Loro Piana 2018 Spring/Summer Collection Men


The menswear selection gains inspiration from a universe that marries dynamics and style. It features a series of loose fitting, contemporary articles designed for urban wear and a life on the go. The main aspects of this range are water and windproof parkas, cashmere coats and jackets with 3L technology, guaranteeing comfort and performance. Every item in this range features a combination of materials with contrasting, high-performance technical details, offering weightless, crease resistant, functional articles that guarantee warmth and protection. The sea and sailing also feature, in the most sporty context, whether with light, technical items for sailing, such as the new My Song uniform with its windbreaker made from the revolutionary eco-friendly Green Storm System®, or with articles for wearing on land.

Footwear options are enhanced by new models inspired by the 70s, in vibrant suede tones, with kummel coloured (toasted brown) details, lending them an air of refinement.

We have placed particular emphasis on Men’s Knitwear, where Loro Piana’s expertise in transforming any natural fibre into a gossamer-light, soft finished piece comes to the fore. Two main blends dominate – cashmere and wool, and cashmere and silk – ensuring that the new models will have a cool, luxurious feel. On centre stage are articles available in various shades of blue, pale colours and greys, as well as hints of green with yellow undertones.