Maje 20th Anniversary Coffee Table Book

Dream tomorrow: Maje’s birthday book

Maje is celebrating its 20th anniversary: 20 years of growth and success, of great projects and, above all, a 20-year relationship with women. In opting to celebrate the past while inventing the future, this symbolic milestone is being approached with a view to the future. This creative, offbeat and forward-looking vision is what Judith Milgrom has attempted to capture in a coffee table

book with an evocative title: Dream tomorrow.

In the age of the digital, the ephemeral and the instantaneous, books abide, like the imprint of an era. While it continues to write its story with the same caring and respectful attitude, in a spirit of sharing and sincerity, Maje has given carte blanche to three young free-spirited and creative photographic talents to share their personal vision of the brand and to imagine the next chapters in the company’s story around three themes and three places : Friendship in Morocco, family in Paris, love in London… This creative gallery by Thurstan Redding, Mark Peckmezian and Coco Capitan is made up of campaign images, of stolen

moments of complicity gathered in a book that connects past and present.

Only a few chapters of this book have been yet written… Our story lies ahead. Let’s celebrate yesterday and invent tomorrow.