KERRY HOTEL HONG KONG Launches CHA LING Spirit of Pu’er Afternoon Tea

Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong has partnered with Cha Ling to present Spirit of Pu’er – a delicious and rejuvenating afternoon tea experience from 16th January till end of March 2020. Purification, detoxification and nourishment are the top three to-dos for those of us who want to maintain our glowing skins. Premium Pu’er Tea-based Parisian skincare brand Cha Ling offers a holistic product line to harness the antioxidant powers of the plant to revitalise skin. This exquisite afternoon tea draws inspiration from Cha Ling’s signature Four Seasons face masks and its premium ingredient, the precious forest Pu’er Tea.

The splendid afternoon tea presents decadent sweet pastries that encho the unique, buttery texture of the refreshing sensation of Cha Ling’s Four Seasons masks. A Pu’er tea-infused scone is an acknowledgement to the spirit of Cha Ling, the rare and precious Pu’er Tea from the thousand-year-old tea forest. The Spirit of the Pu’er Tea set denotes a vision of artistic gastronomy by presenting the delicious bites in a custom-made wooden ‘treasure box’ that is unlocked in front of guests when served.

The exclusive menu features Pu’er tea as the premium ingredient held in high esteem to showcase an array of aromatic savoury items. Executive Chef Matthew Woolford, masterminds the true culinary spirit of the origin of the tea, has crafted a series of Chinese-influenced tea savouries with premium ingredients. Tea savouries include Abalone Salad with Crispy Wonton, Poached Chicken “Lo Mai Gai” with Morel and Truffle Sticky Rice, Pu’er Tea Marbled Quail Egg topped with W3 Oscetria Caviar and Osmanthus Blossom Sprinkled Braised Iberian Pork Cheek with Red Dates and Pu’er Tea.

This unique and enriching experience also presents Cha Ling’s Four Seasons masks through a colourful array of sweet pastries. These delightful pastries are Hello Spring – Peach Blossom Curd on Almond Madeleine, Happy Summer Time – Strawberry and Poppy Seed Mousse on Coconut Dacquoise, Hello Autumn – Pear Infused Caramel Tartin and When Winter is Here – Maple Syrup Sabayon with Chestnut and Caramelised Pine Nuts.