy and Italian pancetta. Of course, a Shanghainese feast is not complete without some classics such as our spicy sweet and sour shanghai soup which will provide you a kick of heat to wake you up prior to your pending food coma.

With a combination of spices, sauces and textures, KITCHEN’s new Shanghainese menu has been made with a whole lot of love and studies, straight from the streets of Shanghai.

Lunch Buffet
Monday – Friday (except public holidays)
12pm to 2:30pm
HKD328+10% per adult/HKD164+10% per child

Saturday Buffet
12pm to 2:30pm
HKD468+10% per adult/HKD234+10%per child

Dinner Buffet
Monday – Thursday
6pm to 10pm
HKD618+ 10% per child / HKD309 + 10% per child

Friday to Sunday and Public Holidays
6pm to 10pm
HKD688 +10% per adult / HKD344 +10% per child

** Available from September 4 2017 until December 3, 2017
For enquiries or reservations: +852 3717 2299 /