The House of GIVENCHY, is pleased to announce the appointment of Matthew M. WILLIAMS as Creative Director, effective June16th,2020.

Matthew M. WILLIAMS will take on all creative responsibilities for Women’s and Men’s collections.

Sidney TOLEDANO, Chairman and CEO of LVMH Fashion Group, declares:

I am very happy to see Matthew M. WILLIAMS join the LVMH Group. Since he took part in the LVMH Prize, we have had the pleasure of watching him develop into the great talent he is today.

I believe his singular vision of modernity will be a great opportunity for GIVENCHY to write its new chapter with strength and success.

Renaud de LESQUEN, CEO and President of GIVENCHY, states:

I want to warmly welcome Matthew M. WILLIAMS to the beautiful Maison GIVENCHY.

I am convinced that, with his unapologetic approach to design and creativity and in great collaboration with the Maison’s exceptional ateliers and teams, Matthew will help GIVENCHY reach its full potential.

Matthew M. WILLIAMS states:

I am extremely honored to join the House of GIVENCHY. The Maison’s unique position and timeless aura make it an undeniable icon and I am looking forward to working together with its ateliers and teams, to move it into a new era, based on modernity and inclusivity.

I am grateful to the LVMH group for trusting me with the opportunity to fulfill my lifelong dream.

In these unprecedented times for the world, I want to send a message of hope, together with my community and colleagues, and intend to contribute towards positive change.

Matthew M. WILLIAMS will present his first collection for the House of GIVENCHY in Paris in October.

委任 為創意總監

即時發佈巴黎, 年月日

Givenchy欣然宣佈委任Matthew M. WILLIAMS為創意總監,任期於2020年6月16日生效。 Matthew M. WILLIAMS將會負責男女裝系列的所有設計工作。

LVMH Fashion Group主席兼首席執行官Sidney TOLEDANO表示:
我很高興Matthew M. WILLIAMS加盟LVMH Group,由於他曾參加LVMH Prize,我們有幸能見證他不斷進步,如今

成為優秀的設計師。 我相信他的獨特現代設計視野將能為GIVENCHY帶來良機,寫下成功的新篇章。

GIVENCHY首席執行官兼總裁Renaud de LESQUEN指: 我非常歡迎Matthew M. WILLIAMS加入GIVENCHY的大家庭。


Matthew M. WILLIAMS表示: 我非常榮幸能加入GIVENCHY。品牌是定位獨特、魅力雋永的時尚經典,我非常期待與GIVENCHY的設計工作室和

我亦感謝LVMH Group的信任,讓我有機會實現畢生的夢想。 現時全球也變對前所未見的挑戰,我希望能與所屬的社區和同事傳揚希望,並帶來正面的改變。

Matthew M. WILLIAMS將於10月在巴黎呈獻首個GIVENCHY系列。

Matthew M. Williams, 34, grew up in Pismo Beach, California and developed an early interest in fashion. A self-taught designer, he honed his craft by starting in fashion production, cultivating strong relationships along the way with top talents across creative fields, including art, music, photography, and fashion.

For Fall-Winter 2015, the designer debuted Alyx, a women’s wear brand named after his eldest daughter. The label, which is rooted in contemporary culture, affirmative change, and longevity of design, quickly caught attention and was shortlisted for the 2016 LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers. Since then, the brand has restyled itself as 1017 Alyx 9SM and won a loyal following for a highly focused collection with a very personal point of view, spanning women’s wear, men’s wear and accessories, as well as collaborations with renowned international sports and luxury lifestyle brands. The designer’s longstanding fascination with translating cultural undercurrents into high fashion informs the brand’s aesthetic, and his signature “rollercoaster” buckle quickly became iconic among tastemakers.

In addition to his commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail, Williams advocates authentic values of research, technical innovation and creative repurposing that align perfectly with Givenchy’s philosophy of elegant ease. An intuitive understanding of tailoring, technology and integrity in fashion make the designer an ideal steward for carrying the Givenchy legacy forward with modernity and power.

Upon his appointment as Creative Director of Givenchy collections in June 2020, Matthew Williams has decided to relocate to Paris. He continues to design the Italian-based Alyx brand independently.