Brand-New Chinese New Year Puddings and Goodies

This year, the Michelin two-starred Shang Palace introduces three new creations – Rose Sugar and Honey Locust Fruit Pudding; American Ginseng, Fig and  Honey Pudding; and Red Date and Olive Nut Pudding – in addition to the traditional Chinese New Year puddings. Classic Cantonese treat Crispy Taro Balls with Sesame and festive specialty Five-Treasure Tray are also available in celebration of this Spring Festival.

Rose Sugar and Honey Locust Fruit Pudding

Yunnan rose sugar enhances metabolism and blood circulation, while honey locust fruit cleanses the liver and is known to be good for the eyes. Both ingredients contribute to skin hydration, setting this brand-new pudding up to become a popular choice among ladies or anyone looking for a nourishing treat.

American Ginseng, Fig and Honey Pudding

American ginseng is well-regarded for lowering blood sugar, reducing heat and soothing the respiratory tract. This year, Shang Palace presents a creative and healthy choice by pairing ginseng with the sweet, nourishing honey, as well as fig, which enhances digestion and resistance to disease.

Red Date and Olive Nut Pudding

Red date is rich in protein and has a calming effect, whereas olive nut helps soothe cough and reduce phlegm. Both ingredients are well-known for their health benefits. Guests do not need to pan-fry this pudding but simply steam it to enjoy its refreshingly sweet taste.

Chinese New Year Goodies and Hampers

Depicting longevity, prosperity, good health, harmony and serenity, the Five-Treasure Tray is filled with five types of sea-salted nuts.

Carefully sourced from around the world, the nuts have different nutritional values. Paired the nuts, meticulously with mineral-packed natural sea salts that are rare in        the Hong Kong market, not only bring a new level of flavour, but also give the ordinary bite a unique taste.

Several attempts were made before the chef came up with the dedicated pairings based on the nut’s texture, the sea salt’s colour and taste, plus the origin and characteristics of both ingredients. To heighten the various nuts’ savoury tastes, two different cooking methods are used – oven baking and deep frying – to balance each nut’s oil content, offering guests the perfect treat for this Spring Festival.