OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra


Imagine the glistening waters of a turquoise sea. A summer sun casts warmth across the bay as your yacht bobs in rhythm to the gently lapping waves. The only sounds are the soft creaks and rolls of the boat and, beneath your bare feet, is the unmistakeable feeling of wood. Perfectly symmetrical and striped across the walkways, the teak deck is a superyacht “must-have”. Not only does it captivate with its exquisite look, but it is also extremely durable. From the constant splashes of a bubbling Jacuzzi to the salt-water spray that whips up from the ocean, teak is the quintessential material associated with this luxurious pastime. And for the boat makers themselves, real teak is a thing of beauty. Experienced woodworkers treat it like an art and the finished product is always a masterpiece that ages naturally in the light and withstands the true test of time. What better inspiration for the watch you wear on board?



In 2002, OMEGA introduced a bold new range of timepieces to its famous Seamaster family. “Aqua Terra” was the Latin name chosen for the collection, honouring the spirit of the original OMEGA Seamaster models, which were known for their reliability both on water (Aqua) and on land (Terra).

With 40 models offered in four different sizes (41 mm, 38 mm, 35 mm and 28 mm), the first Aqua Terra line delivered a “refreshing contrast” of style and innovation that could easily fit an active lifestyle. The minimalist design worked perfectly for business days and social nights yet the watches remained 100 percent Seamaster at their core, with a performance that was solidly backed by anti-shock technology and 150m/500ft water resistance.


The blend of city chic and ocean ingenuity was seamless. For customers with classic tastes, the Aqua Terra cases were crafted with twisted and facetted lugs that recalled the OMEGA designs of the 1960s. These pure lines gave the Aqua Terra a distinctively timeless feel, while the crisp, clean dial with its triangular hour markers also paid homage to the styles of the past.

And as always with OMEGA, the attractive aesthetics went hand-in-hand with technical innovation. This was the first time that a Co-Axial movement had been used in a collection other than the De Ville family and therefore represented a major new development in the Seamaster collection.


Since its first appearance in 2002, the Seamaster Aqua Terra collection has continued to evolve, but always ensuring that the watches remain contemporary and relevant. While the typical Aqua Terra design aspects (case shape, dial elements and handset) have remained constant, almost every other element has been reimagined over the years.

Most notably, it was the inclusion of the “teak” pattern dial in 2008 which has now become one of the Aqua Terra’s defining trademarks. Modelled after the wooden decks of luxury sailboats, the teak dial has become a firm favourite amongst OMEGA fans. Other additions include the added minute track and updated materials which today include 18K Sedna™ gold.


Perhaps the biggest revolutionary moment came in 2013 with the introduction of the OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra >15’000 Gauss. This new model helped to forever change the way that the watchmaking industry approached the challenges of magnetic fields. Instead of protecting the movement with a traditional inner case, the new Aqua Terra made use of selected non-ferrous materials in the movement itself, and guaranteed magnetic resistance up to 15,000 gauss. It was another milestone moment in OMEGA’s long history anti-magnetic breakthroughs.

Today, the Seamaster Aqua Terra continues its journey. Just as it was originally designed to do, the timepiece remains a trusted companion on land yet robust enough for weekends on the water. And with a fresh wave of models arriving in 2017, its popularity is as strong as ever.


 The Seamaster Aqua Terra can take you from evenings on shore to mornings on board your boat. So what are the typical design traits that make this watch so versatile for work and play?

Twisted Lugs

When first launched, the Aqua Terra embraced a fresh new design. Yet, in keeping with the spirit of the brand, it also borrowed inspiration from past OMEGA models. Most notably, its case design featured the classic twisted lugs commonly associated with the Speedmaster Moonwatch and the 2nd generation Seamaster 300. Today, this aesthetic novelty remains a distinguishing feature of the Aqua Terra models, although 2017’s newest cases have been refined for a symmetrical look and include a wave-edged caseback design.

Teak Deck

Perhaps the most defining feature of the Aqua Terra is its teak patterned dial. The captivating stripes are modelled after the decks of luxury yachts and beautifully represent today’s ocean lifestyle. For 2017’s redesign, the pattern now sails horizontally, as opposed to vertically.

Clear Dial

With its triangular indexes and bold hands, the dial of the Aqua Terra is known for its clean and pure design. Again, this approach is reminiscent of OMEGA’s 2nd generation Seamaster 300 and delivers an easy-to-read layout. In 2017, the simplicity has been taken even further, with less wording and a repositioned date window.

Around the wrist

Usually, a leather strap or metal bracelet completes the classic Aqua Terra look. For 2017, OMEGA has fine-tuned this area to an even higher standard. The metal bracelets are now better integrated to the case. They include hardened or feminine links and a patented screw and pin system. Some models have been built onto a unique rubber strap, with a metal bar linking them to the case.


 A wide selection of new Aqua Terra models has been produced for 2017. Updated both inside and out, OMEGA has transformed the design to give each timepiece an added edge of style and a refreshing new look.

 4.1 Gent’s Collection

 OMEGA’s Seamaster Aqua Terra has always provided the perfect balance between sophistication and ocean spirit. In this new collection, some of the most popular features have been enhanced or subtly transformed. The most notable changes include the teak pattern on the dial which now runs horizontally,

as opposed to vertically, as well as the cleaner aesthetics and the symmetrical case. Certified as Master Chronometers, the collection also takes the Aqua Terra to new heights of precision and performance.


