MAD ABOUT MATTE MAKE UP FOR EVER’s ARTIST franchise gives everyone the tools to express their creativity and celebrate self-expression through makeup. Key elements to makeup transformations are exuberance and a touch of madness; as an inspirational artistic chameleon,

JESSIE J shares with MAKE UP FOR EVER this “creative madness” giving her an incredible energy on stage and the power to always reinvent herself.

The liquid lipstick ARTIST LIQUID MATTE range offers 15 intense colors to create audacious lip looks, for an extravagant 20-hour-lasting effect*. It allows everyone to free their madness and passion to reveal their exuberant self. “I love wearing ARTIST LIQUID MATTE as they offer a wide choice of colors and don’t smudge!

As an artist that has to wear makeup for hours at a time on TV, on stage, etc. I need to count on quality makeup products that are long lasting and with a super matte finish.

ARTIST LIQUID MATTE offers a super combination of both. With all these matte colors, I can create as many outrageous lip looks as I as want!”  says Jessie J. With ARTIST LIQUID MATTE, it’s time to stand up make a statement and flaunt your mad passion to the world: #madaboutmatte. MAKE UP FOR EVER stands for creativity without limits. JESSIE J, professional makeup artists, influencers and makeup enthusiasts can all be artistic and join the movement #iamanartist.


Inspired by the super-matte finish trends, the desire for a strong coverage and comfort, ARTIST LIQUID MATTE is an ultra-matte liquid lipstick that creates bold expressions of color. It is available in 15 transformative shades, each with a flattering trendy texture and finish.


The ARTIST LIQUID MATTE formula offers a perfect balance of 3 key ingredients: silica, pigments and volatile oil. This perfect combination helps ensure high coverage and homogenous lip color with an ultra-matte finish.


An instrumental test, performed on 20 women, has shown that ARTIST LIQUID MATTE stays on during 20 hours, keeping its color intensity and matte finish. This exuberant lasting effect is possible thanks to a combination of silicone resin, volatile oil and beeswax. Silicone resin offers no-transfer properties since volatile oil, by vaporization, provides long lasting payoff, while beeswax naturally creates a barrier to improve hold.


A key element of the formula is the perfect mix of nurturing blend of

avocado oil and glycerin, both known for nourishing and hydrating properties.

This comfortable texture feels soft and buttery with continuous comfort.


Designed to perfectly fit the shape of lips, the easy-precision applicator gives full color payoff in one easy stroke. This matte liquid lipstick packaging is transparent, making it easy to choose your ultimate liquid lip shade.

(Price:HK$200 / 15 shades)

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