« And you, what would you do for LOVE? »

Facing the camera the question ies: «What would you do for love?» Miss Dior is talking to him. Miss Dior is talking to us,
looking us right in the eye.
How far can you go for love?

The answer comes very, very, quickly.
The sublime Natalie Portman feels every emotion, whispering and blushing, leaping and running till she’s out of breath, driving quickly, and plunging into the blue water without hesitating.

After all, being in love is all about taking the plunge isn’t it?
The new Miss Dior goes to extremes and scales heights.
More sensual than ever, she challenges him, absolutely determined.
She is devoured by passion, which, she claims, is her reason for living. Madly in love, she cajoles and provokes. She does everything, and would do much more.

The new Miss Dior lm is an absolute declaration of love portrayed by the mesmerizing Natalie Portman.
«Her» Miss Dior is a whirlpool of emotions, a compendium of feelings. The gifted actress merges body and soul with the Dior icon.
For her, loving means «proving,» and «experiencing.»
Miss Dior is love, every which way.

The Miss Dior lm is directed by Emmanuel Cossu, a French Touch director known for his music videos (at the time of the French duo Fleur&Manu)
for the best electro artists including Tricky, Gesaffelstein, Sebastien Tellier, etc. Today, Manu has won renown for his clips for Drake and ASAP Rocky. This is his rst collaboration with the House of Dior.