Mott 32 Unveils Autumn & Winter Menu with Seasonal Ingredients

With breezy autumn arriving, Mott 32’s culinary team, led by Maximal Concepts’ Culinary Director Malcolm Wood and Group Chinese Corporate Chef Lee Man Sing, has prepared a special Autumn & Winter menu for guests to savour the seasonal ingredients, making the seasons remarkable and wonderful.

Chef Lee Man Sing takes pride in understanding the ingredients he uses with nearly 40 years of Chinese culinary experience. His contemporary take on classic Chinese cuisine features some of the freshest, seasonal ingredients sourced from both local and overseas suppliers. He also utilizes traditional cooking techniques with a touch of modern flair, making Mott 32’s dishes truly unique in essence.

In the Autumn & Winter menu, Chef Lee Man Sing has renovated the traditional Chinese dishes with a variety ingredients, while maintaining the signature style and taste. The year, Mott 32 sourced the Crab Roe with highest quality from Jiang Su in China, creating innovative dishes such as individually portioned Hairy Crab Shanghainese Soup Dumpling. This Xiao Long Bao features rich golden creamy hairy crab roe, luscious crabmeat mixed with the finest Kurobuta pork. Hairy Crab Roe is also added as the sprinkle of the Soup Dumpling, enhancing the umami. If you are looking for new and interesting variations of creamy hairy crab roe, the Hairy Crab Roe Soufflé is one not to miss.

Alternatively, try our other new dishes such as the Braised Turnip, Scallop with Crabmeat and Egg White or Crispy Cod with Black Bean and Garlic. Both of the dishes will definitely stimulate your taste buds in deep winter.

For meat-goers, consider Fried Sliced Lamb with Okra and Fungus and Stir Fried Beed Shank with Pickled Young Ginger and Crispy Chinese Dough – they are absolutely nutritious yet delicious.

Nourishing soup dish like Cabbage in Fish Soup with Scallop Egg White Mousse, is another dish that showcase Chef Lee skills. The scallop and egg white are artfully mode by hand into fluffy, soufflé-alike balls, then it’s boiled in milky fish broth.

Make sure to preorder our signature Barbecue Pluma Iberico Pork with Yellow Mountain Honey and Apple Wood Roasted Peking Duck. These two signature dishes have been the talk of the town for three years and counting. Please enjoy the autumn dishes with Mott 32’s signature cocktails or choose from the sommelier’s extensive wine selection.

Mott 32 is located in the Standard Chartered Building, 4-4a Des Voeux Road, right in the heart of Central, Hong Kong. It is 7,500 square feet with 5 private rooms and can accommodate up to 170 diners, at any one time. Mott 32 is open for lunch and dinner seven days a week. The new menu is available during both lunch and dinner services.