MYKITA SS19 Collection

MYKITA presents its next generation of eyewear models in a rich and vibrantly-hued portrait series. Artist Mark Borthwick captures a charismatic group of individuals in all their true colours in the Spanish capital, Madrid. The coloured walls and modern architecture of contemporary urban scenery serves as the back drop for a cross-generational crew of modern-day flâneurs. Late-summer sunlight illuminates and warms the skin, accentuating the richness of materials, textures, colours, and silhouettes. The tenth campaign with artist and photographer Mark Borthwick continues in the character-driven theme of the previous year while introducing a fresh, colour-saturated aspect to the images.

Accompanying the individual portraits are group shots of the subjects appearing together as a dreamy kind of troupe all in complementary colours and choreography. A long-time collaborator and friend of the MYKITA HAUS, Mark Borthwick is known for his warm, unaffected style. Relying only on natural light and his trusted analogue Leica camera, his experimental and spontaneous images have become a visual expression of the modern, familial spirit of MYKITA.

The MYKITA lookbook is available at all MYKITA Shops, selected opticians and fashion stores from January 2018