Maje SS19

For its 2019 Spring/Summer campaign, Maje is once again working with a young photographer with an assured fashion sense: Oliver Hadlee Pearch. His photographs of Grace Hartzel show a young Parisian constantly on the move and free from the cares of the city.

More than a series of images, they inspire us to fly away. Maje’s 2019 Spring/Summer campaign launches a new theme. A woman who dreams of being «On Tour», a citizen of the world who goes in search of the unknown and unexpected encounters – sometimes with herself. Between Paris and infinity, we try to seek the subtle balance of «here and away» to awaken our soul, and not lose ourselves in the hustle and bustle of city life.

As you run around Paris you find yourself dreaming of elsewhere, a place where you are free, unrestrained and unhindered. A place where nothing is planned and where everything is possible: palm trees invade Paris, and exotic flowers push through the tarmac and cobblestones. The colours of the world are there to enjoy. Another version of Paris, an unforgettable version. And your body soon begins to vibrate. Carried away by the memory of a delicious sense of freedom, a summer far from everything, your feet in the water, somewhere between land and sea, as you watch the last rays of the setting sun.