Celebrate the Beauty of Life and the Blossom of Love this Chinese New Year with NIRAV MODI Jasmine Collection

As the Lunar New Year approaches, NIRAV MODI presents its iconic Jasmine collection, wishing all a prosperous Lunar New Year with the renowned jeweler’s signature collection – in which the essence of a blossoming flower is vividly recreated. A time for new beginnings, of leaving the past behind and embracing what is to come, the Lunar New Year represents a time of rebirth.

The NIRAV MODI Jasmine collection is inspired by the delicate and graceful Jasmine flower and captures flawlessly the femininity of a woman. The collection features the international jeweler’s specialized Jasmine® cut – capturing the soft and gentle nature of the flower. The diamonds all feature purposeful asymmetry, creating a much more dynamic jewel and perfectly reflects the beauty and individuality in nature and highlights the magical and alluring characteristics of a woman.

In celebration of the festivities, NIRAV MODI introduces welcomed additions to the magnificent collection, presenting a range of debuting masterpieces emulating the enthralling Jasmine flower. Incorporating new angles and varying heights of each petal, the new jewels capture the transient moments of a blossoming flower unfurling. The mesmerizing Jasmine rings and earrings draw inspiration from a cluster of jasmine flowers and utilize an innovative structure, enabling the cluster of beautifully cut diamonds to move naturally, once again highlighting the beautiful chaos in nature.

The blooming flowers combined with the inherent movement in light symbolize the beauty of life, the blossoming of love and compassion and celebrates the start of a new beginning. With each facet, the design of jewels in the iconic Jasmine collection captures the essence of the flower and captures the unparalleled movement of light, shining gracefully into the Lunar New Year – a light to guide into a year of prosperity, health and good fortune.