John Lobb

John Lobb unveils its new campaign lensed by Nick Knight and with art direction by Peter Saville.

Featuring ‘Penmare’, a distinctive bespoke model two-years in the making, and celebrating the history of innovation present in the house
with its masterful seamless construction. This extraordinary style highlights the inherent
history of hand-craftsmanship and technical advancement present in the John Lobb bespoke atelier, and presented by Knight | Saville within the campaign as an unparalleled ‘Objet d’Art’: a rare and exquisite masterpiece.

Willow, a three-buckle Women’s boot accompanies Penmare in this campaign, a silhouette which has rapidly become a new signature for the house,
and synonymous with the restrained elegance, modernity and timeless style which has defined John Lobb since the foundation of the house in 1851.

The campaign reinforces John Lobb’s status as a purveyor of expertly crafted, intricately detailed footwear for men and women.