MTM Custom-Blended Oils

No Pollution

The Spontaneous Skin Guardian

Custom-Blended Oils 

Fight back against pollution to restore the original purity.

In urban settings, a clear and azure sky has become a rarity. Instead a hazy and polluted environment has taken over and surrounds us, doing substantial harm to our skin, further away from its original state of purity. Also, the atmospheric hazards damage our skin’s natural defense and cell regeneration, and give rise to numerous skin problems. To prevent these harmful effects and protect our skin, we need a comprehensive and targeted anti-pollution skincare regimen.

MTM presents you a spontaneous anti-pollution guardian of the skin with our new Custom-Blended Oils – Custom-Blended Lightness Mix and Custom-Blended Relieving Oil. They provide a thorough protection against pollution by strengthening the dermis, boosting and building the defensive barrier of the skin. Furthermore, they can be Custom-Blended specifically to suit your needs for restoring the original purity of your skin.

Building a Protective Barrier for Skin

Both the Custom-Blended Lightness Mix and Custom-Blended Relieving Oil contain sugarcane-derived Squalane as a primary active ingredient. Similar in molecular size to human sebum, it can be easily absorbed. It is highly effective in repairing the hydrolipidic film, forming a protective barrier and enhancing the defense of the skin. Squalane also promotes moisture and nutrient retention, restores the water-oil balance, prevents oxidation and thus delays skin aging. The Squalane has received the ECOCERT organic certification. The agricultural process of this raw material, in organic farms, ensures it is environmentally-friendly and sustainable, guaranteeing a non-polluted and quality ingredient.

Protective Illuminating Anti-wrinkle

Besides Squalane, both Custom-Blended Lightness Mix and Custom-Blended Relieving Oil contain unique ingredients formulated to serve different skin needs and to bring a new experience to suit different preferences for product texture.

Airy and Illuminating – Custom-Blended Lightness Mix

The incorporated whitening ingredient, Phenylethyl Resorcinol, is a gentle and non-irritating ingredient that inhibits the activity of tyrosinase, prevents melanin formation and hyperpigmentation. Its high anti-oxidation properties can also improve dullness, promote an even complexion and restore the radiance and translucency of the skin. This product fits users who prefer a light and airy texture and is particularly suitable for combination to oily skin.

Nourishing and Anti-wrinkle – Custom-Blended Relieving Oil  

This product is formulated with Fullerene, the “Free Radical Cleaner” and an ingredient with anti-oxidation properties substantially higher than those of Vitamin C. It is also more stable and long-lasting under UV rays. The sphere-like molecular structure of Fullerene permits its absorption and the removal of copious free radicals. It protects skin cells to prevent wrinkles and aging, restoring smoothness and elasticity. The rich and silky texture suits users who prefer high nourishment and is particularly suitable for dry skin.

Your No-Pollution Skincare Products

Adhering to MTM’s core value of [ Custom-Blended Skincare ] , our professional Consultants examine every nuance of your skin and select a suitable combination of Custom-Blended Extracts with the Custom-Blended Oils, providing your skin with the specific care and protection you need.


Custom-Blended Lightness Mix Custom-Blended Relieving Oil
Recommended Extracts Recommended Extracts
Geranium Extract

ž Strengthens the basement membrane, resists photo-aging and improves hyperpigmentation.


Argan Oil

ž Reduces transepidermal water loss by restoring the hydrolipidic film; makes skin soft, supple and more radiant.

Melia Extract

ž Anti-oxidation; resists damage from free radicals, and improves the accumulation of melanin.


Borage Oil

ž Moisturizes skin and restores natural lipid barrier; helps prevent the formation of wrinkles and photoaging.

Pueraria Extract

ž Protects collagen, smoothes wrinkles and activates cells.


Tsubaki Seed Oil

ž Reduces inflammation, moisturizes skin and anti-wrinkle. Suitable for sensitive skin.


The Custom-Blended Oils build a protective barrier for your skin from inside out and from outside in, so that your skin can be detoxified, softened, moisturized, and return to its original state of purity.

Custom-Blended Lightness Mix (HK$660/19mL)

Custom-Blended Relieving Oil (HK$660/19mL)

Recommended Skincare Regimen

Cleanser à Toner à Essence à Custom-Blended Oils àMoisturizer

Directions for Use

Custom-Blended Lightness Mix

Before applying the product, empty the contents in the dropper, then secure the bottle cap and shake until the contents are combined. Apply an appropriate amount over cleansed face and neck.

Custom-Blended Relieving Oil

Apply an appropriate amount and gently massage over cleansed face and neck. #mtmnopulltion #CustomBlendedOils #mtmskincare #量膚定制 #專屬系 @mtmskincarehk


MTM [ Custom-Blended Skincare ]

Like everyone’s fingerprints, your skin is innate and unique to you. MTM recognizes this and appreciates your uniqueness. Ever since 1991, adhering to our core value of [ Custom-Blended Skincare ] , we have dedicated ourselves to realizing Authentic Beauty–the true beauty that is in you. Through customized skincare management, we examine every nuance of your skin, constantly striving to decode the secrets hidden in its subtleties.

MTM’s devoted team of experts in Japan deliver products worthy of the skilled craftsmen they have become after years of rigorously studying the optimal means of flattering the qualities exclusive to Asian skins. MTM is a multi-faceted brand whose unequalled range of products and services spans from personalized skincare products, facial treatments, SPA by MTM, to medical aesthetic treatments with TIME by MTM. We aspire to be nothing less than the best skincare brand in Asia with beliefs and vision firmly grounded in our distinctive [ Custom-Blended Skincare ] philosophy.

MTM is more than just a brand—it is a philosophy by which to live. Our belief in and pursuit of beauty in life breathe vitality into the brand. Design your life by embracing the customized skincare solutions that are tailor-made by MTM for you and you only — One Person, One Formula.

MTM Custom-Blended Skincare

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