Moncler Genius, the new creative and business vision involving different creative minds, each one devoted to several interpretations of Moncler — released singularly one dot at time with continuous flow — unveils “The Next Chapter”. On February 20th 2018, Moncler breaks the rules presenting the Moncler Genius Building. An innovative project and a new strategy aimed at disrupting the traditional twice-yearly rhythm of the fashion shows, by showing 8 different collections all at once, while rolling out them once a month with individual and dedicated 360° launch plans. Both creativity and uniqueness are the fuel to this brand new project. Moncler Genius reflects a shifting world that overcomes the temporality of the seasons and represents a new course for the brand: different creative approaches, and therefore collections, redefine the Moncler’s dialectics in the digital era, able to establish a constant dialogue with the consumer looking at all generations.

On September 19th 2018, Moncler Genius evolves organically and completes its Moncler Genius Building offer filling in “The Next Chapter” with new collections to cover the whole year with an ongoing plan still keeping the brand’s unique heritage and traditions alive, while having a clear vision of the future that lies ahead. One house that speaks through different voices, in a progressive, even pioneering way.

“The Next Chapter” of Moncler Genius is disclosed today through different immersive video installations that illustrate the creative spirit, the intentions and the atmosphere of each collection. Moncler Genius concept is so strong that it can pierce the screen.
Working solely with the medium of video, each designer chose a personal take on the visual narrative. Moncler 1952 deconstructed and reconstructed whole outfits and details in endless geometric variations that build an hypnotic video collage. Simone Rocha gave sensual tangibility to an English garden in full bloom, letting petals and leaves and flowers unfurl on screen. Craig Green explored and blasted the sculptural tension and sense of protection of his pieces by unleashing them into a video-space. The modular constructivism of Noir Kei Ninomiya translated into a computerized reconstruction of a 3D virtual garment model. Fragment Hiroshi Fujiwara collaborated with artist Michal Socha on a cinematic animation that describes an adventure through elements and seasons.

The language is new to match a progressive timeline. Moncler Genius is a constant stream, on and offline, be it with product or creative acts. Showing the product on screens is a radical sign in synch with both the freewheeling creativity of Moncler Genius, its business mode and its fearless spirit.

Moncler Genius follows its own rules showing in an exhibition the significant vision that’s behind it. Virtual and real, online and offline always work in unison in Moncler Genius. Having product at the core, makes the virtual possible because the real comes first. So much so that the product is video-featured and not showed.

“The Next Chapter” of Moncler Genius is unveiled in an industrial space that works as a gallery. Throughout each room, spectators will get inside a pure, undiluted vision of each Moncler Genius. A kaleidoscope of images for a chorus of different voices, speaking for one house.

Relying on a unique creative vision, shaping visions of uniqueness in a totally free way, Moncler Genius affirms once more its progressive ethos based on invention and innovation.