Malone Souliers Autumn Winter 17 Collection

AW17 is a season of introspection and meditative reflection for Mary Alice Malone; nonetheless, a playful one.

The Designer is primarily inspired by the work of American artist, Pat Steir, and her interpretation of Chinese landscape paintings – an ethereal bridge to the interior of the artist’s minded longings.

The painted works of Madame Steir balance colour with form, birthing emotion, spontaneity and experiment.

Journeying on tireless feet, Mary Alice devoted the Summer months to further study of Chinese Art as an expression of the Taoist meditative practices and closely observed links with the flow of nature and the instinctive harmony the world is as used [yet momentarily alien] to.

In a similar fashion to Pat’s, with Malone Souliers, Mary Alice continues to search, to figure, to allow, in such cerebral play with the cross-section of the insecurity, insufficiency, and megalomania of being a maker. Organic to its biology, and attentive to womanhood, her shoes which ultimately pay submissive homage to femininity remain in obeisance to subtlety, cleverly placing straps and drawing lines that elongate the leg, as though to remind of their sovereignty in both function and ascribed vanity.

Each silhouette is developed with an obsessive reproach for completion, each reflective of the ideology of creationism but only in attendance to purpose.

The five new groups on offer for Pre-AW17 are, selfishly and collectively, remarkable, and altogether basically and simply connected through the use of new fabrics such as lurex, lacquered finishes on signature heels and the introduction of an exclusively printed Chinese Landscape silk across three colours.

Velvet, suede and nappa continue to be strongly represented in the collection, with fine broguing framing some works, as one must anticipate in the most precious of artwork.

As an expression of the playful manners and daring spirits of the two Founders, Mary Alice Malone and Roy Luwolt, the core styles are interpreted in childlike embroidery, with artless stick figures exploring the spontaneous and inquisitive nature often at threat in us all, as we emerge from childhood to adulthood.