Delvaux’s Hong Kong flagship store at The Landmark

Opening of Delvaux’s worldwide flagship store – Le 27 – in Brussels, and to bring attention and anticipation to Delvaux’s Hong Kong flagship store at The Landmark in the beginning of June.

Le 27, situated in the heart of Brussels’ Waterloo Boulevard, showcases the masterpieces by the 188-year-old purse manufacturer as well as works by the finest Belgian designers in the 20th centur

Combining luxury, design, art, history, the art of history, and avant garde, Le27 is much more than a boutique. The marble, mirrors, glass walls, illuminations, inlays and Italian parquet of Le 27 set the tone for a whimsical and audacious journey.

Deeply rooted in art, royal, and architectural history, Le 27 is a visual and intellectual feast for art enthusiasts, design aficionados, and history connoisseurs.

After all, Delvaux, founded in 1829, has always been beloved by the Belgian royal family.

Deeply enchanted and can’t wait to hop on a plane to Brussels?

Hold on, Delvaux is coming to Hong Kong!

On the second floor of Landmark, the Delvaux’s flagship store in Hong Kong will open in the beginning of June to welcome a colourful yet elegant summer!

The store – now almost complete – will be as impressive and inspiring as Le 27.

STAY TUNED for the most exciting opening of the year!