Make Up For Ever ultra HD Concealer

Flawless from every angle: this is the new definition of beauty. Instead of hiding behind imperfection-blurring filters in frozen images, consumers now desire authenticity as they capture their true selves in real motion. The filtered photo has been replaced by live videos and instant sharing, so consumers seek to present a true yet better version of themselves to the world. However, this new standard of spontaneity presents new challenges in makeup, as women need to feel confident and ready for action at any moment. Skin authenticity is the hottest new trend, and women require makeup products that let them be the best versions of themselves. And they aren’t the only ones experiencing transformation.


The constant evolution of the film and TV industry’s technology has produced even more sophisticated tools and equipment, and we now see images onscreen in incredible lifelike “4K” precision. Professional brand MAKE UP FOR EVER constantly seeks to offer this industry’s professionals solutions that meet their needs and solve their problems. The brand equally values helping women feel their very best, and so MAKE UP FOR EVER has faced these challenges head on by creating the ULTRA HD franchise, a range of complexion products that are invisible on camera and up close, which meet the needs of professional makeup artists whose clients appear in the spotlight, as well as consumers who star in their own epic stories.
Experience invisible makeup: don’t be afraid to #getcloser