The new multi-purpose sparkling powder

Made of 99.9% of mother-of-pearls for an outstanding brilliance, the new STAR LIT DIAMOND POWDER will light any makeup look. Giving an ultimate light reflection, this diamond powder is perfect for a full glitter makeup look or in touch to add shimmer to your holiday looks: dare to transform yourself in the mesmerizing creature you truly are!

STAR LIT: Product Story

A cult product!

When MAKE UP FOR EVER was created, Dany contacted some suppliers, in order to have a complete offer, answering all professional make up needs. On the lab shelves, she discovered an incredible number of mother-of pearl and pure pigments. These raw materials could not be sold without being processed, no cosmetic brand was marketing them. After some negotiations, Dany convinced the manufacturers they should supply these iridescent loose powders to their clients. This is how she came to sell iridescent mother-of-pearl by the gram, to the make-up artists, as if it were a grocery product!

The salespeople would put spoonfuls into small bags, giving just the required quantities to their customers. A few years later, in 1990, Dany would name these 100% mineral, iridescent powders, STAR POWDER.

In 2017, STAR POWDER gives way to STAR LIT! “STAR POWDERS have been very successful among stage professionals, make-up artists and artists. In the entertainment world, and more particularly that of the music hall where I was often backstage, dancers would apply it all over their bodies!

They would put this mother-of-pearl novelty on their eyes, lips and bodies.
Thanks to the stage lights, this new product sublimated their stage performance”.

Founder & Artistic Director