An intimate and engaging relationship with the art world has always been intrinsic to Marni’s DNA. The works of both emerging and established artists are a source of continuous inspiration, becoming an integral part of the collections.

An imaginary journey, through different places and times, in pursuit of a new beauty standard.its own spin on them, moulding and reinterpreting them in a unique way.
The Marni 2018 Spring collection draws inspiration from the past to project into the future. These are wardrobe staples and beauty archetypes that traverse the history of fashion. Marni has created.
Treasure hunt. Bits and pieces collected on an endless search, put together like strings of DNA, or charms dangling from a bracelet. Lovingly.
A multitude of women, surfing through a multitude of worlds. They scavenge into trunks full of objects, finding items that belong to different individuals and carry different stories: Fifties bathing suits and dressing gowns, humongous polo shirts and sumptuous skirts, outscaled pants and impalpable slip dresses.