Gift Better this Mother’s Day

With a mission to educate and reduce single-use plastics in Hong Kong, not-for-profit organisation EcoDrive launches its Gift Bettercampaign to help consumers make an informed decision when it comes to gifting this Mother’s Day (12 May 2019). Partnering with leading gift brands such as Bydeau, Ellermann, Gift Flowers HK, Gift Hampers HK, Gift Something and The Lion Rock Press, EcoDrive introduces plastic free and plastic lite gifting options that are low on single use plastic and waste.

Championing consumers to be more conscious Angela Cheng Matsuzawa, co-founder at EcoDrive says: “Packaging looks lovely for a few seconds however it will spend its lifetime in landfill. With our Gift Better campaign we have been fortunate to work with companies that want to make a difference and reduce theirs and their customers’ impact on the environment.”

From beautiful flowers to delicious cakes, and everything in between, this gift list will put a smile on your mother’s face without leaving her feeling guilty about throwing away the excessive packaging. This Mother’s Day please visit each participating brand’s websites and search for the Plastic Free and Plastic Lite products that will be highlighted by the EcoDrive logo.

Flowers are probably the number one choice when it comes to Mother’s Day gifting and EcoDrive has gathered three of the best florists to treat mother dearest. From Gift Flowers there is the Spray Roses in vase (HK$959), Bydeau’s selection of florals start at HK$800 for The Violet while Ellermann created A Mother’ Grace (HK$1,980) inspired by EcoDrive’s mission to reduce single use plastic and waste.

To go down the non-traditional route, Gift Something has some lovely Plastic Free options including indulgent Bath Salts (HK$455) while The Lion Rock Press Skyline candles come unscented and in two different Limited Edition scents (HK$380) of  Mandarin Spice and Winter Calm. Encased in a striking ‘rose gold’ vessel, and hand-finished in Hong Kong, this limited edition candle invites you to share in the magic of the Orient and luxuriate in the scent.

For the mum who loves a good cup of tea then the Tea Party Hamper (HK$788) from Gift Hampers is ideal for afternoon entertaining while Bydeau introduces the Ultimate Pamper Box (HK$1200) to help mum transform a few spare moments into a serene getaway.

Sabrina Pang Fung, co-founder at EcoDrive says: “At EcoDrive, our message is clear: start small, start now. We want to encourage conscious consumerism where customers can choose wisely without waste. This campaign is one step to help both businesses and consumers think about their purchases properly. We decided to launch this campaign in time for Mother’s Day, but we hope that this doesn’t stop here and continues all year round and that more businesses join forces to reduce single use plastic waste.”