Emerging Fine Jewelry Brand KKLUE Welcomes the Year with Three New Life-Inspired Collections

Following the well-received launch of its inaugural collection “IMPERFECTION”, KKLUE, a homegrown fine jewelry brand led by founder Kellyn Zhou, announces the launch of three new collections – “ORIGINE”, “HEROINE”, and “BALLERINA”. Reminiscent of the IMPERFECTION Collection, the three new collections showcase deeply profound designs in stunningly elegant handcrafted pieces using the highest quality 18K gold and diamonds.

In true and signature KKLUE fashion, each new collection shares and celebrates a piece of story in the life journey of today’s women.

ORIGINE Collection – An Appreciation of the Past

This collection aptly pays tribute to beginnings and one’s personal history. The prominent shape of the pieces is a reflection of journeying back to our roots, speaking of people, places and memories from the past that form one’s identity today. Crafted from 18K solid gold and diamonds, featuring simple, clean lines along a circular zero pattern as focal point, all of the pieces in the collection evoke remembrance and appreciation of every beginning, and all things that have moved the woman of today to come full-circle as a person.


HEROINE Collection – Recognizing Every Woman’s Potential to Shine

Featuring 18K gold and the quality tapered baguette diamonds, KKLUE’s HEROINE Collection draws inspiration from every woman’s silent confidence that grows to shine through time and opportunity. The collection places limelight on the beauty of the elegantly small baguette diamond, typically used in multiples as side and accent stones, in each of its pieces—calling to mind every woman’s potential to shine, no matter who she is. The unconventional collection design radiates a story of inner prowess that emerges with unthinkable beauty when given the chance to be honored and celebrated.

BALLERINA Collection – Harnessing the Graceful Spirit towards Dreams

KKLUE culminates its newest launch with its third collection designed to celebrate the awe-inspiring rewards of graceful and patient hard work. Just as the effortless charm of a ballerina onstage is a sight to behold, the pieces in this collection offer fluid and delicate lines that, like an accomplished dancer, were created from hours of thoughtful study and work. Made with 18K gold and beautifully selected accenting stones, the pieces in this collection brings to life the “ballerina” spirit that chases dreams, resolutely drawing a vision of where she intends to be in the future.

KKLUE’s collections are now available for purchase through its official website:  https://kklue.com/, and partner stores.