For over four decades, JOYCE has provided the most discerning of Asia’s male population with cutting edge fashion from designers around the globe. This season, JOYCE launches a new offering for Men’s dressing: JOYCE Gentlemen. This new concept will be available to customers in JOYCE Central and JOYCE Harbour City stores, offering pieces with a story, that show respect for materials, cut and finish.

The range celebrates designers and craftsmen who question the rules, who have made subtle deviations to elevate wardrobe staples. Above all, the selection puts the shape, fit and drape of a garment at the heart of this concept. This theory can be compared “to the Italian Renaissance: to put the body at the center of all design; it’s humanism, and in humanism the human figure is always the key.” — Bonnie Clearwater, curator of NSU Art Museum. 

Many of these brands derive from heritage brands that have embraced the subtleties of modern tailoring. During their search, JOYCE buyers have singled out three suiting brands of Italian origin: Cifonelli, Attolini, and Caruso.

JOYCE Gentlemen launches with a visit from celebrated menswear stylist William Gilchrist. Known for dressing none other than the iconic Rolling Stones, Gilchrist shares his experience in the fashion industry and the secrets of his signature sophisticated nonchalance.