Ports 1961 The Crazy Mail Capsule Collection

On a casual day in the London workshop, the Crazy Mail collection was created on a whim. By using this ludicrous idea of travel and postcards as the new design concept, the designer was astonished by the excitement from the Asia team and it was during this unbelievable time, the bizarre thought was brought to life.

Taking the simplest everyday components and developing it into a sophisticated context, the launch of the Crazy Mail collection reinterprets the adventure of sharing in the new electronic age, adding fun and unique details to our daily life and creating visually engaging designs.

Often, subjects we are able to relate to will always be close to our heart. Creative Director Nataša used everyday elements as inspiration, launching limited edition shirts, sweatshirts, T-shirts, bags and pouches – all printed with a series of email threads, relating to the selection process of prints, layout design and production. Each piece shows the passion and the dedication of the Ports 1961 team in seeking constant fine quality and innovative designs for their customers.