  • 41 mm or 38 mm
  • A new symmetrical case design for a beautifully balanced look.
  • The famous teak pattern on the dial now runs horizontally, as opposed to vertically.
  • To maximise symmetry, the date window has been moved from 3 to 6 o’clock.
  • A cleaner dial, with the “water-resistance” wording now moved to the caseback.
  • Some 41 mm models feature a rubber strap, new to the Aqua Terra, which is integrated into the case by an additional stainless steel or 18K Sedna™ gold link.
  • Metal bracelets have also been redesigned to achieve a better integration with the case.
  • New conical crown.
  • New wave pattern on the caseback.
  • Driven by the Master Chronometer calibre 8900 / 8901 (41 mm) or 8800 (38 mm), all certified at the industry’s highest standard for precision, performance and magnetic resistance.

4.2 Ladies’ Collection

 This year, the Seamaster Aqua Terra Ladies’ Collection features 30 new models in three different sizes. Even within the refined cases, OMEGA has managed to give the timepieces several design twists and, in most models, a Master Chronometer upgrade that offers impressive levels of precision and performance.

The clean and crisp dials feature mother-of-pearl and 14 different colours, and the symmetrical cases have been redesigned to achieve a seamless integration with the feminine-styled bracelet.


  • 38 mm or 34 mm
  • A new symmetrical case design for a beautifully balanced look.
  • A range of different dials, including mother-of-pearl, glossy or shimmer effect.
  • All models come with diamond indexes.
  • Selected models include a diamond-paved bezel.
  • To maximise symmetry, the date window has been moved from 3 to 6 o’clock.
  • A cleaner dial, with the “water-resistance” wording now moved to the caseback.
  • Bracelets have been redesigned to achieve a better integration with the case. This also suits wearers with slimmer wrists.
  • Bracelets include a new clasp for added comfort.
  • New conical crown.
  • New wave pattern on the caseback.
  • Driven by the Master Chronometer calibre 8800 / 8801, certified at the industry’s highest standard for precision, performance and magnetic resistance.

4.3 The Seamaster Aqua Terra Worldtimer Master Chronometer Limited Edition

Ever since its foundation in 1848, OMEGA has distinguished itself with exquisite and ingenious watchmaking. This year, the Swiss brand is proudly presenting its first Worldtimer – another proud example of craftsmanship at its finest.

The true beauty of this new Seamaster Aqua Terra watch can be found in the dial. The exterior section is sand-blasted platinum-gold and features 18K yellow gold indexes and hands that are coated in Super-LumiNova. There is also a circle of global destinations printed in red (GMT), black (+1h in summer) or blue (places without daylight savings). For a special touch, these destinations include the city of Bienne at GMT+1, OMEGA’s home in Switzerland.

In vibrant colour, there is also a sapphire crystal central dial with a hand-crafted enamel world map. This exquisite view over the North Pole is surrounded by a 24-hour indication.

The 43 mm symmetrical case is made from platinum-gold and includes a mix of polished and brushed surfaces. On the reverse side, there is a wave-edged design and several engravings including each unique Limited Edition number.

The timepiece is water resistant up to 15 bar (150m / 500ft) and comes presented on a brown leather strap with a platinum-gold foldover clasp.

As well as being exceedingly complex in design, the Seamaster Aqua Terra Worldtimer has the special distinction of being a Master Chronometer. This means that the watch and its calibre 8939 have reached the industry’s highest standard of precision, performance and magnetic resistance as determined by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS).

Only 87 editions of this watch have been produced. For owners in all parts of the world, this wonderful timepiece is certain to offer years of pleasure.

Eddie Redmayne AT THE HELM

British actor Eddie Redmayne perfectly fits the role of an Aqua Terra fan. Just like the watch, he embodies a dashing edge of classic style, but also has the ability to master the most complex challenges.

Eddie’s brilliant portrayal of the famous physicist Stephen Hawking in ‘The Theory of Everything’ earned him the 2015 Academy Award for Best Actor, a BAFTA, Golden Globe, and Screen Actors Guild Award. For his role as Lili Elbe in The Danish Girl, he impressed the Hollywood judging panels yet again, receiving best actor nominations at both the Golden Globes and the Oscars.

These incredible performances show true depth to Eddie’s talent and, for OMEGA, reflect qualities of the highest standard.

Off the screen, Eddie Redmayne is equally as admired. The actor often graces the top of the global ‘best dressed men’ lists, thanks to his sharp sense of personal style. As with the Aqua Terra, he favours timeless design, while embracing fine tailoring, bold colours and slick combinations.

As the new Aqua Terra collection sails into boutiques, there is perhaps no better role model than Eddie Redmayne. On land or at sea, he seems perfectly at home with OMEGA’s newest watches.


At any time in OMEGA’s proud history, it is possible to find examples of industry-leading innovations and world-first achievements. Driven by a pioneering spirit and desire for perfection, the brand has continually set and surpassed the limits of watchmaking excellence.

Master Chronometer represents a refined standard of quality, going well beyond the COSC certification by which all watches are usually measured. Although COSC remains an integral part of the process, OMEGA has doubled its certification with the METAS approved standard, proving levels of precision, performance and anti-magnetic resistance like never before.

The Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) has ensured that testing for the Master Chronometer leaves no room for doubt. Including exposure to a magnetic force of 15,000 gauss, each watch is subjected to eight separate examinations, with every step carefully checking for function and accuracy. It goes without saying, that the margins for passing these independent tests are much tighter than those set by COSC.

Master Chronometer is OMEGA’s standard for today and for the future. The new Seamaster Aqua Terra collection is the latest to embrace the certification and provides customers with an added level of trust and confidence.